Qassam hits dairy barn in Negev kibbutz; 6 cows killed
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 11.11.07, 10:40
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1. Not kosher, have to sell them to the PA
Josh   (11.11.07)
2. hmm
egypt   (11.11.07)
yes yes...mourn the cows! hehe It's good that u ain't Hindu, or u would have gone mad over 6 dead cows...
3. Don't Let Food Into Gaza For a Week
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (11.11.07)
Quid pro quo. Let them eat sand.
4. When will we act?
Alpha ,   Israel   (11.11.07)
So when are we going to do something about all the rockets? The fact that we sit and wait for world opinion is counter productive to our own security. It is time to flatten Gaza
Avraham ,   Netivot   (11.11.07)
6. Send this on
Israeli ,   Israeli   (11.11.07)
Thsi article should be sent on to some of these far left groups. Maybe they'll care more about the dead cows than dead Jews
7. The Arabs will claim a great military victory.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.11.07)
I can see the headlines all over the Arab media. "Zionist entity suffers massive defeat" Nasrallah will make a speech about the valliant warriors of Islam. Ahmadinejad will tell his crazies that the fall of the Zionist regime is fast approaching. Imams all over the world will deliver sermons promising victory for Jihad. Hamas will pass out candies & sweets in celebration - although ordinary Gazans might prefer to eat the cows. Psychologists call this phenomenon "low self-esteem" - the result of hundreds of years of failure.
8. Change title to: Israel Transfers Millions NIS while Qassams
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (11.11.07)
are fired. or Annapolis Conference still Considered while Qassams are fired.
9. Sue them. Deduct from their tax revenues.
rh ,   Modiin   (11.11.07)
Every Kassam attack should be taken to the courts and damages sought
10. Animal Rights More Important
Animal Protection ,   Sydney Australia   (11.11.07)
When a few Israelis are killed so what but when you start with animals you are raising the ire of every animal lover in the world - let us take action to stop these rockets NOW. Turn of Gaza's power, stop supply and more than anything else stop treating wounded terrorists in Israeli hospitals.
11. Sue the PA for damages!
Josh   (11.11.07)
12. By Allah, they were infidel cows!
Cameron ,   USA   (11.11.07)
13. move olmert & gov't to Sderot until attacks stop
dante ,   uk   (11.11.07)
14. Second PAL attack on cows, HEZ attacks chickens
meir elazar   (11.11.07)
According to my recollection this is the second time that a Qassam has killed loyal Zionist cows who faithfully produce milk (and hefers since they were pregnant) to feed Israeli children. During the 2nd Lebanese War, a Hezbollah rocket hit a chick coup and killed 30 devoted Zionist chickens (16 May 2006).
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