'IDF chief told me army is full of politicians'
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 14.11.07, 14:25
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1. It started when Rabin was PM
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (11.14.07)
in 1993, I spoke with a very high officer (who later wnet on the the cheif staff) on the phone, and asked his opinion about something political. His answer was exactly the oppoisite of what I thought it would be. When I met him a few weeks later, I asked him about it, and he snarled at me and said I should never ask him a question like that on the phone, since his phone was tapped....
2. Disgusting greedy and self centered
freejay ,   Israel   (11.14.07)
"There's fear among senior officers that open criticism would harm chances of career advancement." Thats the same goes with all the cowardly opossition that refuse to take on Olmert and call for elewctions. These people all make me sick and in my eyes are all traitors to Israel. ELECTIONS NOW!!
3. the IDF is a Leftists nest
4. Isaiah 31:1
Mike ,   Singapore   (11.14.07)
At the end of the day, Israel, do not depend on your politicians or the IDF. They will betray you for your GOD has spoken - Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, who rely on horses, who trust in the multitude of their chariots and in the great strength of their horsemen, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel, or seek help from the LORD.
5. once
the idf and iaf was full of HEROS!!!!!! now it is full of corrupt politicians self serving individuals that only care about their homes in savyon, hertzlyia pituach and kaisaria. shameful! where is moshe dayan? begin? where is the true glory of israel once beliving that they stood for something rather than perks and money. i also noticed that all the israelis migrating into the is their number one love and the number one motivator. money is everything; image, popularity, status. shameful!
6. Politician's -Liars Thieves and Betrayers
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.14.07)
So what youy are saying is that the army is rife with evil and cursed men aho sell out for personal gain and prestige just like the government of israel. One Iranian,Hezbollah missle on the Knessett will fix this problem. Then I srael can cleanse herself of all her other worthless idols and serve Hashem instead of George the false peacemaker.
7. I remember some year and a half ago...
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (11.14.07)
two important heads of the Army of Israel were fired.I do not recall their names,but by that time was clear what was olmert aim:politicize the Army!. olmert and gang are a great danger to Israel.It is behond me to understand the resons of their acting.It is surreal,fantastic,umbelievable!
8. IDF
Yisraeli   (11.15.07)
You could say it started with Oslo, when generals instead of saying the truth were in fear for theyre own positions became Osloids. But Arik Sharon compounded the issue when he more or less fired Yallon not because he wasnt an accomplished officer but because he was the only one who voiced concerns against the PM's plan for the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif. So Halutz was chosen to be the rubber stamp. Ever since all the upper echelon of the IDF have no position ie professional military opinion and became simple yes men to the political establishment in fear of their own status and any possible political futures. Thus not fulfilling theyre roles as clearly shown to all in the last war. The IDF has to be purged of these useless robot osloids. But with the government the way it is dont expect any change, the military is how the establishment want them to be - impotent and just carry out orders when told and not to question. And no Moshe Dayan was no hero, he just took the limelight. It was his 'superhero' status that blinded him to the onslaught of the Yom Kippur war. It was him that surrendered the keys to the temple mount and gave it to the Waqf. It was he who stole many archeological artifacts for his own collection. He worshipped no one other then himself, his daughter Yael also was no different. Very far from being heroes but ones who played their parts in the destruction of Israel the way we know it.
9. chief of staff did not speak with Ben-Gal; no wonder!
observer   (11.15.07)
Askenazi himself does not speak directly with Olmert, On Barak's orders! Believe it or not, it's the hard reality.
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