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World powers push ahead with Iran sanctions
Published: 02.11.07, 20:25
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1. Iran Sanctions
Bobby ,   Canada   (11.03.07)
If the US , China & Russia ,just send one nuke towars Iran The problem is solved The sooner the better
2. Start boycotting Iranian regime leaders & diplomats!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.03.07)
3. Ahmed Baradei is a crook in a 3 piece suit
Obama ,   Washington DC   (11.03.07)
and Iran's lapdog. Had he done a good job, Iran would not be in this position today. He should be sacked immediately.
4. Good move! Watch out Iran
Petra ,   usa   (11.03.07)
5. There is a smell in the air, Iran is burning
Mike ,   Israel   (11.03.07)
6. iran will do as sadam around
reuven ,   usa   (11.03.07)
iranians aand arabs have the same blood and the same mind.they lie to their teeth and will never tell the truth.dr albadrei is a arab muslim and his pride is for the muslims to have nuclear power.he wont say it but it is his intention.he should be fired.and if iran will act like sadam, we must answer with great fire on them.they must be stoped.
7. to #1
Jean   (11.03.07)
Hey Bobby ,Your bellicose comment is childish and foolish! Sorry for you. No common sense. We should have a regime change in Iran with the help of Iranian people democratically . Military confrontation would lead us to a disaster worldwide. Mao Tese said: Politics is war without bloodsheed while War is politic with bloodsheed.
8. Also stop Iranian commercials running on Euronews
Damir ,   Russia   (11.03.07)
I'm already tired with Persian carpets.
9. i pray to god
popo   (11.03.07)
he see sence or perhaps he is killed as the iranian people are suffering baddly at the moment sancetions will make there life impossiable
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