Syria: Israel did not target nuclear facility
Associated Press
Published: 24.10.07, 20:42
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1. Yeah, right.. it must've been ..
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.24.07)
a Toys R Us store... How about 'unused' presidential palace next time?
2. And were these pictures taken after satellite photos showed
they were cleaning ,   up the area????   (10.24.07)
3. The shape of a building is not conclusive proof
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.24.07)
of a nuclear facility. Again, more lies and misinformation from Israel and her sycophantic friend, America.
4. Right - Then why the IMMEDIATE talks with N Korea?
Tyson ,   Pennsylvania   (10.24.07)
5. Liars Liars and more liars
GZLives   (10.24.07)
And there are no homosexuals in Iran ... how does anyone believe these liars especially if they live in Canada and should know better ?
6. It was a rubber chicken factory, no lie!
7. Not a Nuclear Facility
Mel Fishman ,   Bowie, Maryland, USA   (10.25.07)
The round structure was for a new swimming pool for the YMCA. The pumps were to bring the water circulation to the pool. You dummies who are you kidding.
8. I'm surprised it didn't say
Mike ,   USA   (10.25.07)
baby milk factory like Saddam's BS stories. Yeah you sure can't believe anything these guys say...
9. #3
Michael Savage ,   USA   (10.25.07)
Your an uneducated moron. Since when are you a satellite imagery analyst? You can't call Israel a liar, because you don't have the facts. Israel most likely has tons of intelligence that you will never see. Typical liberal logic.
10. #3
Micha   (10.25.07)
I don't get it Rich. You say you're a Jew, but you're so angry with Israel and all your posts ever do is question Israel's intelligence and existence. What exactly is your problem?
11. #9, This whole article is about conjecture
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.25.07)
and not facts. If you go to Israel you will see that Israelis don't believe the words of their own politicians (who are appointed and not elected) for one minute, and they call their own government a Mafia. So, if you believe every word of the Israeli government, then you are the biggest moron in town. It doesn't matter how much intelligence Israel has, if they don't present the facts, I don't have to believe it.
12. -Hey!, those israelis have their brains iverted upside down
-you should use another way of communication. ="facility nuclear target did not Israel" -Yes this is much better a way!
13. airstrike could endanger efforts to contain nuclear prolifer
ElBaradei said
14. Rich #11
Tahl ,   Israel   (10.25.07)
Apparently you got the facts a bit off. We Israelis indeed have little trust in our politicians. However we have a great trust in our IDF and our intelligence reports, which are unrelated to our politicians. Besides, these findings were confirmed by hard evidence Israel provided to the Pentagon (samples collected from the area), whose experts found them to be "jaw-dropping". Proof enough for you?
15. #14, The IDF don't always have it right either
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.25.07)
That last Lebanon War was a disaster. Hashem is the only one you can trust. As for the Syrian attack, I need to see pictures of the hard evidence Israel supposedly provided the Pentagon, before I can believe this story. Unfortunately, Jews lie to each other, and I can't trust the words of my fellow Jews like I use to.
16. #14 jew-dropping?
observer   (10.25.07)
The Washington Post said some nuclear experts urged caution in interpreting the ISIS photos, noting the type of reactor favored by North Korea has few distinguishing characteristics visible from the air. The Irony is that Vanunu's photos from the ground are not enough for the the IAEA to investigate the Israeli nuclear Daimona. (samples collected from the area)? mean like the joke of Nasrallah man whom the Israeli Commandos kidnapped from Baalbeck, Lebanon?
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