'Gaza power cuts could lead to escalation'
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 26.10.07, 00:54
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1. So what
Jeffrey ,   U.S.A.   (10.26.07)
Who cares if they escalate,it just is more proof to the world that these people dont deserve anything let alone a state. If anything Israel is being too lenient.Time to take off the gloves and smash the terrorists now,America will deal with Iran,Israel just worry bout your back yard.
2. Its kinda weak measure to take after all this time!
eddie ,   london UK   (10.26.07)
They've bene firing missiles for years, kiiling israelis and attempting to murder children in schools. The impotent Israeli government has sat onits hands doing F.A. and now they might turn off power for a few hours , big deal. So when the power is on they will do their manufacturing. Like it's gonna make any difference.
stude ham   (10.26.07)
You saw what these palis did when Israel evacuated gaza. So you already know what these thugs are all about. cut their power. they aren't going to be better anyways.
4. Catch 22? I don't think so.
We are discussing this as if the Palestinians have a right to fire bombs at children in a sovereign country. This has been allowed to go on for far too long; the indecision by the Israeli Government has (rightly so, by the way!) been interpreted as weakness by the Palestinian terrorist government. We withdrew from Gaza years ago, now it is time to withdraw completely. They can use the millions of dollars they get from their Arab brethren, not to mention the EU and other sources, to feed and fuel their people, instead of buying weapons and materials for Kassam bombs. Pity the Palestinians so impulsively destroyed all those thousands of greenhouses left to them by the Israelis when they withdrew. Who knows: maybe they could have grown a tomato or two for themselves. But then again, self-sustenance? Too much hard work. They don't deserve the time of day.
5. what should have happened
Courage my love   (10.26.07)
The disengagement was not just about the physical removal of Jews. As part of the disengagement debacle, Israel should have given notice in '05 that she would only be supplying water, electricity, meds, etc for another 6 months and that the pals should find their own non zionist suppliers. Ongoing dependence is not a good thing and Israel is not a cow to graze passively while continually being milked.
6. One of Hashem's punishments was Darkness. It wil work. Good
Job Barak ,   Be Strong   (10.26.07)
7. they need an excuse to fire more rockets?
go 4 it ,   usa   (10.26.07)
they will fire rockets no matter what Israeli gov't does. Seems to me this is a calculated risk worth taking.
8. Power cuts must be directly linked to Qassam Fire and Public
meir elazar   (10.26.07)
Power cuts must be directly linked to Qassam Fire(i.e. number or rockets and time of power cuts increased per damage caused) and the measure must be widely publicized clearly putting the responsibility and blame on those who launch the Qassams. The power cuts must be done immediately after the Qassam launches with no delay between cause and effect and absolutely no warning prior to the cut other than the generalized warning of Power cuts linked to Qassam fire.
9. Security forces have fears?
Frank ,   Canada   (10.26.07)
Frightened people must not work in security forces but in the French army
10. Best post award
Jeffrey ,   U.S.A.   (10.26.07)
The Israelites should take ALL the remnants of the kassams fired over the years and go drop them on the head of Hamas own House all at once and see how he likes it.Just do it from a nice altitude so they are sure to inflict more misery and suffering on the poor victims of the world.What a joke they are.
11. Full Power Outage Needed No Half Measures
ralphsrant1 ,   USA   (10.26.07)
There is no way in the world this will work unless it is a complete outage. My elderly parents survived three weeks after a Hurricane without power. It must be no power and also a buffer zone for this to work. Half measures will be doomed to fail.
12. Israel can't be a partner
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (10.26.07)
Of course Israel is not a 'partner'. A partnership implies 2 sides and Hamas is not a partner to anything accept wanting to destroy Israel. Who is this anonymous 'senior security source'? I doubt that the word 'fear' was used.
13. yes, the gazans really thought they can depend on israel.
Rachel ,   Los Angeles, US   (10.26.07)
14. Delivering Power To The Enemy
Mohe Quatorze ,   Tel Aviv, Isr   (10.26.07)
Which country, apart from us, has provided power the their enemy ? I doubt that a 2 hour limited power cut will have any positive effect. It will more likely strenghten the resistance resolve. Why not 24 hours for each rocket attack ?
