More than 40 nations invited to Annapolis
News agencies
Published: 20.11.07, 23:24
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1. this is very annoying
j ,   nyc   (11.20.07)
are we planning to invite 40 nations to help negotiate peace with iraq?? or help us resolve our own border fence dispute?? can our president even name 40 separate countries off the top of his head? lame
2. The news is getting worse and worse.
AK   (11.20.07)
Unfortunately, neither Olmert nor Livni is inthe slighters aware of their limitations.
3. Annapolis Sacrifice
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.20.07)
The nations gather around the large Annapolis Altar where the flame is to be lit and the Sacrificial Jes is to climb upon the pyre to be sacrificed to the god of graves peace by President Bush in the hopes of apeasing allah's followers. So willing are the Jews to please their goy god. What loyal sacrificial lambs the Jews are again,they learned well in Europe during WWII. Never again, again.
4. What a soup...
me ,   here   (11.20.07)
... or is it a stew.........
M ,   Toronto   (11.20.07)
Israel’s army chief confirms Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah responsible for murder of an Israeli man on West Bank, reports 24 roadblocks dismantled
6. Are these guys invited? If not, delivery the invitation!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.20.07)
Nasrallah. Address:- somewhere in a bunker in Lebanon. Osama Bin Laden. Address:-somewhere in NW-Pakistan mountain hideout. Ayman Zawheri. Address:-somewhere in heart of Pakistan (but can reach him through Aljazeera TV) Haneya & Al Zahara. Address:-somewhere in Gaza tunnel(can reach them through Sinai tunnel entrance) Hiz-bul Tharir. Address:- c/o Ken Livingstone, London (but can also reach them through Islam TV channel) Ahmadinajad. Address:-around Iranian nuke centrifuges (delivery the invitation quickly before he himself gets enriched by some one from west or Israel) Chavez Hugo. Address:-If not found near Ahmadinajad, can find him near any oil barrel when price reach $200 Saudi Abdallah. Address:- avoid giving him invitation. Last time he landed in UK with 400 people. To Annapolis he might land with 4000000 hardcore wahabis who may stay in Annapolis (for ever to plan and execute another attack on USA) Mahatir Mohamed Address:- no need to invite because he busy bullying Malaysian PM Badawi. Kofi-Tutu-Carter etc...etc..etc.. Address:- no need to invite them because they always ready to talk to terrorists anytime any where (they have nothing to lose)
7. to all
has anyone yet seen the list of invitees? go to yahoo's news and click on who is invited to attend. basically all muslim countries from the pacific to the mid east. all! as well as ban ki moon, solana, waldner, etc.... nice ha? such jew and israel lovers all of them. it will be a miracle if israel doesn't walk into this gas chamber again. people, get this inbecil olmert and livni our before it is too late. do not give up on jerusalem and neither on the taboo right of return. the borders can be worked out where you change arab for israeli locations and neighborhoods under israeli and palestinian rule, but do not give your country away to a fictitious people from arabia and migrant worker descendants from egypt, syria and jordan. let them come sabre rattling in hand, but please know that NO ONE THERE ON THIS PANEL INCLUDING YOUR BOSS BUSH AND RICE IS REMOTELY INTERESTED IN YOUR EXISTANCE AND SECURITY. NEVER! do not do or promise anything you'll later regret and which you'll never be able to turn back....remember gaza, remember lebanon. do not be sheep. be lions because once you were and now you are lost!
stude ham   (11.20.07)
another one of those conferences in which Beethoven is invited to compose a Consecration of the House Overture? yah yah... lvb's been dead and gone for almost 180 years... but then so have abbas and olmert.
9. We're having a party! -and you're invited!
Marty   (11.20.07)
- Clowns from the Holy Land ! - Magician in blackface! - Great food! - And lots of laughs! please RSVP to Condi Rice c/o George W. Bush 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC USA
10. #9
clowns on the left....jokers on the the song goes. read my post #7. what a farce!
