Ban: Israel's measures against Gaza unacceptable
Published: 29.10.07, 19:36
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1. Unacceptable!
JonnyGee ,   Brookline, MA USA   (10.29.07)
F the SOB.
2. Why is it Israels job anyway to support them with
BUSH ,   USA   (10.29.07)
gas and electric. Let the big mouths in the UN do it. The least they can say is thank you for offering up till now the free gas although they are Israels enemies to Sderot
3. A country is NOT OBLIGED to supply aid to enemy states
So there!   (10.29.07)
4. Ban Kassams
eddie ,   london UK   (10.29.07)
It is easy for mr Ban to slam Israel's self defense measures, but what has he doen to stop the missiles coming on a daily basis?
5. Mr. Ban: Qassam Rockets Attacks Are Less Reprehensible?
Danny Temkin ,   Tel Aviv   (10.29.07)
Grow a spine, and first hold the Palestinians accountable for the actions of their terrorists. Then Israel wouldn't need to resort to such measures!!
6. Check your own backyard.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (10.29.07)
Why? Is South Korea supplying North Korea with electricity? There's a bigger humanitarian problem there. Why isn't Ban up in arms about that? Hypocrates as usual.
7. UN Should Impose Similar Sanctions Against Israel
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow Russia   (10.29.07)
The UN General Assembly should vote to impose sanctions upon Israel and perhaps even boot Israel out of the UN if it continues to attack and impose sanctions against Gaza. The world community must stand united with the Palestinian victims in their fight for liberty, justice and freedom from the 40+ years of Israeli attempts to ethnically cleanse them from their homeland though its brutal, inhumane and illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.. The world needs to teach Israelis that when we said never again we really meant never again, even when Jews are the villains and not the victims.
8. Respect
paul malykont ,   United States   (10.29.07)
I support total disengaement from Aza. I also recognize that this General Secreatay has firmly condemned Palestinian attacks and worked to prevent Iran getting nuclear weapons. I may disagree, but his history deserves respect and his opinion merits consideration. We are not always right and we are more likely to be right if we consider the thoughts of others. Shame on all name callers and hate spewers.
9. Take Gaza back now
Canadian Otter   (10.29.07)
Gaza will become a most dangerous place for all Israelis, worse even than Lebanon. "IDF Gaza Division commander Brig.-Gen. Moshe Tamir warned Monday that Hamas is attempting to build a bunker system in Gaza. The terror group is “building an army,” he warned, and is stronger than ever due to weapons smuggling and terrorist training abroad conducted due to a system of tunnels between southern Gaza and Egypt." Were Israel to find itself attacked from Lebanon or Syria, it will be simultaneously attacked from Gaza, with nowhere for Jews to hide. That's assuming that by then Israel will have already made its biggest goodwill gesture yet, the surrender of Judea and Samaria and possibly Jerusalem. Kassams are just part of the Gazans' training plan, with more harmful missiles to come during a war. Take Gaza back now, imprison the terrorists and do a thorough cleanout of arsenals, destruction of tunnels, etc. Just one thought: even in the best of cases, that the PA with Gaza became a wonderful Arab country - what's the guarantee that it won't turn into an enemy in the future? And do you want to have an enemy so close to you? With access to the sea, with a corridor across Israel, with airports, with a backdoor to Egypt? About the UN - there should be one standard response to any criticism from their part: What about Darfur? The ineffectiveness of the UN in the face of genocide takes away their moral authority to criticize the Jews of Israel, who barely survived a genocide while the international community did nothing. Israelis, pay no attention to the international community and protect every inch of your country, no matter what. And take back Gaza. The Gazans had their chance and they blew it. No more chances, no more autonomy, no more greenhouses.
10. Tying Israel's hands at every turn
Carrie   (10.29.07)
Israel must defend itself, not cotow to the incompetent UN. Perhaps they want to start an oil for food program in gaza now too...
11. really
alan ,   half moon bay, ak   (10.29.07)
The leaders of a nation have a high duty to protect their citizens from agression outside their borders. When an enemy sends rockets raining down on schools, something must be done to stop it. Hamas et al are killing and injuring innocent civilians in Israel with large numbers of rocket attacks. Restricting the amount of electricity to Hamasland is aimed at getting the citizens there to see the light. Israel has no duty to supply power to Gaza under international law. Hamas can buy its power from the "peaceful" Iranian nuclear reactors or Egypt . Let's see. Did South Korea ever impose sanctions on N Korea to relieve its humanitarian crisis? During WWII, did England try to prevent fuel from reaching Germany by bombing Polesti? What is good for the goose should be good for the gander too.
12. Doesn't the UN SECGEN understand there is a war going on?
Rivkah   (10.29.07)
The attacks on Israel are all right but defensive retaliation is not? Oh, yes. I remember, the UN has a nature worship/environmental religion and 65,000 attendees at a UN conference in South Africa bowed down to a box with the UN charter and some environmental goals in it, mocking the Ark of the Covenant with the true God they despise. The true God's book, the Bible, says the attacks on Israel from Gaza will get worse until Ashkelon is a desolation and Ashdod and Ekron are driven out in the noon day, according to the Prophet Zephaniah. But don't stop the attacks on Israel because the devil wants it thus and you know who follows the devil and not God...Mr. Ban Ki Moon, apparently.
