IAEA chief lashes out over Israeli raid in Syria
Published: 28.10.07, 19:32
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1. "come to us"?!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (10.28.07)
Look at the name of the guy encharged to be the Chief of UN's nuclear watchdog ?Why,why ,I wonder why to chose an arab in such a delicate matter just involving ME.Shouldn't it be someone more neutral and fair? And why does US has chosen lately only African people to do the job of state secretary?Not only people from African origins but ones that seem to be pro arab and against Jews.Why?Can somebody answer? Are they more manipulable or what?
2. next he will be telling Israel to give Syria the Golan
zionist forever   (10.28.07)
Its not for this man from Egypt to decide Israeli policy let him worry about the likes of Northn Korea and Iran who are growing threats to global seciurity as they are developing nukes what Israel does to Syria stay out of. His job is to deal with neuclear weapons not the rights or wrongs of an Israeli millitary policy .... Saddam Hussain wanted nukes but in 1981 he didnt have them yet should Israel have played the good guy and waited till there was a bomb with Israels name on it attached to the top of a missles and then started asking questions. Let Mohammed El Baradei ether take action against Iran & North Korea or retured and go back to Egypt.
Steven ,   Kfar Sava Israel   (10.28.07)
Mr. ElBaradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency have such a bad track record (see how effective they were in Iran after it was reported to the IAEA that they were developing nuclear weapons) that Israel took the correct action by "taking the law into their own hands". Mr. ElBaradei you lashed out at the wrong country. The world should not wait for terrorists to gain momentum - but should stop them in their infancy. Kol Hakavod to Israel - Did anyone notice the lack of protest by the Arab countries??????????
4. LOL--ok "Mohamed"
ANiceFellow ,   Canada   (10.28.07)
We'll be sure to tell you next time so you can spring right into action like you have done in Iran.
5. Oh yeah, and you're dealing wonderfully with Iran
Daniel Cohen ,   Israel   (10.28.07)
Israel cant count on the UN for anything. And don't forget about Israel taking care of Iraq's nuclear program...the UN condemned Israel at the time, now they should be thanking us.
6. Altria motives? (His religion)
er, der!   (10.28.07)
7. Dr El Baradei
Raz ,   NZ   (10.28.07)
Since when do you employ criminals to guard ATM machines? Since when you let the cats look after the milk? Nobel prize may take the man off mohamed, but never muhamed off an arab. full stop.
8. Is the Nobel Committee Listening?
Bruce ,   Kentucky, USA   (10.28.07)
Time to move the ever-ineffective and insincere El-Baradai to the top of your nominee list for next year's "Peace" Prize.
9. You Can Trust Mohamed To Chastise The Moslems
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (10.28.07)
Mohamed and his useless crew were not even aware that the Syrians had been constructing a nuclear facility since 2001. He has also done an outstanding job of talking the Iranians out of their doomsday nuclear strategy. Of course Israel should have gone to him. (SI)
10. IAEA is blind and deaf
Vitaliy ,   Brooklyn, USA   (10.28.07)
it only stops being mute, when El-Baradei's self-esteem is assaulted.
11. El Baradei an Agent of ALL Nuclear Seeking Islamic Countires
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (10.28.07)
the joke is on everyone b/c the head of the IAEA has an agenda of nuclear proliferation
12. "They shoiuld come to us?"
Myron E. ,   USA   (10.28.07)
I had some suspicion that El-Baradei was a stand -up comedian of dark humor. Now my suspicion is confirmed.Can someone out there tell me when El-Baradei's next gig is in Greenwich Village? BTW: woiuld it interst readers to know that El-Baradei's IRANIAN WIFE is a FIRST COUSIN to one of the most powerful iranian MULLAHS.? Look it up-it's true.
13. but israel is not a
nomadic jew ,   afula israel   (10.28.07)
country just a nomadic tribe on its way to alaska check with najad!!!
14. No Credibility
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (10.28.07)
El-Baradei has absolutely no credibility unless one considers the NYT's, WaPo, LATimes, the UN, etc. to be "authoritative". He's nothing more than an ignorant fool and useless tool.
15. Bomb Dimona
Francis ,   France   (10.28.07)
Hope Syria will bomb Dimona
18. Muslim
Avner ,   Jerusalem   (10.28.07)
He is muslim, we are jewish, he doesnt like and trust us, we dont like and trust them. That is truth, and it wont change for a few generations at least, or maybe never. The world must accept that fact, and when the world will start to use alternative energy sources, the focus of attention will go anywhere else.
19. er, der, dya mean 'ulterior'?
dufus   (10.28.07)
20. Laughable - just laughable...(end)
Raoul ,   Netanya   (10.28.07)
21. El Baradei
Raoul ,   Netanya Israel   (10.28.07)
And look how long it took him to REACT, can you imagine how long it would take him to ACT!!
22. Hs's PISSED Israel found nukes & show he's NOT DOING HIS JOB
muhammadSux ,   Israel   (10.28.07)
23. He needs to check his job description
Jayzee ,   World Citizen   (10.28.07)
The IAEAs job is to stop non peaceful nuclear proliferation, NOT prevent those responding to it. He needs to do his job so the IAF won't have to do theirs!
24. Fire this guy before the world is over......
Asher ,   NY, USA   (10.28.07)
25. yeah, sure, we see how you stop such states, haha
uli ,   jerusalem   (10.28.07)
26. 22 - EXACTAMUNDO!!! 100% - kudos 2 u!!
The Fonz   (10.28.07)
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (10.28.07)
28. Yeah. The UN would have solved the problem.
John ,   Raleigh   (10.28.07)
Tell me when did the UN solve one problem with a nuclear rouge state? When the law is in the hands of the UN, it is in the hands of no one. Go Israel!
29. Nuclear Technology Spreading more rapidly then in the 80's
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (10.28.07)
it's much harder to contain, to oversee and to track. to rely on an organization like the IAEA to be the sole watchdogs is counter productive to the movement of nuclear nonproliferation. it is every nations job to ensure that nuclear technology is not spread through underground rogue programs such as the one uncovered in syria. the UN is incapable of doing so many things and to be held accountable for the worlds nuclear nonproliferation wouldn't be fair, practical or effective.
30. To Francis # 15 : Bombing Dimona ? a virtual game
Gilbert ,   Paris   (10.28.07)
You suggest Syria to bomb Dimona : any syrian fighter is seen by israeli detection systems at the moment it takes of . It has no chance to fly a mile inside Israel.
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