Qassams cause blackout in Sderot
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 04.11.07, 13:08
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1. does Yuval Rabin have anything to say
eddie ,   london Uk   (11.04.07)
about this? I doubt it
2. Sderot is the Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.04.07)
The Germans rounded up all the Jews they could find and placed them in the Warsaw so they could be easily controlled and extrerminated. As Olmert recieves orders from Herr Bush he gives more Jewish land to those working day and night ot defeat Israel and kill every Jew. The Jews of Israel are being rounded up to their new ghettos so that the Palestinian's can more easliy target them. Thank you Mr Bush for your vision of a Palestinian terrorist state on land ethnically cleansed of every Jew.
..............DACON9   (11.04.07)
4. hello, Olmert, Barak, are you there ?
redmiike ,   tel aviv   (11.04.07)
it's embarrassing to have these guys as leaders and both singing Rabin's praises.
5. stupid
eliezer ,   jerusalem, israel   (11.04.07)
how is it that Olmert and his clan can sit back and 'threaten' to shut off the electricity for 15 minutes each day, if the quasaams don't stop. worse perhaps, are the religious ministers who have not left the government, preferring money, over security. G-d help us!!
6. Poor Nebechs.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.04.07)
7. power outage
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (11.04.07)
Well, Qassam fire caused a power outage with us, time to turn off the power to Gaza.
8. Instead of cutting the power from the Arab terrorists,
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (11.04.07)
they do it for Israel. Where's the U.N. now? Where's Peace Now? Where's Barak now? Where's Olmert now? Where's Mazuz now? Where are all the corrupt Leftists now? Why don't we hear an outcry from the above hypocrites?
9. kassamim
brian glenville ,   jerusalem israel   (11.04.07)
So it's fine for the Arabs to send missiles that stop electricity in Sderot and surrounding areas and risk lives. But not , according to Mr Mazuz , for us to do something to discourage them from trying to kill us. Wake up Mazuz , we have enough politicians in either real or apparent comas.
10. Yes, Yuval Rabin has something to say
Seraphya Berrin ,   Petach TIkva, Israel   (11.04.07)
At the Yitzchak Rabbin commeration the issue of Kassamim and sderot was brought up a few times by a few speakers, including Yuval Rabin. The auidence reponse to protecting the residents of sderot was loud and clear from all those present. Although the loudest audience response was for bringing our soldiers back home, and then for a continuation of Rabin's legacy, I would say this got the third longest / loudist positive reponse from the crowd
11. Shut down all their electricity and fuel supplies.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.04.07)
Water could stop flowing as well.
12. You can count on Olmert to do nothing
Sidney ,   USA   (11.04.07)
He wouldn't want to upset Bush, Rice, or Abbas. There will be no effective response until the Pals have a missle that hits the offices of Haaretz. The people of Sderot are victims of a terrible government and an indifferent public. In the past, Jews were concerned about the suffering of other Jews - not in today's Israel.
13. In response to the blackout, Israel killed 5 children.
14. Kassams cause blackout
bob ,   Israel   (11.04.07)
I have been in Israel for three years, now and I have been seeing things I still do not understand. Terrorists send a fifty dollar kassam (as to say) and they aim to a city. No matter where it falls or whom it may kill. For them there is no specific target. Their target is to kill and to destroy as much as they can. IDF lifts an helicopter, risks its crew, spends a lot of gasoline and shoot at the terrorist (s) with a ten thousand dollar intelligent bomb as not to make much harm to people that are not involved in the launching, Things do not work that way !!! IDF should aim a simple rocket to the palestinian city where the shot came from, and let it drop anywhere it falls. It is the only cheap way to make them understand. If IDF is not capable of doing so, let Sderot's inhabitants do it. I think they will gladly re-send the "message" to the palestinian side.
15. sderot blackout
bachrach Andres ,   kfarsaba il.   (11.04.07)
What can we do,with people,who are ready to die,for cousing some annoyance.? andi mihakfar.
16. The silence of the left is deafening
Mordechai   (11.04.07)
The left protests Rabin's killing but ignores these daily attempts to kill Jews in Sderot. Is the life of the average Jew less precious than that of the leftist elite? It appears for Meretz and Labor the answer is yes.
17. #14 Bob, I wish Barak thought like you!
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (11.04.07)
Maybe then the number of dead children on our side will equal that on your side!
18. Kassamim and electricity
Dennis Greenstein ,   Marlton, NJ USA   (11.04.07)
I read this stuff, and cannot fathom as to how Israel doesnt respond as harshly as it can. The A-G stops Tzahal from cutting off electricity to the people out to murder you, but the poor folks in Sderot lose their electricity. I wonder if the OOM SCHMOOM will condem Hamas. Im coming to Israel for a visit this week. Thank God I left 20 yrs ago. I would have split my gut long ago seeing how the weak, ineffective Politiclally Correct politicos remain in office. Im not against a democracy, but somewhere along the way, we (I still conssider myself an Israeli after all) need a storn leader akin to B-G, who wasnt afraid to make things happen by the force of his personality and guts.
19. Since they do nothing the government
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.04.07)
and the I.D.F. should be banned from entering Sderot.
20. Sderot
Harold Tobin ,   Barnet UK   (11.05.07)
They can Israel can`t. Thats justice?
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