Yigal Amir's wife gives birth to son
Aviram Zino
Published: 28.10.07, 17:22
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31. Mazal Tov!!
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.28.07)
32. now put ALL OF THEM in jail
33. WHY LET HIM GET MARRIED?!!!!!!!!!!!
Ilai ,   Jerusalem/Israel   (10.28.07)
screw you Yigal!!!!!! you shoudn't even be allowed to have a relationship!
34. So much hate !
Ezra ,   Canada   (10.28.07)
Let the baby and the mother in peace.
Miriam ,   Israel   (10.28.07)
36. #4 CORRECT!
Miriam ,   Israel   (10.28.07)
Hopefully the truth behind Rabin will be known sooner than later.
37. Yigal Amir's son
lORRY ,   NORTHEN ISRAEL   (10.28.07)
38. Poor baby
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.28.07)
I feel sorry for the baby. He'll have the weight of this murder on his shoulders. Each 'side' will make sure when this baby becomes a boy, and then a man, that he knows about his father, Rabin, and how he had his bris on the anniversary of the murder. He'll probably become some sort of symbol for each 'side', poor kid.
39. It's obvious who shot Rabin
JR Mooing ,   Dallas, USA   (10.28.07)
Elvis did it.
40. What does it have to do with the baby? He is only a Jewish
infant. ,   Isaac Robin   (10.28.07)
41. @15: You admit he fired a gun at Mr. Rabin, so the intention
Rivkah   (10.28.07)
in his heart was to kill him. In West Virginia this week in the news, the wife of a man who killed two policemen was sentenced to life in prison because of an email she sent before the shootings that showed she knew her husband intended to kill police who came to the house. She did not even fire a weapon or have any other involvement in the killings. She got the same sentence as the admitted killer of Mr. Rabin, who confessed. There is a likelihood of more than one shooter in the murder of Mr. Rabin. Then there are the co-conspirators. All of that does not absolve the confessed murder of the person convicted, this contemptible crow, as Mr. Shimon Peres calls him. You should find someone more worthy to defend, or haven't you read the confession? It was on YNET recently.
42. 27 Maewhite: In America, children are allowed to see parents
Rivkah   (10.28.07)
in jail or prison, so the child will get to know the father, adding to the trauma of what his life will be. Mothers take their babies and children to prisons in America once a week to see the fathers. Only two or three people are allowed to see the prisoner at a time I have been told, so the family goes in a few at a time each week for prisoners whose families visit them. Whether that is the same in Israel, I do not know.
43. 35 Miriam: Gretl Braun gave up Adolf Hitler's baby daughter
Rivkah   (10.28.07)
for adoption rather than to have the child face a life of infamy. That was a protection for the child; she was not crazy as you would suggest.
44. 35 Miriam: Even three of Adolf Hitler's nephews remained
Rivkah   (10.28.07)
childless in their shame of their uncle. They also changed their last name. That is the sort of shame this child will carry as a heavy burden unless he is given up for adoption.
45. yigal's son
susan ,   panama   (10.28.07)
Yigal's son will grow up believing his father killed or at least was brainwashed to kill or maybe just acted like killing in order to save his country just like Rabin's children grew up believing their father intentially killed pure & holy jews because he believed he is saving his country
46. #45
yoni ,   tel-aviv   (10.29.07)
I agree with you. Looks like in Panama people think straight!
ALAN ,   USA   (10.29.07)
48. #45
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.29.07)
Thank you for a beautiful talkback.!!!! That should quiet down all idiots who have nothing better than badmouth a precious Jewish child and his mother.
49. These two disgusting, repugnant people
Talula ,   Israel   (10.29.07)
lack any sense of self respect and dignity. Igal Amir is going to die in prison and hopefully his Mrs will follow shortly after or before, don't care.
50. Mazal Tov
Lisa ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.29.07)
I remember how horrible it had been to sit in a cafe or take a bus while Rabin was in office. Then he wanted to make "peace" with a terrorist leader who continued to support terrorism after all of their "peace" summits? A leader that ignorant (incl. one in office today) should be removed. Not by murder, however. By a normal, democratic process... anyone remember what those are? The birth of any Jewish baby is a blessing, even the birth of a murderer's child. So Mazal Tov and may their child be an exemplary, and peaceful, person.
51. A Disgrace
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Chefer, Israel   (10.29.07)
It will be a matter of time - shorter than one wishes to believe, before the evil murderer is released. Yigal Amir's marriage to Larissa Trombobler, the conjugal rights he was given and now the birth of his son are steps that will contribute to the evil assasin's release. The irony of it all is the Brit Milah scheduled for the anniversary of PM Rabin's murder. We Israelis should hang our head in shame for allowing this to happen. It is a national disgrace allowing this evil man to father a child let alone marry.
52. Reward for an Assassin
Chaim R-B ,   Ra'anana   (08.08.08)
A murderer who according to Torah should have received capital punishment should not be rewarded as a result of the leniency of the current court system, to procreate. Amir must be laughing all the way to his connubial chamber. Apart from any other reason, that a child should be brought into this world to learn later in life that he/she was parented by a murderer who according to the same Torah has to be honored is a mighty sin.
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