Journalist Yeshayahu Ben Porat dies at 80
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 11.11.07, 12:03
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1. Beilin says he was an icon
Pardo   (11.12.07)
hm... I think that means the rest of us couldn't care less, I mean the other 99% of the population (the "right wingers" if you will).
2. # 1 icon
peter ,   amsterdam   (11.13.07)
The mere fact that Beilin or Ahmed Tibi says it shouldn't distract you, sometimes people you generally disagree with can actually say something you feel comfortable with. But of course that means you should know the journalism of Yeshayahu Ben Porat(under what name was he born in Vienna?) and value it. An icon is a symbol by the way, not only those funny illustrations on your desktop :-).
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