Arab lecturer refuses to teach reservist
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 19.11.07, 14:19
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Aharon   (11.19.07)
He needs to be fired, IMMEDIATELY!
2. How long it can be tolerated?
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (11.19.07)
This cancer is spreading inside Israel at the rapid pace. Throw them all out....... The sooner - the better. Kahane was right!
3. amazing!
fish   (11.19.07)
I saw in Jersualem a Dutch woman tourist, badmouthing a group of young soliders, she was making mocking gestures, and saying Shoot, shoot, shoot! She was confronted by a policeman who asked her WTF she was doing - she said - You killers, you opress poor Pal-s at checkpoints etc.Are we on the road to destruction?Soldiers' morale isn't boosted by such attitude, and here we have an Arab who openly attacks a soldier doing his reserve duty!I'm not aware - is there a law forbidding reservists to come to a classroom in uniform? If not this lecturer must be sued - Sapir College is not a playground for his nationalistic ideas, if he doesn't teach police or soldiers, let him teach in Saudi Arabia, or in Gaza to Hamas people dressed in mufti.
4. Fire the lecturer!!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (11.19.07)
And what was the matter with the other students???? Shame on them!!!!!
5. arab teacher refuses to teach reservist
neel ,   Colombo, Sri Lanka   (11.19.07)
please sack the teacher. shame on you, rest of the class.Eyal ur deffiance is greatly appreaciated. We love the IDF..
6. he can teach at Amman University
aaron ,   ra'anana   (11.19.07)
7. Solution
Patrick ,   Haifa   (11.19.07)
Take the lecturers' ID off of him and push him over the wall in to the West Bank. If he doesn't love our country he can leave it. We'll see how much he likes living under (so called) Palestinian rule.
8. Insane!
Dara ,   Israel   (11.19.07)
Every single student should enter this "educator's" class wearing an IDF uniform. Shame on Eyals classmates for not showing their solidarity!
9. following a long and exhausting army reserve service,
where he was taught arrogance. To the least of his expectation, he faced a cold welcome from a humble Arab teacher. What is new in this story?
10. this speaks volumes about sapir college
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.19.07)
a place of supposed "higher learning" and free marketplace of ideas. sounds more like another echo chamber for intolerant leftists who wouldn't be given the time of day anywhere else. i now know where i'm not sending my kids for college.
11. The lecturer should be fired.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.19.07)
And the reservist is 100% right to be shocked that his classmates did not walk out in protest. This is not an issue of free speech or freedom of expression. Students have rights as well. This lecturer was not hired to give his political views - he was hired to teach a subject. That he excluded a student to make a political statement is unacceptable.
12. This lecturer could be enemy operative..watchout !!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.19.07)
13. double standard
If a Jewish lecturer did that to an Arab, he would be banished to Siberia for 50 years, stripped of citizenship, , his house demolished, his wife and children picketed and postered by Oppenheimer and piss now and defamed by Ynet!
14. WHAT A NERVE!!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.19.07)
And yet another reason why we will always be divided. And another reason cancer patients will not be treated in Israel and another reason that Palestinians are not allowed to drive in Israel. They just keep on spoiling it for the rest of them. The list goes on and so does the Palestinians deep routed hate for us Israelis. The funny thing is, it's the Israelis that are paying this 'lecturer's' salary. The Palestinians make it a full time occupation to hate Israelis. That’s the only occupation around here!
15. Fire him
dezon   (11.19.07)
Three cheers to the army officer and BOO to the lecturer. Fire the lecturer we do not need these types in this country. Send him to Iran and let him test his freedom of speech
Zara ,   Hertzlia   (11.19.07)
17. Is that Arab teacher Muslim, Druze, Christian, or Jew?
observer   (11.19.07)
it should have made difference!
