Qassams cause damage in Sderot
Tova Daddon
Published: 17.11.07, 16:43
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1. It's about time
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (11.17.07)
to hermetically seal the border with Mitsrayim and Gaza and apply power cuts to its citizens. Those saying it's a collective punishment, should reside in Sderot with their families for a year just to see if they would still understand the palestinian desperate attempts (I don't even know what they want besides the destruction of Medinat Yisrael).
2. they have no effect on Israel
Qassams Smassams ,   president of Israel   (11.17.07)
The current rush to see which MK can convince the Israeli public that if they prop up the inheritor of Ar fart terrorist organization Israel will finally have a negotiating partner to live in peace side by side just to please a supposedly friend, but in reality is uncaring for the long term safety of Israel is pathetic. To cave in to the “Demands” and even release one confidence building terrorist is an act of such stupidity that it boggles the mind. To sit down and negotiate anything when the “Demands” for a pre negotiations capitulation of any rights Israel has is worse then stupid no matter where such notion is coming from. To allow any food, water, electricity and any other humanitarian needs from Israel into Gaza, all because the world has some perverse misunderstanding or failure to recognize the historic meaning of placing a siege against an area of land used to bombard, kill, destroy, and conduct themselves in open warfare, can only be accomplished by traitors within the leadership of their country, the title such persons are known by, the position they fill in the government, the branch of government they represent including the Judiciary does not mitigate their culpability to the damage caused by their inaction. An enemy enclave has only one choice, either unconditionally surrender, or be totally destroyed. Any other method is has and never was acceptable throughout world history, the failure of the Israeli government to act appropriately will only produce more pain and suffering on the people they are obligated to serve and protect
3. don't forget
these are Peres & Olmerts peace partners
4. Make Pals P A Y for their terror
meir elazar   (11.17.07)
The cars should be replace by most expensive luxury cars at the expense of PA. A govt office should be immediately setup, if it doesn't already exist, where Sderot and surroundings' residents can process claim for property and all other conceivable damages. The processes should be expeditiously processes and funded from PAL funds that Israel controls. There should be requent publications in newspapers, etc. showing how Qassam rockets damage PAL finances. The 5 cars damaged by Qassam rockets should be replaced by expensive luxury BMW's (or other similar cars) at a cost of $100-200K each. The next result should cost the PALs a half million dollars or more for this attack alone. Now transfer this logic system to all other aspect of life in Sderot and surrounding and add associated costs of shelters, re-inforcements, and other protective measures. If the military approach does not completely stop the rocket attacks, use economics and let the PALs know that while they live in poverty, the attacks are costing them badly needed funds.
5. it will get worse my darling Israelis, but the Messiah is
Rivkah   (11.17.07)
coming...the JEWISH Messiah. The Prophet Zephaniah said that when Gaza is forsaken and Ashkelon is a desolation and Ashdod (and Ekron) are driven out in the noon day, THEN THE LORD WILL KILL EVERY PHILISTINE ON THE COASTS OF CANAAN. Philistine is an ancient name for Palestinian. Canaan is an ancient name for Israel. So sell your properties in those areas and move because God will not stand up and act until all the prophecy is fulfilled. It will get much worse, but Zechariah says a THIRD of Israelis will see the Messiah come. The Jews will not be wiped out, my darlings, although the enemies of the Jews will try.
6. Peres & Olmert have made it clear they'll only protect Arabs
Nannette ,   London   (11.17.07)
They'd don't give a damn about Jews... everyone should petition Shas and Israel Beteinu to walk out of the coalition, although the leaders love money & power more than they love Israel, Jews or even G-d.
7. Take over Gaza again!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (11.17.07)
The only way we are going to put a stop to this is to take over the Gaza Strip again!
8. #5 Rivkah - Please tell me what "Messiah" means and explain
meir elazar   (11.17.07)
#5 Rivkah - Please explain what the word "Messiah" means in the original Hebrew along with the derivation of the word.
9. Why nothing fallen on Hamas military HQ? Payback soon?
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.17.07)
10. #8 Meir Elazar: MESIYACH or Mem-Shin-Yod-Cheth...
Rivkah   (11.17.07)
from anointed; usually a consecrated person as a king, priest, or saint; anointed, Messiah. The word appears in Daniel as Mesiyach and is aluded to in many other places in the Bible. Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon defines the word a little differently than Strong's Concordance: "anointed (used of a shield), the anointed priest, the anointed priest, i.e. the high priest; Anointed, consecrated by anointing, the anointed of Jehovah, a title being given to the kings of Israel as being consecrated to God by anointing, and therefore, holy, used in Leviticus, I Samuel, 2 Samuel, Psalms, and 1 Chronicles; of the patriarchs. Hope that is helpful. I believe it is Adonai/Hashem who is the deliverer of Israel and the Jews and those who are Jews in their hearts. This deliverer will sit on the throne of David and be the king of the earth for a thousand years before a final rebellion, and then forever. The mathematics of Daniel indicates when this deliver came as a servant and was cut off so the Gentiles could be grafted onto the Jewish faith. He has come to earth many times and is called the Angel of the Lord. He appeared to Daniel and was in the fiery furnace with Meschach, Shadrach, and Abednego, protecting them. He was the King of Salem, Melchisedek that Abraham the Patriarch paid tithes to. Hope that is helpful.
