Top US official: Annapolis conference in late November
Ynet and Reuters
Published: 06.11.07, 10:14
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al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.06.07)
Israel has always bowed to the pressure of its so-called ally, the United States of America, modern Rome. The people have not learned anything from the past and seem to have a lack of insight as to the relationship of the nations of the world to Israel. No matter, the Children of Esau and Ishmael have sought the destruction of Israel for centuries. Peace will be artificial, without content, without meaning.
2. Everything is on schedule.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.06.07)
The failure of the conference is on schedule. The upcoming terrorist intifada is on schedule. The Hamas take-over of the West Bank is on schedule. Kassam & mortar fire from Gaza is on schedule. And in other developments in the region .... Iran's progress to nuclear weapons is on schedule. The break-up of Iraq is on schedule. Pakistan becoming a failed state armed with nuclear weapons is on schedule. Hezbollah's take-over of Lebanon is on schedule. Terror attacks in Europe & America are on schedule. Rest assured, Ms. Rice, everything is on schedule.
3. this bad idea has gone too far!!!
michael   (11.06.07)
4. #2
Richard ,   London UK   (11.06.07)
So what do you suggest we do? Sit back and wait for doom? Shouldn't we engage in dialogue and encourage and support those who are trying to initiate dialogue between opposing parties? Your vision of gloom abd doom does not meet with any reality.
5. DONT DO IT ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robert ,   farmington   (11.06.07)
the world will get what they want israel being push closer to the sea and a bunch more israeli bodybags wise up israel nobody wants peace with you very sad may the lord forever bless theSTATE OF ISRAEL!!!!
6. soon we have tal abiv believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (11.06.07)
soon we have el jaliil wa el julan and ber shabaah wa al quds thank you please olmart and gaza and nablus and ramat gan thank you please olmert and patach tikwa and pardes katz thenk you please abu mazal believe me just make sure you israilis clean then before you give them back to us i look forward to the conference in analpolice in amrica believe me thank you please ynet and shukraan
7. Look at her fingers spread over Olmert's arm.
Steve ,   US   (11.06.07)
Can you imagine a male secretary of state in this pose? Looks like the tentacles of an octopus on Olmert. Probably a good metaphor for Annapolis.
8. richard
David ,   Richmond VA.   (11.06.07)
Your total mis understanding of this crisis in Isreal leads you to make completly ignorant statments about well informed people. Why dont you spend some time reading good books and quit watching bbc propaganda machine.
9. Peace onference or the Carving of Israel turkey
Hilda ,   US   (11.06.07)
This is no conference for Peace . This is a concerted effort to destroy the Jewish State of Israel by carving it up like a Thanksgiving turkey and giving it to those who are bent on destorying it.
10. David #8
Steve ,   US   (11.06.07)
Well said. I don't know what people read about this conflict, if anything.
11. Rashid #6
X'   (11.06.07)
As usual, your delusions and wishful thinking are getting the better of you. In the next confrontation with your Islamonazi terrorist criminal genocidal heros the Israelis will take the gloves off. I suspect after you and your ilk will either be dead or swimming in the mediterranean. Start practicing for copulatory activity with the seventy two haggs who will be waiting for you.
12. #8
Richard ,   London UK   (11.06.07)
Instead of making such bland and sweeping statements why don't you debate with me. If I am incorrect tell me why. This is the exact point I am making (and you are proving why it needs to be made) that dialogue will help to resolve issues and will help to grow understanding. Nihilism and pessimism will not help the situation.
13. Richard
V.R ,   RSA   (11.07.07)
I think negotiation is a 2 way process. So far Isreal has been doing all the giving. The palis wont even recognise her, let alone make any concessions - like stopping terrorism. How can this trend lead to anything but failure?? And you want Israel to continue dialogue??
14. confernece
Jed ,   U.S   (11.11.07)
Does anybody including the american government read the bible it says oh woh is any country that basically messes with Israel
15. Israel
Robert Benda ,   Arroyo Grande, USA   (11.12.07)
USA better wakeup. Look what happened the next day after we pushed the Jews out of Gaza! Hurricane Katrina formed. The God of Israel has promised them this land. No matter what the world wants to say. " It's Israel's land "
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