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California: Rabbis nourish crews with food, lessons
Associated Press
Published: 28.10.07, 09:36
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1. Someone with the concept a "light to all nations"
Josh   (10.28.07)
...rather than a closed society.
2. Encouraging Story - Thanks
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.28.07)
Wonderful story. It's encouraging to read about such life - affirming things taking place in the midst of such destruction. I've been reading how the firefighters are stretched thin and exhausted. I'm not sure why, but many communities out there didn't have enough firefighters & equipment to handle regular fires. Many of the firefighters are volunteers. The rabbis, with God's help, created a little oasis where the firefighters could be refreshed. God bless them!
3. Chabad also set up four centers in San Diego County for Jews
Rivkah   (10.28.07)
who were evacuated from the fires since there are about 100,000 Jews in San Diego County. Most of the fires in California and other parts of America in the years since 9/11/01 have started within a mile of a roadway which indicates arson. In 2003, Al Qaida threatened to start massive simultaneous fires in America. Why is this happening? The Prophet Zephaniah warned that after the towers fall with a salughter and the mighty men walk in thick darkness in a description that sounds like the attack on the WTC towers on 9/11/01, THE LAND WOULD BURN BECAUSE OF SIN. That first chapter of Zephaniah in the Authorized King James Bible is probably describing America because even though Israel is mentioned in chapter 2, America is part of Israel because it is Manasseh, just as the British Commonwealth is Ephraim and the little country in the Middle East is Judah, called Israel. Joseph's sons in the Bible, Manasseh and Ephraim, were told by their grandfather Jacob that they would become a great nation (Manasseh) and a multitude of nations with the gates of their enemies (Ephraim). Manasseh and Ephraim were half Egyptian and the great seals of America and Britain are half Egyptian. So the Prophecy in Zephaniah is very likely about America in Chapter 1. What should the President do? He should call a solemn assembly and tell the people the fires are likely caused by sin of the people and ask the people to be thankful for what they have and to stop sinning in the hope that the Lord will heal the land and protect it. He should also tell the people of America to go back to the Sabbath of the Bible which is the seventh day.
4. B'ruch Hashem, G-d Bless these Lubavitch
Jack ,   USA   (10.28.07)
They are spititually the best in our people. They bring light to the darkness and all in the name of Chuvah. There Mitzvah Mobiles in NYC is a great memory groaing up and The Rebbe was one of the most friendly and spiritual beings I have ever met. He gave me two dollars so I can pay it forward so to speak.
5. Good people! Wonderful story!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.29.07)
6. Fires
Marilyn ,   USA   (10.29.07)
It's nice to see people helping their neighbors. It's also looking like the worst is over. Thanks be to G-d.
7. "G'd willing" as it should be!
Vincent Perret ,   Zurich Switzerland   (10.29.07)
The true nature of the Lord is shown when he enables us to help, to hope, to save and to rejoice about the possibility to do all these things! G'd willling indeed! Mazel Tov! Vincent
8. #3 Rebecca, Your Hypothesis Sucks
ER   (10.29.07)
Your postulation is faulty and shows an extreme lack of history. You should know that the Egyptian symbology is a relatively recent phenomenon in Western Culture and has nothing to do with ancient Israelites. There is no tradition of it in British history prior to the Napoleonic Wars. Even if it were true that the Israelites had settled in England, and just suppose they managed to interbreed with the Celts, they would still have been long displaced, except for a few isolated pockets in The West Country, by the Romans, Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Danes, Norwegians and French Vikings, none of which make good candidates for being Ephraimites! By the way, Jews are not impressed when you quote from your Christian translations. They know how they are manipulated!
