Yigal Amir's wife calls for probe against police chief
Efrat Weiss
Published: 23.10.07, 17:52
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1. Attention seeker
- ,   Tel Aviv   (10.23.07)
From day one she has been looking for attention. First she marries a man she can never be with because he is in lifetime confinement by sneaking out paperwork via his family. Then she tired to sneak out with his sperm in against the rules. Now she is pushing for more publicity and sympathy based on an admitted murder. Ignore her and she will go away.
2. Just go away you trun my stomach
Mike ,   Israel   (10.23.07)
3. evidence.....
judge ,   TA   (10.23.07)
@"The police chief gave a copy of the tape to Rabin's daughter, Dalia, during a ceremony marking the assassination's 12th anniversary"..............strange to give evidence as a present....
4. Enough already....
Poitcha ,   Israel   (10.23.07)
This is getting beyond the ridiculous. Stop the publicity Amir and his wife crave...anything to do with them should be censored. Yes....censored.
5. Who cares what this MENTAL CASE....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.23.07)
6. Amir
Bernard ,   Israel   (10.23.07)
It's inconceivable that Amirs wife was allowed a conjugal visit. Why should he have any additional rights, he chose the bed he is sleeping in. Hopefully it will be till the completion of his sentence.
7. obviously mental
ben Ish   (10.23.07)
does anyone question that this woman has obvious mental problems? nothing she says/does has any basis in reason or logic. Please lock her up in psych ward, (preferably in the Dimona basement) and let her write to her "husband" (LAUGH) on waste paper.
8. yigal
darryl ,   israel   (10.23.07)
yigal amir has no rights hes not human
9. The camera never lies - look at her!
10. ignore this scumbag family
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.23.07)
...they seek publicity in order to achieve legitimacy and the press in Israel is unwittingly cooperating with them. Stop giving them, and their equally scumbag supporters in talkback, a forum
11. Question for the readers?
Steve ,   US   (10.23.07)
People seem very angry about this thing. We Jews simply want it to go away like Jonathan Pollard. Most Jews wish Jonathan Pollard would die so we don't have to think about him suffering in prison. The question I have for you, why aren't we angry at Olmert for allowing hundreds of Muslim terrorists, who murdered Jews in cold blood, out of prison? Yitsaq Rabin helped these murderers come close and murder innocent Jews by means of his Olso accords with arch terrorist Yasser Arafat. Because of Rabin and Peres thousands of innocent Jews were murdered and maimed for life. Perhaps vigilante justice is not the way to go but is there any doubt that in a "just" society, Jewish leaders that sell our people out to the enemy would be punished?
12. #11 ok let him out
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (10.23.07)
Ok, so maybe he should be let out. Send him with the next set of Palestinian prisoners out and send him to Gaza with his passport revoked and no option to return to Israel.
13. I am proud
Jayzee ,   World Citizen   (10.23.07)
I am proud of the disgust shown by Israelies and Jews world wide towards this murderer. While no group is without its demons, the way we revile those from amongst us, does show quite the contrast with the way the swine of Arab world are paraded as heroes. For those few that think this was somehow a legitimate act, it wasn't-neither halachtically nor pragmatically nor was it rooted in justice. I am ashamed of you that laude this man.
14. Oh, please what hypocrisy
vered ,   israel   (10.23.07)
Larissa talks about rights-Yigal Amir is not just a murderer, and not just a murderer of our prime minister, but an aggressive self-imposing creep who wanted to impose his views on the entire country by the use of murder. What could be more heinous than that? His rights? What rights?
15. #11 - Get a's the answer.
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (10.23.07)
Pollard was caught red handed stealing classified government documents and handing them over to another country. I don't want to see him suffer in prison and I don't care if it goes away or not, but I certainly am not raising the banner for him. The Amir family on the other hand, are a bunch of DIRTBAGS, whose murderous son I do hope suffers in prison for the rest of his life. He should never have been permitted to marry this tramp or share his nasty seed. Rabin and Peres were right to try and make peace with the Palestinians. Oslo was a failure, but it was a necessary step to where we are now. And we still need to try and make peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
16. Yigal Amir...
Joshua ,   Jersey City   (10.23.07)
...committed the single most damaging act toward the State of Israel ever. No Arab or Muslim terrorist, no matter how vile, ever succeeded in assassinating an Israeli head of state. Those who support Amir are truly twisted people. They hate the idea of peace so much that they are willing to justify the assassination of a prime minister, or to minimalize the damage that it did to the State, and to the Jewish people. For them, taking political potshots at anyone who is not on the far right is more important than actually protecting the state, which includes protecting its democratically elected officials.
17. Larissa Trimbobler, Yigal Amir's wife
20. #15, #16, etc.. maybe you are right. It's interesting...