13. Israel under no obligation to supply energy to anyone
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (10.29.07)
Law does not come into question, Israel has no obligation to supply power to any country even a friendly one. When Russia cut off gas to Georgia and Belarus, what did Ban Ki Moon say about that ?
14. The UN is unacceptable!
Mamalama ,   Israel   (10.29.07)
The Palithugs have never fulfilled even one iota of any agreement they ever signed with Israel. And we're always pushed to give them more and more and more - or else! We must stop giving in to this! blackmail.
15. But they voted hamas
charles ,   petach tikva   (10.29.07)
They are not innocent , they let murderers operate within their places , don't act against them , support them . They can only blame themselve . You want fuel ? you want a better life ? It depends on you Gazans . Stop sending kassams .
16. 'reconsider its actions'
hans ,   stuttgart   (10.29.07)
mr ban you ever think too ask hamas 'reconsider its actions'
17. UN - paying lip service to Muslim atrocities, yet again!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.29.07)
18. Is it allowed to do anything that won't bring condemnation?
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.29.07)
Israel is slammed for responding militarily. It's slammed for responding financially. It's slammed for restricting movement. It's slammed for even *thinking* about cutting the flow of fuel or power. OK, what is Israel allowed to do in response to ongoing aggression? How should Israel respond to those who only want them dead? Still waiting for an answer. Sadly, it didn't take Ban Ki Moon long to adopt the UN's "only Palestinians" matter narrative. What a sick, morally bankrupt organization.
19. Phony U.N.
Jason, Ph.D. ,   USA   (10.29.07)
If the U.N. does not like Israel's response to attacks on Israeli citizens coming from the Gaza Strip, then the U.N. has the obligation to stop the Kassams. In other words, U.N., put up or shut up.
20. Phony Lev, #&
Jason, Ph.D. ,   USA   (10.29.07)
Notice how Lev seems to think that the Gazans shooting Kassams at anything they can hit in Israel constiutues a fight for justice! Now, while Lev has plenty of harsh things (most of which is nonsense) to say about Israel, notice how he says not a word about the shooting of Kassams. Why is that, Lev?
21. Ban told Palestinians to end attacks so they must
Sam ,   Canada   (10.29.07)
Who are we kidding here? The Palestinians have no intention of ending attacks. Would Ban prefer Israel to attack Gaza with massive casualties resulting? Israel isn't going to or shouldn't twiddle its thumbs. The Palestinians should remeber what Lebanon looked like before Hezbollah decided they had enough.
22. Hey Lev #7, the USSR still lives?
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.29.07)
What great, Soviet-ish inspired rhetoric! The workers of the world must unite in the face of the facist oppression being foisted upon them by the bourgeois OPEC bourgeois supremacy. Until we are free of the yoke of Islamic oil supported capital, the people of the world will never have liberty. The Palestinians must be free of the western inpspired zionism so that they will have freedom to pursue palestinian justice of killing the collaborators in the street, slitting the throats of women who defile their family honor, and the liberty to pursue the right of Islamic domination of the world - including forced conversion or ethnic cleansing of all infidels in Moscow, who support the oppression of their brethren in Chechnya.
23. When is somebody going to ask ...
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.29.07)
exactly which international law this might violate? These idiots keep on saying that it violates international law, but never state what that law is so that we could go and read it. I want to state which law that would be since there is no such law anywhere in the world.
24. #7 Lev, sweetie, you must be so young
Judy   (10.29.07)
Still in elementary school? And you're repeating what the big boys are saying about Israel? If you took a single book out of the library and read about Israeli history, you'd realize that the Gazans are anything but victims. Educate yourself and only then give your opinion about victims and villains. And by the way, you would not survive a second in Gaza. They would do to you what they do to those who stray into their territory. And I can tell you, a kidnapping would be the nicest thing they'd do to you. I will spare you the other possibilities.....
25. UN
mike ,   Seattle, WA, USA   (10.29.07)
When I hear this guy say publicly that every missile fired from Gaza into Israel is a war crime and collective punishment of Jews, I start to care what he says about Israel.
26. Bronshtein-I think they stuck that icepick in your backside
Alan ,   SA   (10.29.07)
27. Ban:Measures are Unacceptable
Sam Lottner ,   Petach Tikva, Israel   (10.29.07)
Ban Ban since his comments are unacceptable. I have just returned from Poland and the clear message is that the number of Goyim that can be trusted is very limited. Let Ban bring back our soldiers from Lebanon, Gaza and Iran. Until then let as remember that every survey shows that more than 70% of the population of Gaza wants us in the sea. So let them learn to swim as we keep offering less and less. Our survival is more important than that of the "poor innocent population" .
28. Ban Ki Moon live in Sedirot under all the rocket fire or
ELY GREENHUT ,   Tzfat Israel   (10.29.07)
Bit your tongue
29. Jews: Palestinians Kassams UNACCEPTABLE
Susan ,   Afula   (10.29.07)
30. Mr. Ban, and Qassams are acceptable?
Shira   (10.29.07)
What unacceptable is the fact that attacking Israel is "a la mode". Yeah, we all know that, historically, Jews were never encourage to defend themselves (only to walk like cattle to the slaughter house).... Well, we find it UNACCEPTABLE ! How's that?
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