9. Thank you, rabbis
Damir ,   Russia   (10.29.07)
10. 8 ER: I am not trying to impress anyone. My
Rivkah   (10.29.07)
contributions are a public service for those who are wise enough to listen and to check things out for themselves. Zephaniah is a prophet in the Old Testament, not the New. I suggest you purchase and read the university published text "Judah's Scepter and Joseph's Birthright" and "The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel." When the Israelites of the Northern Kingdom were taken into captivity by the Assyrians, they found a way of escape when the Assyrian army left to attack Judah. The Israelites escaped over the Caucasus Mountains into Russia and Northern Europe and became known as the Caucasians. White people are mostly descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and you will notice that only between 3 and 6 per cent of the world's population are Caucasian. It is an unusual geneology to be so small and yet so blessed by God. God said he would bless the nations through the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and indeed He has. When Judah was under attack, the Prophet Jeremiah took Royal Princess Tia Tephe to Northern Ireland and established the Throne of Judah there. The Bible you apparently do not study says there would be four overturns of the throne of Judah...that has happened from Jerusalem to Northern Ireland, then to Scotland, then to London...and the final overturn will be when the throne of Judah and David goes back to jerusalem where the Messiah will reign. All those people you mentioned are descended from Israelites, not Chinese or Mongols or Blacks or Latins. Does the DANube River, DANmark, etc. give you a clue on the location of the tribe of DAN? The great seal of Britain is in part a Sphinx and the great seal of America is in part a Pyramid. The prophecies for Manasseh and Ephraim were for the latter days when the Messiah was near to coming, not anciently during the absolute monarch rule of Britain, before the seal with a Sphinx. It may surprise you to know that Solomon's navy discovered America, not Columbus or Amerigo Vespugi. The Zuni Indians of Virginia and New Mexico speak fluent HEBREW and have the Ten Commandments inscribed on rocks and other places in HEBREW.
11. #10 Rebecca, How Can I Answer That?
ER   (10.29.07)
Your posts are getting crazier and crazier! Zuni is NOT Hebrew, but is considered a language isolate. I truly hope you stop reading your half-baked websites and get a hold of reality.
12. #10 Rebecca, An Alternative Explanation.
ER   (10.29.07)
The Red Hand of Ulster is the Red Hand of Esau. This fits better with Jewish tradition then does yours.
13. #10--More Codswallop!
ER   (10.29.07)
The Great Seal of England shows her Majesty on horseback, wearing the uniform of Colonel in Chief, Grenadier Guards, and below the horse is her Majesty's Crowned Cypher. The reverse shows the Queen throned and robed, holding in her right hand the Sceptre and in her left hand the Orb. Behind the Queen's shoulders appears the motto - Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense. Nothing Egyptian! Do us all a favour and check your facts before you post!
14. Rebecca , do youi believe what you tell us ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (10.29.07)
if yes , you are the only one . And don't come with your red lines . I can also have as much i want , only to take some additional Email adresses , and to recommend myself .
15. ER and Churl's: You are women haters, jealous of the
knowledge of the ages you do not wish to confirm by research. I hesitate to use the word liars for both of you, but what other word fits? Are you being paid to harrass people on YNET or at you just unhappy campers, like children? Your comments are no longer worthy of replies.
16. #15---Rebecca---xactly how many Xians react
ER   (10.30.07)
…when cornered. On the contrary, I have every respect for well-informed, modest women that relish the true knowledge of the ages. Nevertheless, I have no tolerance for bogus information peddled by Christians, men or women, as being factual. Hopefully, others will check out your incredulous claims and find them simply not true.
17. #15 You are Right!
Johnny ,   USA   (10.30.07)
These two characters are, indeed, logically liars. After all, since Jews secretly all know that Jesus was the Messiah and yet reject him, they are everything the NT called them! We all know how Rabbis dishonestly changed the scriptures and hide Isaiah 53 to conceal Jesus in order to crucify him.
18. RebeCACA
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.01.07)
Tell it to the two women who were with me yesterday that i'm a women hater , they will also have a good laugh . Yes , i'm jealous , but only of your great fantasy . For the rest , i'm only sorry for you being a sad old rejected woman .
19. #14 Churl'es: If I voted for myself, ALL my tb's would be
Rivkah   (11.03.07)
redlined instead of only some. Jealousy affects your reason.
20. Johnny , USA , the only rebecaca supporter
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.03.07)
As i respect other people's belief , contrary to you , i will not tell you that you are a liar . I'm only sorry for you that you share this rebecaca's ideas . Maybe you are this rebecaca , using one of her other Emails , and also recommend her stupid tb's
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