11. Bomb the gaza strip!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.17.07)
Level all buildings in gaza city and do not warn them beforehand.Let them suffer death and destruction.
12. kassams, Peres, and Beilin
Haim ,   New York   (11.17.07)
Until kassams hit cars of Peres and Beilin nothing will be done.
13. #10 Rivkah - Correct. The question was rhetorical
meir elazar   (11.17.07)
The question was rhetorical since I am fluent in Biblical through modern Hebrew (along with Aramaic and some Arabic, etc.) and since most Christians (and some Jews) impose other meanings on the word that simply are not there. The word means "Annointed" (ritual done with oil) and nothing more. Since some time elapsed since I posted the question and you responded, I assume you spent some time researching your answer before responding. Next question: What was Rachav's profession. Remember that she save the 2 spies (Yehoshua and Kalev). Let's see if you can analyze that word as well (i.e. Zona).
meir elazar   (11.17.07)
Addendum: You got the letters correct but not the vocalization. Shin is a "SH" sound not "S". Therefore it is Ma'ShiaHH and not Mesiyach. Also it is an independent noun form which requires a Kamatz and not a Sheva Na which would put as a construct (possibly confused by some to be a verb). Since there are 3 H type sounds in Hebrew (Americans and Europeans can only pronounce 2 at best) the HHet (you and most write Chet). The Chaf is the hard "Ch" as in "Bach" the composer. The Heh is the softest like in English "Hammer". The HHet is in between although most Americans and European pronounce it exactly like a Chaf. Even amongst Israelis of differing Sepharadi backgrounds as well as Arabs from differing Arab countries there is a range in the pronounciation of this letter.
15. Rivka# 5 and answer to #8
Translation Moshiach ,   terms of language   (11.17.07)
it simply means "Helper" Religions have made that word Mystical
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (11.18.07)
17. 13 Meir Elazar: Rahab (English spelling) was an innkeeper.
Rivkah   (11.18.07)
Rahab is an ancient name for Egypt, so it is believed she was Egyptian. In ancient times, female innkeepers were often also prostitutes. Gesenius says Rahab was a harlot from Jericho. A symbol of Egypt is a crocodile. Gesenius also defines Rahab also means fierceness, insolence, pride, broad, wide. That sounds like a crocodile's nature, as well as a harlot's. Because she helped Joshua and Caleb, she was spared when the ancient Hebrews took Jericho. She is in the geneology of King David.
18. 14 Meir Elazar: I took the spelling from Gesenius which
Rivkah   (11.18.07)
is hundred of years old from Germany who was a Hebrew scholar but not as learned in some aspects of Hebrew as you are.
SDEROT   (11.18.07)
20. #17-18 Rivkah - All the pieces are there but not the cement
meir elazar   (11.18.07)
#17-18 Rivkah - All the pieces are there but not the cement to connect them. The root is Zayin Vav Nun from which we have words like Mazon (older word for food - Modern uses O'chel which coincidently Arabic uses this same root to get Akel) and Tzuna (modern for nutrition). The Mem at the beginning of the word often has the function of localization (making a place or object from a verb. Mitbach is a kitchen - where the cooking is done. Tabach is a cook and Tevach is slaughter. Migdal is a tower where gadol is big, etc.). The first step of analysis in Hebrew or any Semitic language is to identify the 3 letter root (some times 4), identify the stucture, person, singular/plural, or noun or adjective/adverb format it is in. In Hebrew when one has a new root, one has 200 words not just one through all the forms and conjugations. Furthermore letters drop and interchange which adds greater subtlety. The bottom line is that ALL of this is LOST IN TRANSLATION. It is like a black and white photocopy of a Rembrandt. The color, texture, and vibrance are all gone. So with the Hebrew of the biblical text and all the clues that 2 strangers needed a place to stay and information, Rahhav was in fact an INNKEEPER. And most likely the original usage of Zona (female form) was an innkeeper. There are many clear uses of this root in the Torah where food is the only possible interpretation. The VAV is a "hollow" letter and its counterpart YOD when interchanged gives us the root which is the act of sex. This leads us to the other interpretation - Prostitute. It is also possible that some innkeepers engaged in prostitution and somehow the meaning stuck and outlived the original. (This is not unusual when there is a sexual context. See Shakespeare's use of "country" and Chaucer's "Miller's Tale".) For the usage of Zona as a whore see: 1. story of Dina's rape by Shechem and Shimon and Levi's response. 2. The story of Yehuda and Tamar 3. Yiftach. There are an abundance of usages throughout the Torah of Zona as a prostitute. One can make a case either way. So which is it? Was she an Innkeeper or prostitute. Since the Torah says regarding Yehoshua and Calev "They slept there" and not "they slept with her" as appears in other contexts. I choose to believe she was an innkeeper since there was no conclusive information to support prostitution and all other actions on her part were laudable to heroic.
21. #15 You are not even Close. Rivka did better!
meir elazar   (11.18.07)
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