11. Ridiculous! 20 Arab Nations/Organizations...
Evan ,   Milwaukee, US   (11.21.07)
This just continues to show how greedy and selfish the Arabs and Muslims are. Here are just the Arab representatives: Arab League, represented by Secretary-General Amr Moussa. Algeria. Bahrain. Egypt. Jordan. Lebanon. Morocco. Qatar. Saudi Arabia. Sudan. Syria. Tunisia. Yemen. kuwait. Iraq. Libya. Mauritania. Oman. United Arab Emirates. Does anyone else see something wrong here? Is there a need for another, new Arab/Muslim nation? How is it these countries can't absorb the Palestinians? Didn't many of them tell the Arabs before there was a concept of "Palestinians" (Remember, during the British Mandate, the word Palestinian referred to Jews in Eretz Yisroel before there was a state of Israel, and Arabs were insulted to be called that) Is it because the Arab and Muslim nations don't actually want the Palestinians? Probably, considering they were looked down upon by the rest of the Arabic people before the idea of a Jewish state of Israel came up. So why is it that Jews aren't able to reclaim their historical homeland? It's a tiny sliver of land in the Middle East when compared with the size of it's surrounding Arab neighbors. The Islamic religious claim to any part of Israel is a manufactured one. Even the "Holy" Al-Aqsa mosque is just a guess at where the say their prophet Mohammed went IN A DREAM he had. And naturally, it's located right where the Jewish temple was, the HOLIEST of HOLY places for the Jewish people. What a coincidence! How is it that the people we refer to as Palestinians now, who originally were a small group of migrant workers from other Arab lands that have been allowed to incubate into a large population because they have been kept as "refugees" for 6 decades, including the offspring of those original few who now reside in other countries and been given special refugee status and recognition with the UN, been unable to find a home since there land was GIVEN to the Jews after they decided they did not want to share by the very same United Nations? Oh how ironic that if they hadn't been so selfish they would have had a country. Speaking of refugees, how is it that the Jews who were expelled from the Arab nations weren't given a special status by the UN too? After all, the UN caused this Arabic backlash against the Jewish people. How is it that these Jewish refugees were able to find a home so quickly? How is it that the Palestinians who willingly left their homes in what is now Israel today are demanding right of return? The reason they left was because they were promised by the Arab nations during the War of Independence that the Arabs would win, Israel would be destroyed, and they could return home. They were traitors then and as we can see from the recent actions and speeches of many Israeli Arabs that they are still traitors to Israel. How is it that the lands Israel took after they won in 1948, 1967, and 1973 are illegitimately "occupied" or so the losers of those war claim? What right do they have to say that Israel unjustly has those lands, after they both started and lost those wars? How is it that this whole thing is pathetic. Stop Arab selfishness and send the "Palestinians" to the almost 20 Arabic countries that already exist. The Palestinians have failed for 60 years to manage to tiny pieces of land, why give them more? They can't handle what they have now and they couldn't handle what they had before. Look at the shining examples of Gaza and the West Bank. Those places are miserable and wretched. And why don't the Arabic countries dismantle the refugee camps after 60 years, and naturalize the Palestinians to their countries? Problem solved.
12. We misunderestimated how many nations Bush would invite
Jake   (11.21.07)
to the Annapolis Peace Rodeo.
13. Summit of the Wolves
Brod ,   USA   (11.21.07)
Designed and manipulated by the wolves, this summit will end up with wolves dominating and spewing their bull crap. Rice seems to walk right into the trap. It is time the State Dept has more brainy people who can penetrate the dark minds of the wolves like a laser beam and expose their craps that have been perfected since the 7th century.
14. Rashid from Palestine should have been invited!
15. ## KMR
Ramachandran Nair. ,   Thiruvanthapuram.   (11.21.07)
Idial invitees for the propsed conferance.America invited herself first represented by Bush and Rice.Then Olmert, Guilliani, Clinton, Sarkkosi, Merkal, Foxman, Kristol, Perl,Liebberman,Bromfman Blair. May be a small chair for Abbas too. The entire show will be a huge, gigantic success.
16. Jerusalem
Vince P ,   Chicago   (11.21.07)
As a Christian Zionist , it saddens me profoundly that my country is the INSTIGATOR of this Zechariah 12:1 The revelation of the word of the Lord concerning Israel: The Lord – he who stretches out the heavens and lays the foundations of the earth, who forms the human spirit within a person – says, “I am about to make Jerusalem a cup that brings dizziness to all the surrounding nations; indeed, Judah will also be included when Jerusalem is besieged. Moreover, on that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy burden for all the nations, and all who try to carry it will be seriously injured; yet all the peoples of the earth will be assembled against it.