.... that you both write: "...We still need to try and make peace between Israel and the Palestinians." and "Those who support Amir ....hate the idea of peace so much that they are willing to justify the assassination of a prime minister." It seems like all this comes down to making "peace" with those who are dedicated to annihilating the Jews; making "peace" with our murderers. We Jews seem to love murderers of Jews. Don't we? We know former Prime Minister Rabin is responsible for the murder and maiming of thousands of innocent Jews. Perhaps you can argue that he did this to Israel innocently but surely he knew Yasser Arafat was a mass-murderer of Jews. Arafat had much innocent Jewish blood on his hands. Yet he and Netanyahu shook his bloody paw anyhow. I could envision blood oozing out, dripping on the ground, during Rabin's and Netanyhu's handshake with the mass-murderer. I don't understand how a Jew can make peace with and shake the hand of a mass-murderer of Jews.
21. igal amir and rabin
jonathan berger ,   florida usa   (10.23.07)
Amir got the punishment according to the law of this land, and the same law prohibits from limiting rights he has as any other prisoner. By what right Israeli politicians visit Bargouti and discuss " peace processs" ( I want to puke when I hear this phrase, and demand that he is freed, or look away when Pal terrorists are freed as good will gestures to another terrorist? Law must be equal for everyone, and Dichter makes a fool of himself when he makes such silly statements - what does he think he is - Judge Dredd? I'm the Law? Then my compatriots, I have to say that, and if you have brains - please consider this at least - regardless of Amir's confessions, the whole Rabin murder case is full of inexplicable mysteries, discrepancies,blank spaces, in my view - it doesn't smell right. It is as mysterious as Kennedy's murder and I won't be surpirsed if Amir will be killed by a local Jack Ruby someday, and then Jack Ruby will quickly die in his cell. As a citizen, tax-payer and loyal Israeli I'm not fully convinced that Amir killed Rabin. Hey Dichter, can I say that or think this, Big Brother? That's why I don't feel blind hatred to Amir, - if he did that - he got his punishment, life without parole, many limitations etc. Again a nagging question - will I hear Mr Dichter to say - "I'll do everything that Bargouti rots in jail"? I may not, after all Bargou may become a "political and peace partner " soon. He killed ordinary Israelis? Big deal - they were victims of "peace process" ( again I want to puke). I'm totally AGAINST the cult of Rabin, turning him into prophet-like figure, who knew all the answers -he did not. I'm against turning him into a political weapon with which the left fight their opponents. I'm against "Rabin's legacy" which is hundreds of murdered Israelis, against the system created and nurtured by Rabin - when major political decisions are made through bribes, blackmail, lies and deceptionAlex Goldfarb, Miitsubishi, propellers etc.) All my "againsts" do not mean that Rabin deserved to be killed, I'm against the fact that his death ( murky as it is) is used for creating further lies and deception. You those who raise his name on your banner - you're dancing on his grave, you don't give a s""t about Rabin, you use his name for your ends and purposes.
22. Trimboller and Amir have no Rights!!!!
meir elazar   (10.23.07)
23. Earth to "probed wife", your husband is a murderer and ...
Mea   (10.24.07)
therefore his level of treatment is right in line with his FELLOW INMATES WHO ARE RAPISTS, PEDOPHILE, ETC. You fantastically stupid nitwit, listen up! --> You're so in love w/being a celebrity you would birth a murderer's baby in order to attain it. You are truly a harlot. I pity your child, the offspring of two total losers.
ACO SHUMADINAC ,   bla-bla-usa   (10.24.07)
25. Why we are giving so much importance to her?
Daniel ,   Israel   (10.24.07)
Who is she? A hard core criminal's wife! She is nothing more than an ordinary citizen, should be kept that way. Nation does not run on her wills and whims!
26. Mahatma Gandhi's killer's family do not get jobs
Arthur ,   Israel   (10.24.07)
even after 60 years of murder of Mahatma Gandhi, Not only his family but all those with same family names (related or not) do not get Government jobs. Why listen to this lady?
27. 21# Jonathan- Thank you for spelling the thruth out
Am Israel ,   nim'as min haSmol   (10.24.07)
28. Correct! Igal Amir has NO rights, none whatsoever
Talula ,   Israel   (10.24.07)
This drop dead ugly woman is sick in the head, just like her mentally deranged husband. I hope they both rot in hell.
29. to Mea
A reader of Larisa's ,   Brooklyn, US   (10.24.07)
Yigal Amir is not treated as the other prison inmates. Every criminal in Israel is allowed a vacation every year to go to his family. All criminals are allowed conjugal visits. All criminals are allowed to marry. All criminals have recognized basic rights. At the same time, the establishment has denied all of these rights to Yigal Amir. Had it not been for Bagatz decisions, he wouldn't even be able to get registered as married. So, in fact he is treated much worse than others. His sentence is not likely to get commuted (unlike that of another criminal). All of this is done in contravention of law - there is no law on the books that would allow for this treatment of any Israeli prisoner. Palestinian terrorists with lots of Jewish blood on their hands get released on a regular basis. Yigal Amir will not be even treated as a Palestinian terrorist... And you want democracy! Ha!
30. #29
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.24.07)
You fool ! This particularly filthy murderer murdered not onlty Rabin, but also the democratic process...try to get that into your thick skull
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