US slams UN Human Rights Council, says body too focused on Israel
Published: 16.11.07, 23:48
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1. Khalilzad is full of crap just like his boss Bush !
2. 'Protect victims, not great abusers(SaudiArabia)'
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.17.07)
3. But Israel continue to defy UN and damage UN credibility
Linda ,   USA   (11.17.07)
and the international community has taken no action has against Israel
4. Protect victims, not abusers(SaudiArabia/most OIC states)
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.17.07)
World top HR abuser SaudiArabia must be expelled from UN
5. UN, too, is focused on Israel !
a day will come when the Us votes "no" on its "no" vote.
6. blah blah blah. this voted for that, that voted for this
Lights are on, ,   but nobody is home.   (11.17.07)
And so it goes on. Vote, talk, pick your nose. But whatever you do, don't make a difference. Take no action. Make no changes. Talk. Talk, discuss, vote, blah, blah, blah . . . The world hasn't got a hope if it relies on ANYTHING positively constructive emanating from the UN. (Useless Ninnies)
7. late, aren't we?? (end)
Steve ,   UK   (11.17.07)
8. What about that poor woman in Saudi Arabia who was
Woman's rights!!!   (11.17.07)
gang raped and now faces 200 lashes for trying to plead in the media against the first 90 lashes. She was gang banged and now she has to be punished?! What warped minds do these Saudis have?! and where is the UM shmum?!!!!!!!!!!
9. there is a deferance
hazem ,   gaza   (11.17.07)
when one hand cut the other in the same different than the hand of other body cut my hand .. both hurts . but to the others is not the same
10. Israel is in denial
John   (11.17.07)
Maybe its focused on Israel so much because they are such a repeated violator. Maybe Israel should get out of denial and realize that it is the mentality of the occupier to think they are superior to the occupied. Israel needs to look inside and understand that Zionism weather they like it or not is a form of racism and their is a difference between self preservation and selfishness.
11. 6 "Lights" Are they feeding you anything besides
Rivkah   (11.18.07)
bread and water, my darling? Have they laced your food with estrogen to chemically castrate you so I cannot feel your affection? Have you been raped or beaten up with guards wearing red gloves? That is what happens in American jails. You are so precious to me and it is a comfort me that you are two down and five to go, almost half finished with the sentence. Why don't you write to me if you can since I am so lonely.
12. 6 Lights on: You made a difference. You did something.
Rivkah   (11.18.07)
Read the book of Zephaniah and see what is going to happen to the Philistines on the coasts of Canaan. Philistine is an ancient name for Palestinian. Canaan is Israel. They will all die. But the Jews who were evacuated will live. Few people are thankful, my darling. Jesus of Nazareth healed ten lepers and only one returned to thank him. I have found little thankfulness in this world. Thankfulness must be supernatural because it is so rare. Satan went to the Lord and asked permission to sift you as wheat so the Lord could brag about you and show him you would not lose your faith under affliction.
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