Barak approves limiting Israel's Gaza power supply
Hanan Greenberg, Reuters
Published: 25.10.07, 16:10
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stude ham   (10.25.07)
The gaza rocket lobbers deserve to see the results of their sinister actions. as for the self-defence garbage being spouted by their leaders... watch how self-defence really works in the real world. Do more than just cut off their electricity.
3. An other idiotic statement from and idiotic Israeli Official
Hiram ,   Paris   (10.25.07)
This man is deputy defence minister of something....he represents Israel ......can someone , and this gentleman in particular , tell me exactly what is the minimum to prevent a crisis ? At what level does one trigger a "crisis " , is a "crisis " for an Israeli the same as a crisis for a Palestinian ? That " minimum" to prevent a crisis reminds me of a the minimum level of calories calculated - in other times- to make sure that Jews would deliver all of their remaining energy before dying of hunger in various places.... I hate terrorism, I condemn all kind of attacks from Nazilike dictators against Israel, but I equally condemn the stupidity of some idiotic vice-minister who owns his "position" to some government buddy and has obviously no idea about what word mean ....unless , once again, the statements made were translated erratically by Ynet . Israeli politician look more and more like if they were coming out of a banana-republic ! But by the way, we DO grow Bananas ! No surprise then .....
4. Cut it all off..
Zeev ,   USA   (10.25.07)
Only Israel has a responsibilty to supply its enemy! One great step for Israel, next cut the water supply! Palestinians dont want to be hypocritical..why would that want Jewish water and Jewish electrcity...let us help them become more clensed of us Jews
5. Barak ,what a sissy you are
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.25.07)
The little girl Barak limits the Hamas power supply.This in nothing except and shame upon Israel. I read of Israel's past great leaders who fought Israle's enemies and defeated them like Joshua chapter 10 . And we see Israel's modern leaders ,pathetic,failhless coward's who can do nothing even close to defeating the sons of Amalek and the Filisten's. They play like little girls with their dolls while Israel's enemies laugh in scorn as the electric power keeps them alive.
6. Humanitarian Crises Bring Understanding when Shared
meir elazar   (10.25.07)
I am certain that the people of Sderot will emphathize with the terrible humanitarian crisis of Gazans when Gazans emphathize with the nightmare that the citizens of Sderot live with constantly. And once the people of Gaza actually do something about the singular cause for all of this suffering like stopping the Qassams then both the people of Gaza and Sderot will improve the quality of their lives. Ehud Barak, IT IS ABOUT TIME SOME EHUD IN GOVT WOKE UP. UNFORTUNATELY OLMERT IS IN A DEEPER COMA THAN ARIK SHARON. SHARON IN HIS CURRENT STATE WOULD DO A BETTER JOB THAN OLMERT.
7. Gaza
Moshe ,   Quatorze   (10.25.07)
Israel should cut all electricity for 48 hours on each day there is a terrorism. If there is more than one attack, then the period should be extended. The above policy should be made clear to Hamas, Fatah and the UN. The UN should tell the Hamas and Fatah that they should not make collective punishment on their people by engaging in terrorism.
8. kol ha kavod v sof sof
izzy d   (10.25.07)
someones doing something. not sure if barak is setting himself up for a later power run based on the statistics that the right wing is a strengthening political voice, or if this is the right thing to do tactically, but i am pleased
9. Don't think they're really doing anything.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.25.07)
They'll cut electricity at 2:00 in the morning for an hour. No one in Gaza will even notice. This is just a publicity stunt for Barak to show he is "security minded" and the not same jerk who ran out of Lebanon & was willing to give away half the country to Arafat. Never take anything here at face value - our politicians have given up defending the country. Now they only defend themselves.
10. 3# Defence Minister Hiram from Paris
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (10.25.07)
What would you do big shot. Your emails always critisize Israel but never offer any answers.
paul malykont ,   United States   (10.25.07)
Separation is needed. Let them provide their own power, water, food and everything else. Control Israel's side of the border. If they build up their capabilities, they will have something to lose. If they continue attacks they can be meaningfully attacked in return. If they don't build it they will suffer and disintegrate. Only the imposition of responsibility leads to peace.
12. Western Governments will stay silent....
Dovy ,   Toronto   (10.25.07)
The Zionist-Controlled western governments will stay silent at this vicious collective punishment against an occupied half-starved population because we all know that the Palestinians are supposed to pay the price for compensation for World War II...!!!
