Palestinian refused entry to Israel dies of cancer
Roi Mandel
Published: 18.11.07, 13:26
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1. stop shooting missiles on Israel
Alex   (11.18.07)
2. May God have mercy on his soul
israeli ,   israel   (11.18.07)
but why is his name al-Kurdi, does it nor mean the Kurd?
3. I'm confused ,Doesn't Gaza also border Egypt?
Michael   (11.18.07)
I'm furhter confused because Israel has to let a people who don't recognize its existence and who fire missles and try daily incursions? Hamas likes to shoot mortar s at the Israeli Gaza borders. one question: Why? What about the egptian border?
4. sorry, but...
eliezer ,   jerusalem   (11.18.07)
sorry but after we have lost so many people to arab terror, why do we have to be the Christian samaritans? Why did he not try to go to France or England or even good ole Egypt for medical treatment. Not looking for people to die, but we do not have to feel guilty about it. He has his administration, they are responsible for providing well care for their constituents - not us!
5. You can t say we never know
sabra   (11.18.07)
not helping somone when his life in danger is a crime need to treat him in Israel ...but not allaowing him to be treated elsewhere in the world a crime .... hoping that we can do somthing for others waiting the same death
6. Enough sob-stories from Gaza.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.18.07)
They are not our responsibility. They are not our friends either. Please don't try to elicit sympathy from me - I resent even the attempt to make me feel bad about it. There are plenty of people who deserve help here in Israel but as for Gazans, they can rot in the hell that they created for themselves. Take the BS propaganda somewhere else.
7. # 3
Mark   (11.18.07)
The border with Egypt is also closed by Israel. Security fear again! yeah those people on stretchers are big security risk.
8. Israel must also allow Cancer Patients fromIran Syria NKorea
Alan ,   SA   (11.18.07)
Why must Israel allow Patients from Gaza . I cant believe anyone would want this.Gaza has nothing to with Israel . They are responsible for the stew they are in . Gazan Voters democratically elected that Hamas Gang . They must sort that one out themselve
9. Best Gazan Doctors are busy being Hamas Politicians
Alan ,   SA   (11.18.07)
10. just another pali ploy!
oded   (11.18.07)
he was dying anyway, so blaming israel, of course,(like we owe them anything????), is just another pali/arab ploy..... what else is new??
11. idiots !
ben ,   singapore   (11.18.07)
why the "further tests' as recomended by the Shifa hospital in Gaza was not made available in Shifa Hospital itself ? Upgrade the Hospital for goodness sake. Israel please open a complete cancer hosp there to treat the cancer patients and the morron palestinian there in Shifa itself. If the Saudi KIng could but a A380, surely he must build a good Cancer Hosp there for these morron Pals. Israel, if we have to suffer further by giving these idiots a good cancer hospital ... SO BE IT ! WE WILL CURE THEM of their bodily illness even if they stab us on our back later....TO .REPAIR IS OUR BUSINESS ! And The bloody Human Rights orgs should pull up some resources to build a complete Cancer Hosp there in Shaifa. Btw why the dying boy was not sent to Jordan or Egypt for the teatment sooner ? IDIOTS !
12. what about international humanitarian law??
Sabra   (11.18.07)
it seems no body heared anything about it is an obligation to stop deth even for enemy in the batel ...otherwise it is a crime ..... or Israel did not signed thoses conventions .... or above the international humanitarian law?? everybody must feel guilty and ashamed toooo
13. Israel didn't let him go to Egypt either???
sad   (11.18.07)
It seems like Israeli occupation of Gaza didn't end after all. What a farce.
14. doomed to die
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.18.07)
Yesterday, probably 100 children died of AIDS in Uganda. They could have easily been saved if given medicine. Why is it that YNet does not write about them? Disgusting. and #2: Mr. Al-Kurdi's family, just like most Muslim "Palestinians" immigrated from the Middle East to Israel in the 1920s ans 1930 at the encouragement of the British.
15. Palestinian refused entry to Israel
Marlene ,   Israel   (11.18.07)
To No. 6 - Well said. They can go anywhere in the world via Egypt. As far as they are concerned we dont exist so they dont exist. We have enough problems of our own. On top of it they dont pay for this hospitalisation - no one here gets it free
16. Whose policy means death?
Aryeh Wetherhorn ,   Elazar , Israel   (11.18.07)
And Palestinian rockets are supposed to be a friendly greeting?