15. #13 - Hamas did think that it could rely on Israe !
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (10.26.07)
Israel is very susceptible to world opinion and Hamas felt that it could rely on this. It felt sure that it could fire daily kassams with impunity because Israel would prefer to put up with the kassams rather than risk censure. Israel has not correctly decided to respond to the ongoing attacks which every other country would have responded to the same day an not a year later. And please don't consider the people and the government of Gaza as two separate entities. Not only did the people vote for Hamas but as of yet they have done nothing major to show that they want to get rid of them. Current thinking is to give up control of Gaza's border with Egypt, plus control of its sea and airport after which Israel can finally wash its hands of something that it never wanted.
16. Imagine Hitler
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Samaria   (10.26.07)
Imagine Hitler's tanks running on Soviet gas
17. #9 - the quote was by an anonymous "senior security source"
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (10.26.07)
and is therefore next to worthless. Perhaps look at post #12 - Mike
18. Israel provided nothing to Gaza prior to 1967
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.26.07)
The Palestinians often talk of "ending the occupation" that began in 1967. But we should recall that, prior to Israel's victory of that year, Israel provided nothing to Gaza, which was then under Egyptian military administration. No food, no fuel, no power, no water, no medical supplies. Now, while actively engaged in war against Israel, Gaza feels it is entitled to whatever it wants or needs from the nation it can't bring itself to name. What a bunch of hypocrites!
19. will boost terror organization's motivation?
observer   (10.26.07)
You can not test the reaction of the international community till it comes into effect; you can not cross the bridge till you reach it. Don't say you do not mind for the international community. Do not repeat the mistakes of the last Lebanon war. Yes; they would be applauded by the whole international community. They are defending their right of existence. First, pay compensation for the last year's vandalized Gaza electricity plant, do not block the routs of oil supply and communication. Have you fooled the world by your "disengagement" from Gaza only to save costs of securing illegal settlements and to get rid of one million civilian population in Gaza.
20. Cut power to Ramat-Aviv!
FO ,   Belgium   (10.26.07)
A more efficient idea would be to cut the power in Ramat-Aviv for each kassam that hits Israel. Why? Because the person who once said: "Kassamim, schmassamim, what is all this hysteria about?", owns an apartment there. Don't remember who is this person? Your actual President, Mr. Peres!
21. Turn off the lights permanantly..
Petra ,   usa   (10.26.07)
Let them go bump in the night.
22. rockets
abood ,   occupied gaza   (10.26.07)
the car fuel is not used for making rockets, and the electricity that we used for study and watching tv are not used to make rockets, they have a power generators and the money,and we have nothing.
23. oh, I get it: the best thing to do is nothing, right? WRONG!
dante ,   uk   (10.26.07)
just tolerate the rockets? how about this? don't tell them anything. the Israeli leaders talk too much and don't deliver on their ultimata. if one cannot destroy the launch sites, pick military bases or gov't facilities and knock one off every time a rocket is fired into Israel. sooner or later, even the "palis" will understand and will have to make a decision about how much misery they want to inflict upon themselves.
24. #20 - your post makes no sense but carry on puffing :-)
redmiike ,   tel aviv   (10.26.07)
and have a good week-end - Mike
25. Cutting Power to Gaza
Mike ,   Singapore   (10.26.07)
I fail to understand why Israel is still pussy footing with the enemy. Since you have declared that Gaza (should include the West Bank) are enemy entities, just make the decision to pull the carpet from under them by cutting off all power, fuel electricity from them. Any further kassam rockets from Gaza will be met with the full force of artillery bombardment. Learn how the Russians deal with the Chechens - a single bullet from any Chechen village will result in total razing of that village to the ground. And please get rid of all media reporting from the war zone. How can Israel continue to feed the enemy ??
