Report: Israel had mole in Syrian 'nuclear' facility
Published: 20.10.07, 17:01
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1. Israel's spy
observer   (10.20.07)
do you mean the same one who spied on Rafael firm for Hizbullah, a double agent? Of course, if Israel planted him in a "research lab. for cultivation in droughty dry areas", he will need a water pump to survive. Refaat Gammal-type movies have spoiled your Mossad.
2. Israel is too Dependent on U.S.
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.20.07)
Israel has accepted gladly the tight leash around her neck by supposed friend and all ,George. How else could a people throw fellow citizens out of their homes and land for a false peace which has never materialized since the U.S. agenda of dismanteling Israel in stages began in 1993 ? The leaders and people of Israel are mesmerized,hypnotized into total obedience to their destruction by another powerful,evil figure who mesmerized the masses.
3. observer
you're just another bad loser. what ever u say, what ever u do, israel will always win. now go play outside kid.
4. To Marcel #2
Ben ,   Africa   (10.20.07)
You write about thinks you don''t have a clue. Occupation of Jewish land by foreign armies are happening since long before Bush and your need to blame someone for your failures.
5. Shut up, will you?
Damir ,   Russia   (10.20.07)
Syrians don't go for trials they shoot down suspects at once.
6. No sleep for Israel´s enemies
Barry ,   Tokyo   (10.20.07)
7. ABC Report
NYC Girl   (10.20.07)
But, in the meantime, those damned fools at the UN are sitting around contemplating their navels and trying to decide if the nuclear facility was merely "an empty building" as the Syrians claim. If it weren't such a serious situation, the whole thing would be utterly laughable.
8. #5 Right
Yoel   (10.20.07)
So many details?? What's up? Just endangering someone's life, somebody who did a nice job. We don't need more information than knowing world will be safer after this heroïc action. Whatever you will write will be considered as israeli information, even if said by ABC.
9. Israel-the bravest and toughest of them all!
debra ,   usa   (10.21.07)
Israel acts while others talk endlessly of the reasons why they cannot act. the jewish nation knows it must destroy its enemies. whatever it takes, israel will triumph over iran as it did over osirik and the syrian nuclear facility. the jewish people will not be defeated! NEVER AGAIN.
10. Mole
Brod ,   USA   (10.21.07)
Don't expose your mole.
11. Gota love when a plan comes together
Mike ,   Israel   (10.21.07)
If we hit a milk factroy or what ever the syrians are claiming do you realy think the UN would be so hush hush, or even the Syrian and Iran. Get over it, we hit the right thing and it would have been a Nuc plant in a few years. The only reason everyone is so hus hush is if they admit its true then your looking at the whole world going after syria and Iran. So shssssssss we will keep doing the right thing for the free world so you all can sleep nicely.
12. ABC 'knows' this how?!...
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.21.07)
Don't believe everything a media outlet reports. How does ABC 'know' this info. to be true? It's terribly irresponsible of ABC to report about an Israeli mole. This places peoples' lives in danger.
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