Olmert: ElBaradei 'no fan of Israel'
Roni Sofer
Published: 08.11.07, 11:03
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1. A guy named Mohamed is hardly likely to support Israel
russel ,   tlv   (11.08.07)
nor is he likely to crack down on Iran or Syria or am I stating the obvious...?
2. Dimona
Shadi Fadda ,   Tuzla, Bosnia   (11.08.07)
Israel probably sees AlBaradei as Anti-Semite due to his ignorance of the Jewish Nuclear reactor of Dimona.
3. 90% of the world's population aren't fans of Israel
You can't blame them   (11.08.07)
How can you show any sympathies to a nation that keeps whining about how awful the world treats it while constituting a regime of terror and apartheid against another nation? You can’t support a nation that rapes and murders another nation. Then again, I guess you can, if you have financial and political interests in the region.
Michael ,   Oxford UK   (11.08.07)
Perhaps when Israel itself allows IAEA inspections it can be taken seriously.
5. And Abbas IS a fan of Israel? He's a two-faced hypocrite
Joseph P ,   Jerusaelm   (11.08.07)
who can easily fool fools like Olmert, Livni and Peres. These fools will wake up after the Annapolis Trap and realize it then they were fooled by Abbas all long.
6. #3 90% of the world ......
ash ,   gush etzion   (11.08.07)
were not friends of ours before we had a state and before the 'occupation'. while 90% of the world watched jews were being gassed and burnt, while in the centuries before wherever the jews were they were discriminated against at best and mass murdered at worst. so lets think again why people hate the jewish state.
7. dimbos out in force
Danny   (11.08.07)
#2 and #4, Israel is not a signatory to the NPT and as such does not need to submit to IAEA inspections. Iran IS a signatory. #2, I doubt there is a person with even a passing acquaitance with the ME that doesn't know about Dimona. Olmert said Al-Baradei is not a fan of Israel, nothing about his view on Jews - so as a matter of curiosity do you consider anyone who "is not a fan of Israel" to be an anti-semite? #3, I doubt 90% of the population CARE about Israel let alone are or aren't fans.
8. El Baradei
khader herzallah ,   amman-jordan   (11.08.07)
Olmert says El Baradei is not an enemy to Israel but he is also not a fan.That means he is professional, neutral and honest.Is this a crime? if someone is not a puppet to Israel and the USA does it mean that he is against world humanity?.Few years back he reported that Iraq does not own mass destructive weapon,USA insisted that Iraq has and made its invasion.No MDW,what happened to Iraq and the whole region thereafter. El Baradei is not the one who decides the Iranian case,it is the IAEI whose members represent the globe.The world is full of honest people who tell the truth which you refuse to accept.Its a shame.
9. BottomLine:: Ayathollahs(Mullahs)+ nuke weapons=> GreatSatan
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.08.07)
10. Dismiss UN itself
Daniel ,   Israel   (11.08.07)
Useless body, handle nothing properly, helps terrorists build weapons stock. Their officials prepare reports sitting in AC rooms! And misguide authorities! Throw them all out and rent their office building for private business houses.
11. #3 - Israel is a lot less "apartheid" than 23 Arab States!
Joseph   (11.08.07)
12. Mohamed the Idiot
Bobby ,   Canada   (11.08.07)
99% of the worlds population wouldn't trust any person with his first name beginning with Mohamed. Where did he receive his education degree ,in the back page of a magazine.
13. Israel Illegal Nuclear Programme
James ,   US   (11.08.07)
Israel did not sign NPT it means it has hidden nuclear program! How Isreal blames others when itself has illegal programs!!! That is very strange. By the way ElBaradei sould not be a fan of any country, he must be honest and neutral. It is very normal for such position.
14. #4 - Iran has threatened to "wipe Israel off the map" -
Joseph   (11.08.07)
Has Israel ever threatened Iran or any other state with genocide? Go back to cheering for the totalitarian "underdog" until the moment your own self gets mauled.
15. #3 are you talking about Sryia, or Iran i'm confused.
Mike ,   Israel   (11.08.07)
I know Syria went into Lebanon and did what it did how ever i was not aware that they murdered and raped the country. And I know no muslim country would ever do the things your talking about to other muslim countries. Its just not the muslim way.
16. Walk like an Egyptian....
Talula ,   Israel   (11.08.07)
Of course he is no fan of ours, we are Jews and he's an Arab, he is looking after his own. He needs to step down, he's useless and he's too old to be meddling in nuclear affairs. Send him out to graze already.
17. #6 you're just proving my point #11 no comment
#3   (11.08.07)
Also #6, Jews weren't the only ones who suffered during WW2. Other populations had it bad too, but only the Jews made profit out of it. In any case the crimes performed against civilians during WW2 is hardly an excuse for the war crimes and apartheid performed by Israel nowadays.
