Yigal Amir's wife gives birth to son
Aviram Zino
Published: 28.10.07, 17:22
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1. Mazal Tov: Whats allowable for Kuntar is OK too for Amir
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (10.28.07)
Arab Butchers Jewish Butchers One Law for all
2. Amir the Murderer
Bernard ,   Israel   (10.28.07)
It is unclear how a murderer and an unstable woman would be allowed to keep their child. Surlely children services should remove the baby from them and place it out for adoption. It would be a crime against this child to allow him to grow up under the infuence of his unstable mother and murdering father. It's time the governments social services took a stand and makes sure this baby will not be exposed to the radical views of his "parents". God help this child to a better life than he will have with his mother
3. MAZAL TOV Yigal & Larissa! The ENTIRE COUNTRY is so HAPPTY
Mazal Tov Yigal! ,   Mazal Tov Larissa!   (10.28.07)
for you. That's everyone, except for those few who have a grudge against you for no other reason but because you're religious.
4. There's a G-d in this world!
Not a Coincidence   (10.28.07)
The bris coinciding with the Gregorian date of Rabin's murder clearly proves that he was not the one who actually killed him. Shimon Peres himself said that Amir shot Rabin from behind. Medical doctors claim he was killed by a gunshot in his stomach. Where are Rabin's murderers? Why have his real murderes not been apprehended?
Hayehudi   (10.28.07)
6. For the child's sake, the son should begiven up for adoption
Rivkah   (10.28.07)
There is no place in Israel where the child would not be stigmatized for life. It would be better for the child never to know who his birth parents are and to be raised by another name by another family with the date of his birth and the place of his birth changed by a court.
7. Baby Amir
Ora ,   Israel   (10.28.07)
I hope that people will not be cruel to this child who is not guilty for what his father did.
8. What do you get when you cross a murderer and a donkey?
Leah ,   Tel Aviv   (10.28.07)
9. Mazel tov! We are very happy for you
Alon   (10.28.07)
10. I'm glad - mazel tov
Andrea ,   Raanana   (10.28.07)
The court found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison - NOT a life without children. Mazel tov to the Amir family - they too deserve a future
11. May he be a rebellious child and give his parents exactly
what they deserve!   (10.28.07)
12. MAZEL-TOV, MAZEL TOV to the entire family.
Miriam ,   Israel   (10.28.07)
13. #11 - What, a Tel Avivan?
Horace ,   Bikat HaYarden   (10.28.07)
stude ham   (10.28.07)
Oh boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo...
15. #2,6,7 Are you 100% sure Y.Amir was indeed Rabin's "killer"?
Dreyfus affair ,   in Israel   (10.28.07)
That's only because you're brainwashed from the Leftwing POLITICAL MEDIA. There are plenty of websites on the net proving that the real murderer was never indicted. It's true that Amir shot at Rabin, but that was not the cause of his death according to doctors. This case is a clear political scandal just like the Drefus affair at the end of the 19th century. The truth, though, will eventually come up. Hopefully, soon.
16. The Kid Should Emigrate
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (10.28.07)
Would you want to grow up in Israel with Yigal Amir as your father and a mother who was crazy enough to marry the freak?
17. What happened?
Yoel   (10.28.07)
I'm sure you would show more tolerance to arab murderers... They have rights for visit through the Red Cross's mediation. Amir didn't have same rights as far as I know. Whatever disgusting thing he did, we still live in a democratic country; where any disgusting person have also human rights. A baby is born, and he is innocent. Whatever are your public opinions towards the parents, he will not understand what you are yelling at him. And he will not answer, since he's not able to speak. I'm against what Dalia Itsik told about the family: they are part of Israel, and we have to accept it as a fact. Even if we aren't proud... Israeli society is divided, and we need to reach peace instead of hatred. Why such a Sin'at Hinam for that child nobody knows?? This is a reality: we have murderers as Amir, and rapers as those two yougsters we heard about today. Denial of reality will never change it... Breaking thermometer will never remove fever...
18. #1, #3 - Apt comparison of Y.A. to a murderous terrorist!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.28.07)
And the "few" who hate murderer Ygal Amir they do so not because he is religious: it is because they stained Israel's name by murdering a Prime Minister. It is because he is a murderer. It is because he represents a barbaric and backward behavior that is not consistent with Judaism, Jewishness or normative human behavior. And all those so called "religious" Jews who don't know how to "honor" him more, are not too far from the description above, except for "murder" of course. I wonder how soon and how many will add "murder" to their "Jewish religious achievements" too (against the 10 Commandments). In any case, no, you won't get off this so easily - Y.A. is hated not because him being so called" religious" - it is because what he's done and what he represents. He certainly DOES NOT represent all (religious) Jews and if he does represent a "religion" then maybe he represents and implements the primitive and barbaric deeds of the "Religion of Peace" - Islam!
19. #4 There is a God indeed!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.28.07)
LOL! What a slap on the face of these false "religious" Jews! He is NOT alowed to hold his poor son's brith on the Jewish "murder anniversary"! God took their minds and now He also took their "date". Thank' GOD! And if you claim that "MDs report he was shot in the stomach", then where are these documents? Can we ALL see them or only you were granted the honor because you have a very secret and important job somewhere? Don't bother to "prove" anything - you really present the same delusional characteristics that many extremists have so calm down and believe what you want - but do not try to lie to everybody - it does not work. Better get back to studying Judaism and among the many pages you so dutifully scan without understanding any of them, you may want to repeat several times the Sixth Commandment "Thou Shalt No Kill" - does THAT ring a bell?
20. Now in the center ring of the Rabin family circus
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.28.07)
You couldn't write a plot as bad as this. What a ridiculous obsession. As if the country has the luxury to give itself over to this dementia.
21. #3 Seriously Misguided Talkback
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (10.28.07)
No, we have a grudge against them because they are warped, twisted lunatics - not because they are religious. Is that overly-complicated for you to comprehend?
22. May he be a blessing to the world.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.28.07)
and come to realize and distance himself from the FILTHY family into which he was born. I pray for him.
23. #13 nope a Jerusalemite
#11   (10.28.07)
24. to #8 Leah of Tel-Aviv
Charles ,   Israel   (10.28.07)
25. to #2 I remember
Yuri ,   Ramat-Gan Israel   (10.28.07)
I remember I heard exactly the same in the USSR when they adopted Jewish kids of refusniks "for their own sake" How similar are communists all over the world!
26. Mazal tov!
Charles ,   Israel   (10.28.07)
27. Amir baby
Maewhite ,   tel aviv   (10.28.07)
No doubt readers he murdered Rabin. Unfortunately there is no proof that would stand up in court to the effect that Larissa is unstable. The kid would definitely be better off apart from either of them, but it looks like that will not happen. Let's give the kid a chance. He'll never know his father anyway.
28. Pornography
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.28.07)
I didn't realize that YNET publishes Pornography. The Israeli Press would be doing us all a great favour if they totally ignored that depraved family and not give them any forum for publicity in future.
29. Larissa:The extreme Leftists want to take your baby from you
Larrisa ,   WATCH OUT!   (10.28.07)
These Leftist are violent and aggressive. They would do anything to harm you and the baby. Be very careful. Mazel tov to you and your husband. May you have lots of naches from this baby.
30. MAZEL-TOV, MAZEL TOV to the entire family.
Ran ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.28.07)
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