Annapolis is dangerous, Netanyahu tells Rabbi Yosef
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 12.11.07, 10:20
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1. slice of fruit cake anyone
Simon ,   TA Israel   (11.12.07)
Oh boy thats all we need "Ovadia Yosef" our very own home grown Ayatollah adding his usual dose of nonsense. Its Annapolis that should be warned about Ovadia Yosef not the other way round .
2. WHEN is Bibi going to be PM again???
Rivkah   (11.12.07)
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (11.12.07)
what will they give Sir ? your leaders are your main enemies. how easy they play on ısrael's future. THERE IS A PALESTINE CRY ! YOU MUST GIVE THEIR RIGHTS BACK. if you dont ! even your Rabbies cant help you. WHERE IS THAT HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR ISRAEL ? DEAD...DEAD. ISRAEL BECOME AS MAFIA. *** IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL ! THAN GIVE PALESTINE WHAT SHE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR.
4. Netenyahu go to The Rabbi ?
Atilla   (11.12.07)
only a secular Israel can see the future. DONT GIVE CARE TO RABBI AUTHORITES MORE THAN THEY DESERVE ! Netanyahu playing double. Netenyahu must be real racist. Netenyahu's time already finished. NEW GUYS YOU NEED. NEW ISRAELIES. GOOD HEARTS. THESE DAYS ARE NOT 1950'S. YOU LOST THE SOUL. Atilla Karagözoğlu
5. Israel doesnt need Facists, anymore
Atilla   (11.12.07)
FACISM OR RACISM ONLY BRING ENDS. 2000 years you worked FOR NOTHING ? how idiot point ! Atilla Karagözoğlu
6. If Netanyahu wants support from Shas ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.12.07)
He will have to promise them more money if he is elected PM. It would take a monumental disaster at Annapolis such as giving away Jerusalem & the Temple Mt. for Shas to quit the coalition. And, they would do it unwillingly - but they would not like to see a backlash from their constituancy which is much opposed to concessions on Jerusalem. Of course, should Netanyahu win the next elections, Shas would join his coalition. They would join anyone's coalition for money. Like Lieberman, Shas mumbles tired slogans about staying in Olmert's gov't. "to influence policy" but the truth is that they care about their jobs more than they care about the country. If they had even a gram of self-respect & patriotism, they both would have quit long ago. Ask yourself how a rabbi & Torah scholar could support a PM who is under investigation for numerous counts of corruption? But Shas is no stranger to corruption. Shas manipulates it's constituancy by emotional appeals to conservative religious values that have little bearing to the security & welfare of the state. On issue after issue, they propose legislation that will never pass in the Knesset & will be forgotten in a few days. But it stirs up their supporters who are left with the false impression that somehow Shas is defending their views. But the truth is that Shas is endangering their lives by supporting Olmert & his self-serving "peace process". As you may have guessed, I'm not a big fan of Shas.
7. Alternative 'Jewish Sovereignty' Summit Planned
Dov   (11.12.07)
Alternative 'Jewish Sovereignty' Summit Planned meeting on the same day as the Annapolis summit.
8. to Terry, #6
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (11.12.07)
Excellent, accurate, succinct description of Shas and the situation!
9. Yosef on Land? a joke!
eddie ,   london Uk   (11.12.07)
Don't forget it was this Rabbi Yosef who favoured peace talks with Arafat, allowed the Oslo talks to go through , and couldn't care much about the state of Israel, as long as he has funding for his yeshivot.
10. Like he is different from the rest!
Shiloh ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.12.07)
You think this guy is not sold out to the CFR, the USA? They are all the same unfortunatly. Our enemies are those in our own house. What happened to the Jewish people?
11. if you think annapolis is dangerous, try baltimore
12. Condi is unfit for office
Sarah ,   USA   (11.12.07)
Anyone who doesn't see this doesn't want to see this truth as it's obvious Abbas is unable to stop the terrorists who will continue to attack Israel. It's a win, win for radical Islam. And, BTW, I have never seen the Palestinians leaders so happy with their big wide smiles lately have you? Condi now refers to Hamas as the resistence. God help Israel. If Condi refers to Hamas as the resistence you can know that so do Abbas and Bush.
13. What Bibi should say
Frank ,   Canada   (11.12.07)
Bibi should say that Likud will never recognize a terror state
14. Well Something has to be done
ralphsrant1 ,   USA   (11.12.07)
Well Something has to be done to stop this madness.
15. Olmert's Dangerous Give-aways
Ray ,   USA   (11.12.07)
How can you call yourself a free democratic country when your Prime Minister and associates can negotiate in private with the enemy ( PLA-Fatah) over giving away national property and security?? It is beyond reason and decency for a country headed by a man under serious multiple criminal investigations , who led a disasterous war in Lebanon, who allows the Temple Mount to be ripped up and an enemy force (Hamas) to shell Israeli cities and to build it's strength against you -to engage in such an obvious trap. You (Israeli citizens) deserve what is coming.
16. Come elections Netanyahu will be the champion for peace
Sam ,   Canada   (11.12.07)
At election time the leaders of the main parties all become the champions for peace each one saying that he will get the best deal for Israel. So it is with Netanyahu. There is not much difference among Barak, Olmert and Netanyahu.
17. Shas loves money & power more than they love Israel, or G-d
Nannette ,   London   (11.12.07)
18. Then for the love of G-d stop the stupid conference!
BJL ,   usa   (11.12.07)
Oh thats right, you dont wear a kippa and acknowlege a great power..... Oh well, get with IB and Shas and collapse this evil coalition! Before it is too late to stop Kadima from disengaging Israel into the sea.
19. If Bibi truly cared he'd heed the advise of Feiglin
LEE ,   NY, USA   (11.12.07)
Moshe Feiglin is trying to appeal to Netanyahu in an effort to coordinate a joint declaration that declares that any concession on Jerusalem would not be recognized by a future Likud government. Such a move would have great impact on the effects of the Annapolis conference. But Netanyahu is weighing the political repurcussions of even talking to Feiglin and has determined that they outweigh his concern for Jerusalem and the Nation. Bibi is as he's always been, an ingenuine and insincere politician. To read about Feiglin's efforts, termed Jerusalem Shield, link here and scroll down to the section marked Jerusalem Shield:
20. VACUOUS .................................................
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (11.12.07)
21. Conference
Jerry ,   us   (11.13.07)
He who controls Natanyahu controls Israel. Goodbye Israel.
22. yes attilla
ayisha ,   jerusalem   (11.13.07)
in 1950 the rabbi went to bin goryon asked but bin gorion said that israil invented the god //////// but now netenyahu go to the rabi .. what will he aske .. and what the rabi will reply .. i think if you want a help go to god directly .. not to rabi nor to a leader ,, so both religouse and secular are wrong to seek the help of each others // salam attila you have a sence but it is so shallow
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