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Google says will not censor racist, anti-Semitic content
Adar Shalev
Published: 13.11.07, 18:31
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1. Not Surprised
JM ,   Ramat Bet Shemesh, I   (11.13.07)
Google ahs no problem censoring results in China... but maybe this goes with their refusal to celebrate American independance day or memorial day... anthing anti-western... we also know that terrorists use google earth to find targets for kassam missles... Google needs to take action
2. Google is about making money. they care nothing about jews.
debra ,   usa   (11.13.07)
3. of course goog censors: e.g. when the chinese demand it...
dante ,   uk   (11.13.07)
no problem! censorship? not a problem when the chinese gov't demand it.
4. Same existential argument everytime
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (11.13.07)
The KKK vs. Soviet Russia. What is the average citizen to do? My 2 cents would be the add keywords to web filters, as is done with porn. Racism and incitement is infinitely more harmful.
5. Education is the answer, not censorship.
Shuki   (11.13.07)
Regardless of what Google does in China (wrong, IMHO), you don't want them to do that in Israel or elsewhere. Censorship is a slippery slope... Education is a the answer, not censorship.
6. hypocrites - they sensor in china
DAVID ,   new york   (11.13.07)
see link: i guess israel just isn't a big enough market to make it worthwhile.
7. Censorship is not the way
Jakov   (11.13.07)
Education and awareness is the best way to deal with the problem. Among Jews, we need to educate our children at home so they may be aware of and be prepared to deal with what's out there. It doesn't hurt to also have something at the synagogue level as well, as that's where the community comes together.
8. Editorial Judgment v. Censorship
Jerry Sussman ,   Alexandria USA   (11.13.07)
In my opinion, the argument advanced by Google in opposition to limiting racist information is duplicitous nonsense. Given a choice between the excercise of editorial discretion by the owner of an information provider and formal censorship by a legislative or judicial body, most lovers of liberty would, of course, favor the former. Google, it seems, favors the latter. This has nothing whatever to do with censorship. This has to do with what a private firm is willing to publish or allow to be published. By being in a position to act to end this filth, but failing to do so, Google is as complicit in the racism as the authors of the incitements. It would be difficult to exaggerate the potential consequences of this ever increasing torrent of racist filth. Yet it would be easy to imagine what those consequences might be. Hitler's greatest weapon was the word--both spoken and written. Turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to incitement didn't work then, and it won't work now. Following WWII, a Japanese general was hung for war crimes because of the death and injury resulting from his refusal to maintain the order of the troops under his charge. Google's willful intransigence on this issue likely may lead to consequences equally as heinous.
9. Good for Google - Censorship is The Tool of Tyrants
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (11.13.07)
I applaud Google for standing up to those who seek to proclaim themselves censors of the internet by denying people access to information that THEY deem inappropriate. Only those who seek to control or oppress others would seek to censor information, which is why censorship has, and always will, be the tool of tyrants. ``I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it'' - attributed to Voltaire
10. Foxface is a narrow partisan
Scott   (11.13.07)
he does not represent the broader interests of the Jewish people and having him on one's side so to speak is undesirable, in other words, he causes a lot of problems. Of course there shouldn't be censorship on the internet.
11. Google antisemitic
david   (11.13.07)
Dante is absolutely right - Google has no problems censoring for the Chicoms. And let's not forget that Google-owned Youtube censors videos that muslims object to.
12. Thank you #6
Dennis ,   Bangor, ME   (11.13.07)
No kidding...hypocrites. Google relativism = when there's a buck, there's a way...Google is fast replacing Microsoft as the evil empire :-)
13. ADL knows nothing about Seach engine positioning
Jerusalemites ,   Jerusalem   (11.13.07)
Google cannot control anything when it comes to organic search results..... everything is done according to a certain algorithm.... if a human factor comes into play this... the results are no more organic and nobody will search google.... ADL is simply stupid and just wants once again that the jews appear pitiable
14. removing results form our webpage will not solve the problem
Con Shientious   (11.13.07)
But it may help to reduce it substancially. Why do we need to mirror the ugly, real world. It exists already for all to see! Why not instead try to minimize hatred by not mirroring, but, 'cleaning' the ugliness wherever, and however possible. Sounds like the corporate soul of the Jewish Israeli, Brand, is moraly corrupt (to me).
15. Google under no obligation
Mordechai Y. Scher   (11.14.07)
Google is under no obligation to remove anti-Jewish content. Jews should all remember we are under no obligation to support Google's business associates or advertisers, nor do we have to use Google at all. There are other search engines looking for our business...
16. Google
james ,   adelaide. australia   (11.14.07)
Might come as a surprise to some, but Google should not censor content, unless it is offensive in a particular country - and then only in that country should they block it. Otherwise, if they start censoring anti-semetism content, where do they stop? Next on the agenda - gays, blacks, cripples, conservatives, christians, buddhists etc? No .. as with other comments - education is the solution. Not censorship.