17. How Many Million USA Dollars will go for this Failure,? ? ?
Roy c. Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (11.21.07)
Hamas & Abbas are Planning War on each other for top Dog. winner take all. They are not ready to Kiss & make up.Abbas couldn't hold a City Park without Israel IDF Backing. PLO with a title to Half of Jerusalem as Capital. with no Plans for the EU Global Rule of Law. Hate Crime, Aggression, Discrimination Raceism, Xenophoba, not a legal democracy.& never will be & hold to the Koran ? ? They Killed a soldier today & shot Rockets at the Land. ! ! EU has big plans to Build on that Foundation ? ? GW & Rice Land for Peace ? ? Billions of Euros, Billions of Dollars for what ? when you look at the Facts. they are no closer now then any time in History, Talk, Talk, Talk, 40 Nations to one Israel. No differance then when Israel was put out of the EU West & Spain.! lol ha. Israel is the only Nation in the world with a land Grant from God to all that land. He said I will seek a way to destroy all the Nations that fight over Jerusalem. He said that is where he will put His Name when I Make up my Jewels. The whole House Of Israel. Hey that is coming up. everyone has been told. All Nations.God said: amd He will do it God will save Israel. RCH USA
18. Will Israel have any friends there other than Dr. Rice?
Steve ,   never-never land   (11.21.07)
19. mmmm..... deciding which face to where always a tough choice
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (11.21.07)
20. Evan from Milwaukee
Yaron ,   USA   (11.21.07)
Great talkback...clearly articulated and unfortunately the truth the arabs have perfected at spinning differently. Keep keeping on and make sure that anyone who cares to know hears the truth!
21. ???
Robert ,   Upstate, Ny   (11.21.07)
I don't understand most of your opinions within the posts that you have written. All of you were generally negative towards the Annapolis meeting whether it is for one reason or another. I have a question for all of you with a generally negative view of this Annapolis meeting. What could the governments of mainly Israel and the United States do to bring to an end this conflict our generation is dealing with? I believe that the most obvious answer from the readers would end up to be to pretty much go to war and wipe out the other side then there will be peace. That is so sad to me. I do believe our leaders whether they be from Israel, America or the European Union are making the, over all, right decisions. We are talking about human beings, no matter how misguided some are, the majority are not horrible people. I know this and so do you. We, as in Israel and America, have to play it safe as a country, or better yet, the government of a country has to play it safe. Meaning, the governments of these respected countries do this because there is a world theatre that we are all in front of at the moment and are all judged by our character as a nation or nations all together. The meeting in Annapolis will have a message for all countries that Israel has a right to be there as well as the opposition stating that the Palestinians have a right to their land as well. The only solution to that is a two state system living in harmony WITHOUT the “extremists” or the “extremists” view of their society and how they believe it should be. All commoners on both sides has to raise up and support their governments cause if we don't believe that peace will prevail, our society with common sense thinking, along with a welcoming of the other side (all those who oppose Israel and Americas views) , would not be able to survive with peace. We have to all respect the other side of our views as well as they have to respect ours. We are in a conflict now but one day this conflict is over. Only people with a belief of people of all sides can live in peace and harmony can really survive and prevail. It is not about a side anymore. Both sides are right and both sides are wrong. Lets correct the wrongs and live with peace and happiness.
22. This gonnabe the mother of all Pal Fanclub get togethers
Alan ,   SA   (11.21.07)
23. 6
Igor ,   Munich, German   (11.21.07)
funny, but won´t be so funny afterall...
24. to 21
Vince P ,   Chicago   (11.21.07)
You asked "What could the governments of mainly Israel and the United States do to bring to an end this conflict our generation is dealing with? " Simple.. Declare war. No cease-fires... no truces.. no armitices.. VICTORY DARN IT! The other side has no intention in peace therefore you must destroy their intention in war by giving them war.. giving them war so badly that they tranform into todays Japanese society instead of the Klingon society that Islam thinks it can get away with. Wake up. You want to surrender to khalifatists.. are you crazy?
25. How nice!
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Samaria   (11.21.07)
The list of confirmed invitees also includes the Arab League and Arab countries such as Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Mauritania, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Members of the international diplomatic quartet have also been given invitations. These include the UN, The EU, Russia, and Mideast envoy Tony Blair. Other countries who may attend the conference are France, Germany, Britain, Canada, Japan, Italy, China, Norway, Turkey, Vatican, Brazil and Australia. Wow! Now this is really nice! :-(
26. Just in time for thanksgiving
The Chicken   (11.21.07)
The Americans are doing it again - forcing the close of a deal knowing that later on the forced party is to be slaughtered anyways. How nice! The thanksgiving story retold. Can anyone lend me a turkey while I watch this movie again??!!
27. #13, Brod, Rice's not walking into a trap
AK   (11.21.07)
she is earning her name on another oil tanker and earning future speaker's fees, just like the majority og the Foggy Bottom. The trap is for the weak and corrupted Israeli PM and his incompetent and criminally negligent crew. But yes, you are right that it is a summit of the wolves with Israel serving as a sacrificial lamb.
28. Steve, Dr. Rice is one of the wolves.
AK   (11.21.07)
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