18. Isreal hasn't sign in the NPT???????
To #14 ,   USA   (11.08.07)
Isreal hasn't signed in the NPT hasn't right to open its mouth. Open Diamond Nu. Site to inspector first.
19. #3 and the worst talkback ever!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.08.07)
We can't blame you for having a sub-par brain either. Israel not only has great realtions with most countries, but contributes to the world more than all the Arab and Muslim states combined. This is a known fact. Your analysis reaks of propoganda and brainwshing which is probably how you were raised. Israeli doctors treat Palestinians all the time. They even take care of terrorists who fail in killing Israelis. I guess this shows how brutal Israelis are huh? Again, to blincly follow terror loving nations like Iran, Syria and to worship groups like Hamas and Hezballah only shows your level of education (very low, I bet) and how you were raised to hate. Thanks for showing us your true colors!!!
20. #4 perhaps when you get your head...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.08.07)
out of your arse, we will take you seriously!!!
21. hypocrisy is spelt 'H E B R E W"
ari   (11.08.07)
get a grip ... jewish claims to superiority (ie, 'the chosen ppeople')are genetically-based ... so really, when you think about it, the nazis simply borrowed from the jewish playbook
22. Baradei no fan of Israel
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (11.08.07)
Get real, Baradei is an enemy of the worst kind of Israel. You listen to him at your peril.
23. #17, learn som history
ash ,   gush etzion   (11.08.07)
no other group were singled out so much by hitler that he made it his goal to rid the world of them. also, if it were just the holocaust maybe we could put it down as an aberration. however, learn history and see that whether under islam or christianity, jews were massacred and discriminated against. and no money in the world can replace 6 million people, one third of a people and all the property stolen. tell me what is the excuse for nations like saudi arabia for not allowing non-muslims as citizens, not allowing women to drive and cutting off limbs and executing adulterers? there you will find true apartheid as opposed to in israel where arabs are members of knesset, ministers, high court judges, ambassadors and can and have run for prime minister? go and learn some facts and history.
24. #21, Ari...broken record!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (11.08.07)
How many Jews actually use this as an excuse for anything Israel does? You sound like an old, broken record. Start looking at both sides of the coin and stop listening to Al-jazeera where they feed you your lines.
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (11.08.07)
No matter the facts, no matter the declaration of Arab and Muslim leaders openly expressing their desire to destroy Israel and wipe the Jewish population, ceaseless terror even before "the so called ocupation in 1967"people like you will see any action of defense by Israel and the Jewish people as an act of "agression", blind hate against the Jews is a malady, a sickness, many people like you carry it, even to your distress, the people of Israel lives, and will continue living, in spite of people like you that blindly hate Jews
26. To Russel: I'm Not So Sure
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (11.08.07)
I wouldn't want to catagorize Mohammads. I mean, what if his name was Shawn Kelly. This is a trap. The IAEA failed with Korea. He failed with Syria's nuke plant. He is a politician, not worthy to lead the IAEA, an important info agency at worst. The UN depends on it, another failed institution. He wants a nuclear free M.E, fat chance. If Saddam were still head, Iraq would now have nukes. Pakistan's Kahn is roving around free, in spite of his exploits. The IAEA, like the UN, is has no power, except to condemn little Israel. No. Korean, Iran, Iraq, must never be allowed free rein, it's to the world's benefit.. If Iran gets nukes, what will he say then, "Oh I'm sooooooo sorry". Come on. Olmert is taking of the gloves finally, realizing Israel has nothing to lose.
27. Duh - we all knew this guy sucked 5 years ago
andrew ,   miami,fl   (11.08.07)
28. Hire a Jew
Wise Man ,   USA   (11.08.07)
Hire an Israeli Jew in every possible position in the world so we can get rid of the anti Semitic and will be able to make the right decision for the world peace. Only Jews and Israeli can make the right decisions. No wonder you been hated thru out the history of the world.
29. ElB.'s job is serving the international community
Harry D. ,   Amsterdam, NL   (11.08.07)
.. and not serving Israeli interests or being an fan of Israel. So stop whining and sign that non-proliferation treaty yourself and open up for inspection. You Israelis are such #$%$damn hypocrites with your 200+ advanced nuclear weapons, but still whining and moaning about being destroyed.
30. ari - is that your name? RE u a self-hating Jew?
ER ,   DER   (11.08.07)
Your post is as dumb as number 3. The Jewish interpretation of 'chosen people' is: The People of the Book are those chosen to follow the laws of The One G-d. Nothing whatsoever to do with supremacy. Fool.
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