Qassams land near Sderot; IDF strikes launchers
Published: 10.11.07, 21:53
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1. WOW! IDF strikes 1 Qassam cell. What an accomplishment!
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (11.10.07)
Quite an embarrassing report about Israel's defense. Instead of wiping out the ones behind the Qassams, they supidly strike a qassam cell or some other other empty buildings or empty fields. If Hashem takes away the brains of the leaders, He takes it away completely.
2. YNet: Are they your brothers that you wouldn't want
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (11.10.07)
to hurt them by calling them what they are TERRORISTS and TERRORISTS and TERRORIST instead of gunmen and cell members.
3. #2 Is right. YNET call them what they are "TERRORISTS"
Scott   (11.10.07)
They are not 'freedom fighters' - they have enough 'freedom' to organize them selves to attempt to murder civilians.
4. Which School Did They Fire From?
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (11.11.07)
While Hamas hides out in schools, daycare centers and hospitals - emulating their "brave" Hizbollah brethren, Israel waffles on about taking out single Qassam sites instead of doing what they should have done a long time ago - burying them all!
5. IDF hits empty field...
Jeffrey ,   Boston, USA   (11.11.07)
Occassionally an islamofacist is hit. More often than not IDF missiles are wasted being fired at empty buildings and empty fields. However, even a squirrel finds a nut sometimes. Only way to deal with hamastan is scorched earth policy. Then watch the cockroaches flee to egypt!
6. anyone in the area out ....your palestinan brothers
rachel ,   usa   (11.11.07)
have no decency to not strike when someone is passing by .....they don't care if a "passerby" gets hurt ...enough Pallywood ....
7. Kassam rockets are also reported hitting ASHKELON!
Rivkah   (11.11.07)
This is VERY important in Bible prophecy because the Prophet Zephaniah said that when Gaza is forsaken and ASHKELON IS A DESOLATION and Ekron and Ashdod are driven out in the noonday, God will kill every Philistine (Palestinian) on the Coasts of Canaan (Israel). God's judgment of the tormentors and robbers of the Jews may be from a tsunami or and earthquake or something else, but the Jews will be out of those places when that happens. So don't buy real estate in Ashkelon, Ashdod, or Ekron unless you have flood and earthquake insurance.
8. #7 Rivkah - Please check a map before humiliating yourself
meir elazar   (11.11.07)
#7 Rivkah - Please check a map before humiliating yourself. Look at the range of the Qassams (even the extended range ones). What does the Intifada, Qassam launches, etc. have to do with earthquakes?
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