13. They still don't get it . . . .
the only language the arabs understand is force. cut it all.
14. Declare Gaza an independent Palestinian state!!
Declare Gaza an independent Palestinian state already! It is being ruled both de jure and de facto by the government the Palestinians collectively voted into power! Honestly, this is the best solution for the State of Israel and Fatah. This will put Hamas in the position of either declaring war against Israel and sealing their own fate, or being forced to negotiate a peace deal with Israel. Statehood in Gaza is the worst thing that could ever happen to Hamas. Let's hope it happens in November!
15. #5 If Isreal doesn't do something ur not happy, if she does
do something,ur not ,   happy. Sad,sad,man.   (10.25.07)
16. Dovy, Toronto (NR12)
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (10.25.07)
You're quite wrong. These world governments will attack Israel, and accuse it of mass punishment. In their eyes, Israel has no right to defend itself. KAHANE CHAI !
17. About friggin' time!
Cameron ,   USA   (10.25.07)
If ever there was a case for justified 'collective punishment', it is surely the Paradise that is Gaza. Let them see the error of their ways sitting in the dark.
18. Turn of the power in the West Bank as well!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.25.07)
Basically, there is no difference between Hamasstan in Gaza and Fatahstan on the West Bank. If it looks like a terrorist, kills like terrorists and hates Israel like a terrorist then surely it is a terrorist! Yesterday's terror attack proves this. It’s time that someone told the yanks to fix their own house in Iraq and let us fix our own here? Let them invite Osama bin Laden to Annapolis! If the Palestinians want peace and want to live like human beings instead of in squalor, let them fix up their own house and throw the terrorists out! The ball is in their court.
19. Why Limit when you can ELIMINATE???
MK ,   Stamford   (10.25.07)
20. Dovy, do you know what NK also stands for?
NudniK ,   think about it   (10.25.07)
21. #9 - let's see what happens
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (10.25.07)
I have no problem with starting in a minimal way and then ratcheting up until a result is achieved and that is how I deal with things in my life. If you start with the maximum then you have nowhere to go but down. I am not a fan of Barak! It's seems, that as presently envisaged that the 1 &2 state solutions have failed and I am now reading .. I'm not saying that it's right, only that more creative situations must be found. - Mike
22. #12 - one can only reply with laughter - he he he
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (10.25.07)
what are you talking about ? the 7 men that control the world perhaps ?! But that is top secret and mustn't be discussed on forums. Loose lips sink ships ..
23. The light of reason is still bright in Israel.
steve ,   london, england   (10.25.07)
A calculated strategy that shall be recognised by the world community as the best of the uncomfortable actions Israel must take against terrorism in Palestinian society. Initially the world will bellow that it is cruelly inhuman. But ultimaterly this is the least violent option open to Israel. Because it is a strictly a humanitarian crisis that will ensue from this strategy it will mean the proverbial humanity in Palestinian society will be coaxed out to challenge the inhumanity to humankind that is daily being launched from Gaza into the State of Israel. Inhumanity that would eventually be launched from Gaza into Egypt if certain sects got their way. If only Israel had this switch to throw on the militaristic dunderheads in Lebanon! Israel must take this strategy seriously enough to carry its expediency through. The only alternatives are violent. Targeted killings of terror leaders. Invasion and containment of terror leaders. But the faith people have in Palestine is so broadly widespread nowadays it is extremely unlikely that a military strategy launched from Israel would exact an overall positive result. Moreover, and this is where the sparks really ignite, it is essential that voices in the international community call more loudly against the faith in armed struggle that Palestinians have. Whether or not the pan Arab voice will speak out to indict those groups in Palestine who have brought Israel to this throwing of the switch is, as usual, doubtful.
24. Turning Off Power Helps Slow Global Warming
David ,   Marietta USA   (10.25.07)
I'm sure the UN and Greens out there would approve completely. (Too bad it never snows in Gaza, though)
25. Please let me know when Israel stops talking about it
and actually does something.
26. This is so insipid
Andrew P ,   Alexandria VA   (10.27.07)
Why is Israel giving power and goods to Gaza at all? They are an ENEMY. Let them generate their own power and grow their own food. If they can't, let the Egyptians support them.
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