Foreign Ministry: IAEA thwarting efforts against Iran
Roni Sofer
Published: 05.11.07, 20:22
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31. IAEA is not one man show
Egyptian   (11.06.07)
Aida Elkachef is an Egyptian citizen as it's clear from her name, Aida is name used in Egypt since ancient times. IAEA is not one man show and these allegations are not true. If your country is so sure just attack the damn thing without bitching about it. Elbaradei is not a super power and I think even if he wants he can do anything against the UN regulations. Lastly why only Israel which is not even IAEA member complains about it?
32. Anyone who believes that the IAEA
Bill ,   San Jose, USA   (11.06.07)
has any credibility on Iran and the nuclear proliferation issue need only look to the example of North Korea, which developed the bomb right under the noses of these clowns. Forget about overpaid, next-to-useless UN bureaucrats. The issue of Iran's no-so-covert nuke weapons program should be solved by the use of Israeli and US airpower.
33. A few points...
Che_Vive ,   Ghetto Beach, U.S.A.   (11.06.07)
1. El Baradei was right about Iraq. 2. There has been no concrete proof of Iranian nuke development. 3. Israel sure seems eager to see the U.S. bomb Iran... I hope you'll remember your vigorous enthusiasm the next time someone claims the U.S. is waging war for Israel. 4. Even if Iran did get nukes, they're not a threat to the U.S. They don't have the ICBMs to reach us. Or Europe. That just screams "your problem... you deal with it". It's not like your military's underfunded, after all. 5. We're busy. Iraq, Afghanistan, maybe you've heard about it? Let's just hope that doesn't spread to Pakistan and (G_d forbid) Turkey (after all, what will the U.S. be forced into if the Turks invade northern Iraq?). 6. Everything El Baradei's said this time around makes perfectly logical sense, too... just like with Iraq. So please stop agitating for confrontation.
34. #30 and again with the lies
Danny   (11.06.07)
I am guessing you just cannot help yourself. "US supplied weapons to Sadam"??? Really, name some? Because when the Swedes did an investigation into the who was Sadam main suppliers of weaponry based on records - this is what we in the west call "facts" or "evidence", look up in a dictionary - the US came after Denmark in the amount of arms it supplied. The figure was on the order 10 millions USD (for comparison ONE F-16 is 45million USD). Guess who was number one supplier of arms to Sadam with nearly 60% of his arsenal - I give you a clue, his tanks were t-72, his infantry used AK-47s and RPGs, his airforce had MIGs and SA-6s, and he had a tendency to fire SCUDs and FROGs. I'll give you another clue, it is a country not a million mile from where you are. Still not got it? It is the number one exporter of arms in the world. OK, the answer is Russia - or USSR at the time. The number 2 was France. Between France and Russia they covered nearly 70% of Iraq's foreign debt and nearly 100% of Sadam's non-arab debt - and by a billion to one coincidence were the people against cancelling Sadams debts.... As for "selling out an ally", Iran contra ring a bell? Arms for hostages? Not much of a riddle Iran signed under the Shah and guess what - the Iranians keep threatening to leave. Israel would not be a model because it NEVER was a signatory. If Iran were to leave it would be for only one reason because it was making a bomb - rather like the reason North Korea left. Would you prefer they listened to lying morons like you? People whinning non-stop about Israel?
35. to #18
Helena ,   stockholm   (11.06.07)
I though that there no longer exist such tamed Jews in Russia as Lev Bronstein but apparantely I am wrong... As for ElBaradei being Muslim I can say things were no better when IAEA has headed by the Swedish jerk before (forgot his name), who was happy about Iraq becoming a nuclear power. There is no point for Israel to join IAEA ...
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