18. #17 It makes no difference
Aharon   (11.19.07)
Firstly, the Arab teacher is clearly not a Jew... Jews are defined as a single ethno-religious group in Israel, whether they be Ashkenazi, Mizrahi or Sephardi. The Arab was not Jewish, and while teaching in a Jewish state, he defames the army that protects it. The students should be questioned and if the story is corroborated by many of them, the lecturer should be fired and boycotted by Israeli academic institutes.
19. Arab lecturer refuses to teach reservist
Golan   (11.19.07)
Sapir College is located near Sedrot and kibbutz Gevim which are under daily rocket attack from Gaza. And this lecturer treats his protector as a criminal, send the bastard to Gaza he doesn't deserve to live under the arnys protection
20. Where does the lecturer live?
Mark ,   Kibbutz Elrom   (11.19.07)
21. teachers
colin   (11.19.07)
This teacher must be fired immediately.Since when does dress concern a teacher?? Hope the army will attend to this disgrace.The department of education must also clear this matter after getting rid of this outrages teacher.Sapir College must also realise that students pay high fees to learn and not for teachers to be judges of dress or of being a RACIST.
22. #9
israeli ,   israel   (11.19.07)
and where did you get your degree in stupidity? Or is it something that runs in your family?
23. yehudon
israeli ,   israel   (11.19.07)
this morning's Ma'ariv reports that the Arab lecturer whose name is Nazer (Nazi) something also delared that he does not teach "yehudonim" - a derogatory term for Jews. Imagine a few days ago, on kaffiyeh day, a Jewish lecturer refusing to teach an "Araboush" student clad in his "revolutionary" kaffiyeh. The UN would have stopped everyting it was doing in order to issue a condemnation, Jimmy Carter would have become apoplectic, the Brits would have renewed their call for boycott despite Israel defeating Russia (important soccer game), etc. As is, in a Jewish college in the State of Israel, a Jewish young man who wishes to attend classes he is paying for, is refused entry and is being humiliated in front of his colleagues by an enemy of the state. By the way, Sapri college is the same college who is sometimes in the news due to the Qassams landing in their vicinity, and also hit the headlines a few months ago when another enemy of the state, Eyal Sivan invited Tali Pahima (Zbeidi's girlfriend) for a guest lecture.
24. Who Does Lecturer Think He Is?
Christy ,   Boston, US   (11.19.07)
Does the lecturer think he can set dress standards at the college? The lecturer should be disciplined AFTER he APOLOGIZES to the IDF soldier. Any slurs cast upon the IDF in general by the lecturer should be apologized for as well .. to the IDF. If the lecturer refuses to apologize, fire him.
25. Re #10 - They're Everywhere
Christy ,   Boston, US   (11.19.07)
" ....sounds more like another echo chamber for intolerant leftists ..." Having worked in a University environment for quite a number of years, this, unfortunately, seems to be the rule for many universities. Intolerant leftists have taken over many university departments, at least in the US. It's so bad that if a professor has non-intolerant leftist views, they are kept quite for fear of not getting tenure or being fired. David Horowitz is involved with a group that keeps tabs on these intolerant lefty profs. Don't have the link to hand, but a search on David Horowitz and some poking around should get you the website. It's pathetic what goes on at colleges and universities these days. Our young men and women are being brainwashed to believe The West is bad, The US is bad, and Israel is bad.
26. That's what you get when you hire Arabs.
Miriam ,   Israel   (11.19.07)
When are we going to learn not to hire them. Let them starve!
27. unbelievable!
umka ,   haifa   (11.19.07)
where is he live he think in Iran? and i cant believe that all other students were quiet!!!!! be shame
28. Israeli colleges are in need of a Student Rights code
Carl ,   USA   (11.19.07)
29. #3
jack bauer   (11.19.07)
I'm Dutch I support Israel If it true that the crazy lady was indeed dutch....she should have been arrested and then deported for disturbing the peace. She might actually believe the crap she said because all her neighbors are probably arab and daily tell her how evil jews all are. I am old enough to remember what happened to the jews living in my country, and remember what it was like before the wave of muzzies settled all around me.
30. Sapir College,don`t talk, act.
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (11.19.07)
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