Iran would need 3-8 yrs to produce bomb - IAEA chief
Published: 22.10.07, 12:21
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1. If the IAEA says 3-6 years...
Mamalama ,   Israel   (10.22.07)
that really means 1-3 years.
2. " . . .between another three and eight years . . "??!!!
Aussie Larikin ,   Waga Waga   (10.22.07)
Quite a margin, 5 years, eh Mr. ElBaradei - A kind of vague and 'loose-cannoned' guesstimation, by the sounds of it. Tell us, as a glorified office clerk, and self-appointed politician, just how many diplomatic options do you afford a known terror-state which claims that "it's no longer an option to negotiate on Iran's nuclear power, nuclear fusion is underway" - and - "Israel should be wiped off the map"??? We ARE "faced right now with the issue of whether Iran should be bombed or allowed to have the bomb," Or do you suggest we should wait until " . . Iran will be a threat from tomorrow, "???
3. Don't wait until is late
Mses Mafora ,   Johannesburg   (10.22.07)
Act now against Iran by bombing it and it's a pity America is stukked in Iraq.
4. Lest we forget that Mohamad El Baradei is Mosem first...
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.22.07)
...and he must be rejoicing at the thought of Iran having a nuclear bomb!
5. #1 If Mohamed Says 3-8 Years....
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (10.22.07)
That probably means they already have it. Look at the source. In this day and age, would you trust anyone whose name is Mohamed?
6. 3-8 Years for Nuclear Bomb
Mel Fishman ,   Bowie, Maryland, USA   (10.22.07)
Wait a second--What about N. Korea and sending its equipment to Syria. Come on Mohammet don't you have a horse in this race? Try less than one year.
7. The time to strike is NOW.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.22.07)
Why wait? So we can give them time to make further progress? So they have time to hide more installations? So they can develop better delivery systems? The Iranians are experts at stalling tactics. Negotiations will accomplish nothing. Sanctions will never be tough enough to stop them. Regime change is a good idea even without their nuclear program. Mr El Baradei is a grade A appeasement specialist - hardly an objective observer. The IAEA as an organization has never discovered any secret nuclear project. And the best line in the article is ElBaradei saying, "I cannot judge their intentions." Well, everyone else has figured out their intentions. I think the better question is what are Mr ElBaradei's intentions?
Jacjk you are right , the egg head is buying time for his younger brother
9. Terry, when you have a wounded dog in charge
Shiloh ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.22.07)
look out. Is it better to commit suicide by attending the november summit or throw a hail mary pass and attack Iran. The latter may be instore as the wounded dog does not have the support needed to completely dissolve Israel diplomatically. If the wounded dog orders the IDF to strike Iran, it would open up hell here. The US would then have to strike back and finish the job. Then to appease the oil (blood) producers, Bush would force the wounded dog to give up our land for fixing our screw up by attacking Persia. Either way, not knowing which way the dog will go, we are in deep trouble.
10. Replace Mohamed !!
Abel Shoni ,   France   (10.22.07)
The problem is not when Iran is a threat, but rather never let Iran be nuclear. It's as simple as that !
11. Dose it mean people live in anxiety and uncertainty for
Asher ,   NY, USA   (10.22.07)
another 3 to 8 years to give the insaine leaders in Iran to play with future of the planet and push the nations to world warIII. The best interest of the world is to take care of this big big problem NOW and do not leave it to an unknown future when they can push the bottoms. Albaradeie deep down is a moslem and he dosen't mind the advanture. All they are looking for is the termination of Bush presidency and then ride their horses at fastest speed, then it would not take more than 18-24 months to finish the job. Carter was a noble prize winner too!
12. 7# Terry, will the residents of Eilat and the Golan
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (10.22.07)
survive a nuclear attack on Tel Aviv? Lets hope that we don't have to find that out and that Iran is dealt before they or their terrorist friends use the bomb.
13. 9/11 Was an Inside Job
MARK ,   Boston   (10.22.07)
14. Stalling tactics
freejay3 ,   Israel   (10.22.07)
'I want to get people away from the idea that Iran will be a threat from tomorrow,' says Mohamed ElBaradei, Of course he does........he is mulsim and will support his brothers to decieve the west. Why is a muslim in charge of inspections in the first place? What a farce!
15. Baredei's crap
Brod ,   USA   (10.22.07)
How did this Islamist-Jihadist become head of IAEA? He is trying to lie and cover up for Iran's nuke program so that Iran will have ample time to complete their nukes. It is high time he be replaced by the UN.
16. 1TO 2,3-4,5-6 AND SO ON
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.22.07)
We would,probably reach at a stage where some powers will force Iran into manufacturing a nuclear devise although presently no indication of that is happening.Too much of pressure is bound to backfire.
17. #12 Judah - Golan/Israel
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.22.07)
Eilat & the Golan would survive in the sense we would not immediately be incinerated. But I doubt if the country would survive economically - Would we even have a functioning electricity grid, banking system, food distribution? Would our neighbors seize the occasion to invade us? Would there be civil disorder? The risk is so enormous & there are so many unknowns that even the slightest risk is unacceptable. Any argument based on a second-strike capability as a deterrent is engaging in self-deception. If you really contemplate the consequences, then it is evident that whatever means necessary to stop Iran should be used.
18. the usa has 6,000 nuclear weapons and we are afraid to act
debra ,   usa   (10.22.07)
against the madman president of iran. this whole mess makes me sick. he and his nuke sites should have been bombed many months ago. wtf is wrong with america? are we waiting until israel is nuked? bush, do something already--hit iran now!
19. Who wrote that ?
Abel Shoni ,   France   (10.23.07)
"If ElBaradei thinks that a nuclear bomb within three years should not concern me – then I'm concerned… I think it would have been preferable if ElBaradei made an effort to stop them from obtaining a bomb." Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ! Well done !
20. Do we wait?
Adam ,   SA, TX   (10.23.07)
Will we wait for the mushroom cloud over Tel-Aviv or do something now.
21. nukes
lee ,   canada this world   (10.23.07)
what twisted logic I guess if my neighbour is thinking about buying a gun its ok that I kill him, his wife and his extended family? Looks like the 7,000,000 in Israel will only be happy when all the rest of us are dead!
22. #21 Lee the foolish canadian
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.24.07)
What is it with you canadians? Our logic is twisted? You must be on drugs! If I was your neighbor and I said everyday that i am going to kill you and your family, would you sit thereand do nothing as I collected guns and bombs? You are fool if you think Israel and the international community, including your country, is gonna sit there and do nothing about Iran. You obviously have not thought about the repurcusions of a nuclear Iran. So we'll give you a second chance.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.24.07)
Lee,under the super guidance of DR, you are not supposed to think independently.He thinks he is the only person in all the talk-backs who has the right to express his view and you tend not to oppose it.To me the conclusion is that he be given a senior post in Washington as he has one track mind and listens to only what is brodcast on one of the few channels in the USA who have had nothing except to brodcast maximum news against Iran.Thay kind of news pleases DR.
24. They cannot be allowed to continue...
emerald ,   toronto, canada   (11.03.07)
The Persian/Iranian people have shown throughout history that they cannot be satisfied with their lot. They are chronically imperialist and have proven throughout history their inability to respect international boundaries. Nuke them, completely and decisively. Not just their nuclear sites, but their major population centres too. Sorry, but it's them or us, and I vote for us. The world can certainly do without them!
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