26. Baraks token gestures make the voters think he is strong
If your going to use fuel and electricity as a weapon then either its done properly or not at all what Barak proposes is more of a token gesture for the Israeli public rather than a serious attempt to use cutting of services as a weapon in the war against terror. If this is to be effective first they need for a minimum of 1 week no fuel or power and only then reduce supplies of electricity 1 - 2 hours for every rocket fired. At the end of the day you say how many rockets were fired and then you cut the power for a certain number of hours the next day these makes power cuts less predottable and more of a problem for terroristrs. No rockets no cuts. As far as Israel not being considered a good partner for peace with the palestians Arafat recived his nobel peace prize 14 years ago Israel has since then seen 5 primeministers come and go all of them made efforts at peacemaking, made territorial concesions we got lots of smiles from the palestians and lots of terror. I have seen no evidence that the palestians have ever been partners for peace its allways uncompromising demands to the western audeinces and replacing Israel with a single palestian state to arab audeinces. Never have I seen the palestians want to negotiate and accept that if they want something then Israel wants something in return other than empty promises their attitude is take, take, take and give nothing in return. As they have shown no chance of being partners for peace the only people that Israel not looking a partner for peace is the likes of Yossi Belin who would be willing to give anything if the P word is mentioned.
27. 22
zionist forever   (10.26.07)
If the idea of limited cuts in electricty and petrol is a problem for you then you know what the solution is ... go tell your leaders Fatah or Hamas end ALL terror attacks it doesnt matter if its shootings, kidnapings, suicide attacks or rockets your guys end that we wont cut your power for even 1 minute. The thining seems to be its justified for palestians to fire rockets at towns like Sderot but its not justified for Israel to retaliate and cut electricity. NO TERROR = NO FUEL OR ELECTRICTY CUTS - YOU DECIDE Also a little reminder for you about facts and that it Gaza is not occupied unless you counsider Hamas an occupying force Septemer 2005 Israel closed all the settlements, all the millitary forces were withdrawn the Gaza occupation is over.
28. goods and services to Gaza
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (10.26.07)
The excuses by Barak for not implementing the most available human response to the continual terror attacks against Israeli Civilians is in line with his historical mile wide yellow streak running down his back. He is good at being bombastic, he is good at deluding Israelis who suffer from his failed leadership since he attained the Position of PM, he heads a failed corrupt party who think you can tame a venomous viper and sleep with him in one bed, as long as it is not him that has to sleep with his pet. What I am having a very difficult time understanding is, throughout almost the entire middle east that has so much fuel each Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan just to name a few electric power to the civilians is spotty at best, most only have power one hour a day, none of which comes from Israel, yet since it is Arab produced they are happy to receive that one hour allocation. But if Israel wants to cut power even for less then one hour, and only as a response to a terrorist attack it is Collective Punishment, is is going to cause more terror and should be avoided, and that comes from what is knows as a powerful Defense establishment, who is headed by no other then a bombastic empty blown up balloon, and he is aspiring to become the next PM of Israel. If he is given the chance by the Israeli electorate he will finish to bury Israel whci he started during his previous term as PM Barak was a IDF Chief of Staff was or is the IDF being led by a passel of fearful confused General Officers, that seeks to avoid to be tainted by the enemy as Violating what they perceive is a one way Human Rights Laws which applies only to Israel. That does not engender any hope for Israel to ever remove the yoke of being the aggressor when protecting the Israeli public to the detriment of the Terrorist who are publicly elected and supported by a majority of Arabs so called civilians. Rethink you priorities, announce them publicly and follow through of what you state, if you are correct you will be supported by the Israeli Public and if not you have no right to represent the security of the Israeli Public
29. Disproportionate retaliation stops the enemy
Sam ,   Canada   (10.26.07)
Disproportionate retaliation is what stopped Hizbollah and suicide bombing. This Mickey Mouse retaliation by IDF just invites more terror by Palestinians.
30. To #20 in Aza
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.26.07)
Perhaps if more than 31% of you supported a Jewish state living by your side then we may have some hope. As it is, you cannot have your cake and eat it. In addition, a mere 6% of you support any Jewish rights on the holiest site in Judaism.
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