17. Cancer cured in a week? I wish!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.18.07)
This article was first published last week. Please don't tell me that his life could have been saved in 7 days. His cancer was advanced and there was not much any doctor could have done for him. I hope he has gone to a better peaceful place.
18. Physicians for Human Rights, just a question:
Uzziel   (11.18.07)
Israel is the only place on earth where a terrorist with cancer can be treated? It seems that in all the arab world there is not a single hospital that can treat their brethren, and they all have to come to Israel to draw time and financial resources for those patients really entitled to be treated by the Israeli health system. To hell (arab countries) with them.
19. #13
Aryeh Wetherhorn ,   Elazar, Israel   (11.18.07)
The Egyptian border to Gaza is closed because of Egyptian interests. It is not under Israeli control. Egypt doesn't want Palestinian Islamo-fascists inside Egypt either, even those that are physically sick (as well as mentally disturbed).
20. Sick
ben ,   singapore   (11.18.07)
Any person who is sick must be give the necessary treatment, and be treated as an exception to any security reason. Any emergency rule associated to security issue is not compatible or desirable to a resonable mind, more on the basis of considering the fact as reported herein by yenet. ISRAEL is Time to change the policy ! Rescue the Sick Pals immediately and change the policy accordingly. Justice is Justice ! but if they terrorise blast them RIGHT AND PROPER !
21. Now, that's what I call compassion!
saneity ,   not here   (11.18.07)
Worthy of a people claiming to have invented a loving God and that monopolizes the very definition of suffering in human history. Congrats!
22. thank you, #14
israeli ,   israel (Jerusalem)   (11.18.07)
now I can add another name to may collection: al-Masri (the Egyptian), al-Iraqi (the Iraqi) and Abuhasera (Moroccan). Could it be that also Taleb a-Sana originates form Yemen?
23. Sick So-Called "palestinian"
Marcus Shmelby ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.18.07)
you are not Israel's responsibility you are free to seek that excellent plo healthcare at any moment
24. Israel would have loved to have treated him
Wendy in Chicago   (11.18.07)
But the Pals made it impossible. Impossible by using ambulances to transport weapons. Impossible because by firing kassams almost daily. Impossible by electing a terror gang to govern them. Impossilbe by not improving their own institutions ands instead making attacking Israel top priority. If Israel had allowed this, suddenly everyone would have cancer and demand to be let in. More Arab failure.
25. Why didn't they smuggle him to Egypt via tunnel
Wendy in Chicago   (11.18.07)
Oh yeah, those are just for weapons
26. They have these things called boats and planes. No one was
Stewart ,   USA   (11.18.07)
stopping him from going anywhere where he could have gotten treatment. It's amazing THOSE BENEVOLENT ARAB COUNTRIES DIDN'T OFFER HIM SOMETHING SOME TIME AGO. What a waste of life: born in Gaza and abandoned by owns own.
27. Spend money on hospitals & medicines, instead of weapons!
Nannette ,   London   (11.18.07)
Stop blaming Israel for this man's death. The Palestinians are responsible for him, and if they choose to spend billions on weapons, rockets, guns, etc., instead of building an infrastructure including hospitals, cancer treatment centres, etc., the blame should fall fairly and squarely with them. Physicians for Human Rights should pressurise the Gazans, not the Israelis... they're as delusional as Olmert, except they don't seem to acknowledge that Gaza is independent, but still wants Israel electricity and water. What next for PHR? Will they blame Israel for the Darfur crisis, or Somalia, Nigeria, or will PHR blame Israel for not doing enough for the Bangladeshi flood victims? They should stop perpetuating the Palestinian victim myth and start forcing their Arab counterparts to accept responsibility for their own people.
28. # 6 Terry
VoiceOfReason ,   Here&Now   (11.18.07)
Yo Terry where you been/? Finally a sensible person who can express themselves. And you have something to say. Now I understand how comw they call themselves WHY Net.
29. To # 10 Oded
Shalom   (11.18.07)
Sharon is anyway dying why Israel is treating him .....the right thing is to treat any human being til the last moment ......
30. to # 4
which part you dont understand, the Israeli Security forces do not allow anyone out.
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