Report: Syrian reactor built in 2001
Published: 27.10.07, 22:02
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1. Iraq had 3 similar reactors in 2000
Nigel ,   London, UK   (10.27.07)
They move everything in 2003 to Belaruss in 25 huge cargo just before US entered Iraq. The US even thought that Saddam was with one of the cargo.
2. and who's gonna destroy israeli reactor
ali ,   canaad   (10.27.07)
3. ali, hopefully the only fully operational nuclear
elan   (10.28.07)
reactor in the middle east will be ISRAELI.
4. #2 - you will never see it happen....
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.28.07)
Learn how to spell Canada...
5. So what? Israel's reactor built in 1955, but not bombed
dean ,   usa   (10.27.07)
6. Same images Collin Powell showed about Iraq's reactors
dean ,   usa   (10.27.07)
In a couple of months, the same images will be used to show Iran's reactors. The way things are going in the world today, those images may also be used to show Gaza reactors.
7. Good Job!
enzo ,   london,uk   (10.28.07)
That's history now! Let's move on...!
8. #7 enzo
i`am sure you will move to history , not by arabs but by the american themselves .
ALAN   (10.28.07)
NOW YOU DON'T.........."
10. Now North Korean people have to starve becuase of that.
famine in ,   North korea   (10.28.07)
11. Google Earth - Have a look at it
Marc ,   Lebanon   (10.28.07)
You can see the Syrian Nuclear site on google earth : 35°42'28.30''N 39°49'59.4°''E elev 940 ft I am happy it was successfully destroyed... What's next ?
Gideon   (10.28.07)
13. ali # 2 , "who's gonna hestroy israeli reactor"
responder ,   here   (10.28.07)
who is , the " mehdi mo'ood" , the " foretold guidance" or the coming one, the waiting mesaiah, as a matter of fact the 12 th generation after the "imam ali", the first imam,
14. if it was working for 4 years then they should
shia 4ever ,   budapest hungary   (10.28.07)
have 4 bombs by now .Since such reactor could produce one bomb/year and then thats it or what?
15. #14, now you are just embarassing yourself
Danny   (10.28.07)
bombed in 2007, started building in 2001. 2007-2001 = 6 not four and nowhere is it written that it is working at all let alone four years. One more PS 1 year not equal one bomb. Seriously, wouldn't a nice Jihadi website suit you better? One where you can discuss how Jews caused 9/11 without people falling about laughing?
16. #6, really when?
Danny   (10.28.07)
When did Powell show pictures of Iraq's "reactors"? Photoshopping pictures and faking "news" is more an arab expertise
17. Syrican reactor.
Hilda ,   US   (10.28.07)
Maybe the US should have invaded Syria instead of Iraq. Oh yeah, Syria doesn't hae oil and didn't insult Bush senior. Anyone who thinks US will bomb or go after Iran militarily is dreaming
18. #11 What's next?!
Josh   (10.28.07)
For someone in Lebanon you seem too happy to see bombs falling. Are you building Kassams? Honestly, are you really in Lebanon? What kind of Lebanese roots for Israel bombings? Do you like war and death? Better hope the answer to "whats next" is not Lebanon.
19. #15 - You embarass him
Josh   (10.28.07)
#14s numbers appear to be close to the numbers quoted in the ynet article:,7340,L-3462993,00.html Assuming it would take several years to get it running and the idea that 3000 cetrifuges running would take a year to make 1 bomb. It is an assumption with some merit. So lay off number #14's post.
20. Good to see some shrewd people from
shia 4 ever ,   budapest hungary   (10.28.07)
opposite faith it makes the marriage easier As for the reactor or if it was it should match the Korean Graphite with 25 to 30 megawatt power it could produce minute ammounts of PU239 plus some other radioactive elments including gold and mercury for dirty bombs or future neutron source the way it was cleansed it means some thing have been produced
21. the shoe fits
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.29.07)
it would seem that syria has been the beneficiary of iraq's and north korea's nuclear (weapons) programmes. if this airstrike really destroyed a reactor that was being readied with north korean fuel, what exactly are the syrians or the north koreans going to say? officially, any such reactor cannot exist, since it violates syria's commitment under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and north korea has signed a treaty (and accepted huge amounts of money) to shut down its own nuclear programme. there may be more than a coincidental connection to osirak.
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