'Terror groups planning to kidnap Israelis from Sinai to Gaza'
Amnon Meranda
Published: 29.10.07, 14:54
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stude ham   (10.29.07)
what other political entity has gained influence in gaza? this is a 'try to look good to idiot olmert' report.
2. Oolmert Bush agenda makes Gaza safe for terrorists
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.29.07)
The terrorists are protected and grow stronger in Gaza becasue Olmert the puppet is not permitted any large sclae war to defeat Hamas in Gaza once and for all. It might endanger King Georges relationship with his lover ,the Saudi King. Hamas knows they are safew as do the RESTRAINED IDF . Sources at the Southern Command recently reported that the gunmen have increased their resistance as a result of Hamas becoming stronger. "This is manifested in trained and more equipped terror cells," a military source said. "If we don’t go in and uncover a tunnel, we will one day find it in Israel, and that will be too late."
3. #2 a tunnel, we will one day find it in Israel?
observer   (10.29.07)
Yes! but for the moment, the tunnel has to be via Sinai in way to Gaza. Direct line of smuggling From Israel soon to be established.
4. Shin Bet's discovery: "little bit easier to kidnap from
observer   (10.29.07)
Sinai than from a tank."
5. why not
i ,   j   (10.29.07)
let them fill the place up to the rafters with exlosives. They themselve will light the fuse with the many "work accidents"
6. What is Israel waiting for?
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (10.29.07)
That Hamas reach the 1 million ton mark of explosives? And then Israel lit a match ?
7. #3/4 Why don't you hold your imbecillic remarks...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.29.07)
just for a while. Its clear the only thing you are observing has nothing to do with what's going on here.
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