US asks Israel to stop importing pistachio from Iran
Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.11.07, 10:04
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1. Pistachio nuts
danny ,   jerusalem Israel   (11.21.07)
I remember the good old days of the Iraq Iran war. Israeli planes delivered spare parts to the Iranian air force for the Americans (see Iran/contra affair) and rather than return empty they brought planeloads of pistachio nuts, which then sold for less than peanuts. danny
2. Just Try Iranian Rice-It is uniquely worth all risks of smug
Tayfun_Turkey   (11.21.07)
Just Try Iranian Rice-It is uniquely worth all risks of smuggling When I saw their rices(only once I tasted "smuggled to Turkey") I just understood how Japanese and Chinese eat rice with two sticks: Iranian rice is so big as you may eat one by one! Perhaps Iranian jews do not leave Iran despite futile attempts of zionists just because what they have as reaches they cannot find elsewhere!(Beside their comfort with Iranian muslims)
3. driving Rice Nuts!
eddie ,   london Uk   (11.21.07)
This chaotic irrational givernment , is actign completely foolish. They ask the world community to enact sanctions agianst Iran, and then import Pistachios from iran - ie funding Iran's atomic ambitions. They tried to make peace at Oslo , arming the PA, who then turned the guns against the, during the Oslo terror, and then the 2nd intifada. Now they are arming the same PA with ammunition . The ammunition that Hamas has taken in Gaza was also PA weaponsry, supplied by Israel. Overall, a bunch of NUTS!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.21.07)
No sanctions should be imposed on foodstuff.What portion of Israelis pocket money is consumed on pistachio from Iran?It is an absurd move.Cherish the Iranian pistachio,friends.
5. Tough Sanctions ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.21.07)
Boy, that should shake up the Iranian economy. Are these people so stupid that they think sanctions on pistachio nuts will stop Iran? I'm the first to say we should bomb Iran & effect regime change. Only military action will work. I also buy Iranian pistachios which happen to be excellent - American pistachios taste like wood. Notice no one is suggesting a boycott of Iranian oil, stopping commercial air flights to Iran, stopping all bank transactions with Iranian state-controlled banks, or any other meaningful sanction. Pistachios? NUTS.
6. Tough Sanctions
Nutball ,   Nutso-Futso   (11.21.07)
Well Terry, I guess, pistachios are not the only thing on the list of sanctioned goods, Einstein! What's much funnier though is the fact that some Israelis (as usual) couldn't care less for even the most useful (non violent) tool in order to stop Iran as long as they can a) make a penny b) stuff their faces c) both It's so typically Israeli, not to follow the rules but just simply to to do what's giving them some kind of superficial advantage in the short run. You people would try to sell a rope to your own hangman....
7. US wants to sell its junk pistachio, that is the only reason
Rafi ,   Haifa   (11.21.07)
8. George, Maybe If They Were Radioactive Israel Would Stop
David ,   Marietta USA   (11.21.07)
Stop whining about minor issues. Iran is going nuclear, and we are worried about pistachio nuts! Typical American State Department thinking.
9. #3 Whats a matter with wild Rice?
Mark ,   Kibbutz Elrom   (11.21.07)
10. Against the Iranian regime NOT the people
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (11.21.07)
Why should some small businessman in Iran who exports pistachios suffer just because he lives with a madman for a president?
11. Iranians and israelis had good relationships in the history
Dan ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.21.07)
Regardless of current political situation, iranians and israelis had good relationships in the history, only in the past 25 years it is changed. Hopefully the good relationship between two great nations once again recovered.
12. US "DEMANDS" ? ? ? ?
emanon ,   USA   (11.21.07)
That's chutzpah! Israel is an independent contry and the US has no right to DEMAND anything on such a minor issue. Yeah, Israel may be skirting sanctions, but this is not quite the same type of skirting sanctions as where the US sell arms to country A who then sells to country B that has US imposed restrictions on arms sales. Since Bush and Company get their money from country A, they sit back fat, dumb and happy and ignore the whole mess.
13. Americans would be better served to also not import...
jack ,   San Diego, USA   (11.21.07)
pistachios from Iranian. And while at it, how about banning import to the US of Iranian carpets, Iranian oil, and Iranian tourists and immigrants altogether?
14. Washington displeased with nuts smuggled to Turkey from Tehr
Barry Berger ,   Qiryat Tivon   (11.21.07)
Are the "nuts" referred to here the pistacio kind or the human kind?