17. why does everyone hate the jews?....
JL   (11.14.07)
we are such good and generous people..espeacially when it concerns one of our own...we are concerned about our brothers why do they all hate us?
18. #11
mark ,   ca   (11.14.07)
Both of the founders of google are Jews.But liberals.:-))
19. Google ## 2
Ramachandran Nair ,   Thiruvananthapuram   (11.14.07)
Jews don't care about Google report. That is all . If the did google will not do what the Jews. It is sham even to claim that google will disregard the wishes of Jews. Afterall the Jews can slap around even the president of America.The only other plausible explenation for google behavior is that it can stand up to the Jews because it is (probably) Jewish owned and ignore jews
20. Google is just a tool.
Damir ,   Russia   (11.14.07)
I sort them out for myself. Why should I spend my time perusing someone's lies?
21. re 17
james ,   adelaide, australia   (11.14.07)
ok. I put a lot of thought in whether I should write this or not. I am going to cope some flack, but ... oh well. Why does everyone hate the Jews? Not everyone does. But a lot of people do. The reason JL is that for a race that has been without a homeland for so many centuries, been scattered across the globe, one would think that [some] Jews would appreciate what it's like to be country-less. Yet non-Jews look at how Israel acts towards the Palestinians, how you don't give an inch, how you segregate them and treat them less than human. It appears to the world that the Jews have forgotten their tormented past. Further, the moment someone makes a comment which doesn't support Israel or the Jews, they are immediately branded anti-Jewish. To the rest of the world, it is perceived that the Jews see everyone as either being either 110% pro-Jewish or one is anti-Jewish. That's the reason JL.
22. I imagine the aboriginees hate you just as much in Australia
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.15.07)
You Aussies have treated them so well sitting on their lands. Of are helping them share their lands. You are treating them humanely as you develop their lands and treat them as one of the family. Give us all a break Adelaide. You are a hypocrite committing the atrocity of stealing others lands...while you whine about the Jews taking their land back. The Arabs took the Jews lands by force with their cult religion as an excuse. The Palestinians practice and encourage terrorism against innocent civilians which encourages any sane person to hate them. You eagerly overlook the terrorism as well as your own land grab from the rightful inhabitants of Australia. If you feel so much empathy for the terrorist supporters...send them some tickets from your homeland. I'm sure the native tribes won't mind you stealing some more of their land. Look in the might just have to hate yourself, as well as the Jews.
23. correct
George   (11.15.07)
"radicalism and racism can be curbed through open discussion, not censorship," added Brand." And a couple of abrams, merkava, F16's and nukes. Speak softly in open discussion, but carry a big stick. This will force Israel to save itself, a good thing. The trend is youth get more savvy and they will always find a way around your "fix". Always. Freedom and democracy are very expensive, and I'm not sure you fully have it there in Israel. Disengagement from your neighbors is the only option, coinciding with their permanent expulsion..The ADL, bar none, is the worst pro-Israel group in existence. Their sick, socialist focus is on the White "Christian Identity" groups who could be swayed with education and reason, to support Israels and it's Diaspora. Making enemies of even those who do not associate with "hate" groups, such as myself.
24. They'll do it if you are Chinese, and you have a really
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.15.07)
big market that they want to get into though. 1 billion Chinese against 6 million Jews. Well....Google says,"Screw the Jews". Boycott the anti-semites.l
25. #21 Why you hate Jews, James
Lina ,   USA   (11.15.07)
I don't think you put much thought into your response. Actually it was at the tip of your tongue and your answers are lame.You shouldn't hate anyone James.
26. why net
me ,   jerusalem   (11.15.07)
allow them to post from alaska and australia but not me from pal
27. 22# and 25#
james ,   adelaide. australia   (11.15.07)
As I said, I expected some abuse. At no stage did I say I am personally ANTI-JEWISH. I simply responded to a previous poster who asked a question. However, 22# and 25#, thanks for actually confirming what I posted. The moment someone says anything that's anti-jewish, they are automatically branded anti-jewish.
28. james
sheila   (11.15.07)
go walk your koala , blow your didgereedoo, and give adelaide back to the abboes, sport. They're really nice aussies. See ya later, but hopefuly not here.
29. Google CEO Brand an idiot
Freethinker ,   Richmond, Ca.   (11.15.07)
Google does not mirror the world, but instead it legitimizes, magnifies, and instantly makes available to the whole world certain kinds of perceptions and ideas that should never see the light of day, ever. It indeed is Google's responsibility to censor discredited, prejudiced attitudes and points of view on its servers.
30. JL - #17
James ,   adelaide, australia   (11.15.07)
Do the responses I am getting now explain to you why so many people are anti-Jewish? I have at no stage said I am anti-Jewish. Yet Sheila [#28], Steven [#22] and Lina [#25] have already branded me anti-Jewish for simply responding to your comment. The opinions I expressed are NOT my personal views, but those that I know who are anti-Jewish.
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