Amnesty criticizes Palestinian infighting
Associated Press
Published: 24.10.07, 07:33
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1. I hope the gave advice on how to do it better
Josh   (10.24.07)
If your going to be critical, help them understand how they can fight each other more effectively. Meantime I will be watching TV.
..............DACON9   (10.24.07)
3. Amnesty international
David ,   Richmond Va. USA   (10.24.07)
Have they ever critisised pally for killing jews no only killing other pally yes. That is of course crime aganist humanist.
4. Well said, David! Well said.
Kev ,   London   (10.24.07)
May the truth be heard.
5. Read it! Amnesty did indeed speak the truth!
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.24.07) There it is. Credit where credit is due. But if you like the term "disproportionate response", then count all the reports and releases Amnesty has against Israel, then count the number it has against Palestinians. Whoo whee, talk about disproportionate response! However, the above report contains some key findings by Amnesty, and I give them credit for the following, which Israelis and their supporters should quote all the time: "The attacks against civilians by Palestinian armed groups are widespread, systematic and in pursuit of an explicit policy to attack civilians. They therefore constitute crimes against humanity under international law. They may also constitute war crimes..." There you have it. In black and white, from Amnesty Intl. Use it or lose it! So David and Kev, don't bash Amnesty - they've given you the perfect tools in the fight against terrorism. You two should get together and press charges in the international court of law, and bring the Pals to trial in Europe. Go for it!
6. Amnesty, why you are offending ur Islamist(Muslim)Brothers?
KMR ,   Middle East   (10.24.07)
7. We dont need Amn-We need a NEW "GENEVA CONVENTION!"
Alan ,   SA   (10.24.07)
One where combatants wear Uniforms-not beards &Overalls. Where terror is a capital crime . Where countries cant give succour to terrorists . Where the Philosophy of One Mans Terorist is Another Mans Freedom Fighter is outlawed .
8. Muslim have no respect for Human life..
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (10.24.07)
we did not expect any better for radical muslims.
9. to #5 and others about Human rights
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (10.24.07)
both Israel and the palestinains violated human rights and killed innocent civilians. If criticisim of Israel tended to be harsher it's becuase Israel is and independent country and a state of law. The palestinains are non of the above but still as guilty.
10. Rami, what's your solution?
Joe ,   Los Angeles, CA   (10.24.07)
Rami, I've seen you bash both sides of the conflict, but I don't believe I've ever seen you come up with a solution. Would you be willing to share your ideal solution to the conflict? Please bear in mind that I'm not being facetious here... I'm honestly asking you what your solution is. Hope to hear from you.
11. Joe, what Rami and JPS have to do
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.24.07)
Rami and I aren't going to solve anything by the two of us sitting down together. What he and I have to do is lean heavily on our leaders to sit down with the other side and be a LOT more serious about hammering out a peace pact. In my way I do what I can, and I'll wager that Rami isn't quiet in Nazareth either. Just as I have to influence my leaders to stop the rhetoric, cut out the bullshit and get down to business, Rami has to do the same on the Arab side. And the Israeli Arab leaders have to lean on 2 sides, Israeli and Palestinian, since they influence both. However, the Jewish and Arab publics are so split on the various issues that we have a helluvalot of work ahead of us still. Rami identified one of the key problems: both sides are guilty and have to stop the blame-game.
12. #11 - JPS, explain how both sides leaning on leaders...
Joe ,   Los Angeles, CA   (10.25.07)
JPS, please explain to me how both sides leaning on leaders who are extremely unpopular with the populations they represent to hammer out a peace plan, any peace plan, will solve anything? Any agreement reached by these two men won't be worth the paper it's written on, simply because both Israeli and Palestinian populations will object to the terms of said agreement and these objections will take the form of suicide bombings and disproportionate response. While it's easy to say that Rami and you sitting down and discussing things won't lead to anything, it is necessary for individuals from each side to understand not IF they WANT a solution, but HOW they ENVISION this solution. This was the reason why I asked Rami what his solution is: to understand how an average Israeli Arab envisions an end to the conflict, what concessions he would like to see from us and what concessions he sees the Palestinians willing to make. Hopefully he will be kind enough to respond...
13. reports
colin   (10.25.07)
Amazing !! Impossible !! Why has Brittan and France not approached the security council to form a committe to investigate how AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL brought out a report of lies critising the Hamas.Why have the Imans of arab countries not caused riots of this joke against the sons of Allah?Something is very wrong.This report must have been a top secret document that slipped into the wrong hands.Amnesty International has never had a bad word against Isalmists.WOOOOWOOOO
14. Joe #12. Nice point you made. I second it.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (10.27.07)
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