15. As usual...Israeli's are nuts.
Elokim ,   Israel   (11.21.07)
I have to agree with #6... What's much funnier though is the fact that some Israelis (as usual) couldn't care less for even the most useful (non violent) tool in order to stop Iran as long as they can: a) make a penny b) stuff their faces c) both It's so typically Israeli, not to follow the rules but just simply to do what's giving them some kind of superficial advantage in the short run. You people would try to sell a rope to your own hangman!!!! Of course...they would have to make a neto off the deal!!!! Then it would be ok to do the same for other Jews as well... right Olmert and the rest of the Israeli/US government!!??
16. # 10, That question he should ask
his madman leader, Ahma..., his primitive and lethal ayatollahs and ,not at all, Chaya from Bat Yam. By the way, every so called little businessman, as you dubbed them, will finally pay lots of taxes to the suicidal-state of Iran. You don't want that, do you, Chaya ?
17. #5 and bellicose statements
English guy ,   London   (11.21.07)
"I'm the first to say we should bomb Iran & effect regime change" Well, I'm so glad to read that you are willing to stand up and be counted amongst those who incite murder and exhort various nations of the world to embark upon a new world war - as if the last two were not bad enough. I suspect that you wish to see Iran bombed has more to do with your personal dislike of Arabs (who are not Iranians) and your hatred for all Moslems rather than any balanced geo-political strategic analysis. I'm so happy to read your ongoing calls for mass murder and can only assume that when people call for Israel to be bombed you will also say that it just, as according to your vocabulary armed conflict and mass murder are an acceptable part of daily discussion. Need the address of a good anger therapist?
18. Nutcases, like Olmert, needs Nuts to live on.
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.07)
Does the US wants them to go bananas? Where will they all those bananas from?
19. Don't eat anything imported from Iran.
20. I've seen religious folk (by their clothing, anyway) having
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.07)
coffee in some very unkosher places. Places that are open on Shabbat, serve unkosher food, etc. I guess when the craving hits for a cuppa Joe, it overrules all else.
21. 17# English guy is really nuts
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (11.21.07)
What should we do wait for Iran to get nuclear weapons? Do you remember how the whole world was mad at Israel for destroying Iraq's nuclear station? Later most of the sane world realized how important Israel's action was.
22. Pistachio enriched Nukes...
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.07)
Who the hell needs uranium or plutonium anymore! Hahahah
23. 10 - because the many always pay
for the behaviour of the few. Why, who knows, but it is always the case. On Monday night in Israel a beautiful young soul, 29 years of age paid the price of an immoral and inept government.
24. California exports tons of pistachio nuts. Why not buy
Rivkah   (11.21.07)
from them since the sanctions on Iran are for protecting Israel?
25. Nuts
Ahmed ,   India   (11.21.07)
It is really disgusting to see the act of the US. The US just knows how to take the advantage. Their policies are well known to Indians,,,, DIVIDE AND RULE.....
26. Nuts
Ahmed   (11.21.07)
For once the Americans are absolutely right. The Israelis already have plenty of nuts in their country. Why do they need any more???? Just look at your politicians, your right wing nut jobs, your "settlers"........and the list goes on........No shortage of nuts in your country !!!!!!!
27. As usual, Israel is the easiest "nut" to crack
28. Well - here goes my Pistachi! Hopefully others will follow!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.21.07)
I can definitely live without Iranian Pistachio. Why should we finance an enemy sworn to our destruction? I usually check every product to see its country of origin and decide whether to buy it or not depending on that particular country policy towards Israel but I missed the Pistachio. With all the few things I had to give up, I still live and eat quite well. Even better - I also feel good that I do not compromise my values for a few Iranian nuts or a piece of Belgian chocolate. Muslim and Leftist Anti-Semites do this everywhere with Israeli products. They do not think about the "Jewish people" when they boycott - they'd rather see us all die regardless. If we, as Jewish customers cannot do the same with products coming from offending or enemy countries, then we really deserve the disrespect we get almost everywhere.
29. Dealing with an enemy state?
Chaim ,   Canada   (11.21.07)
"Keenum told Simhon that it was absurd that Israel was purchasing most of its pistachio nuts from an enemy state." The US government is very hypocritical. On one hand it is forcing Israel to stop buying nuts from an enemy state (Iran). On the other hand the US is forcing Israel to provide fuel, electricity and food to another enemy state (Hamas).
30. peace
dan ,   montreal   (11.21.07)
when you have good taste you want the best. if iranian nuts are the best then thats what i want. on that note id like to say that the whole israeli-arab conflict is about food. its not that their land was stolen, but their recipes!!! and now the arabs are upset cuz all their recipes are so much better when israelis make them. we shouldnt be talking about land swaps, but recipe swaps. if we show the arabs how to make better hummus/shawarma/falafel, etc...then theyll all be so much happier! peace!!
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