Report: IAF strike in Syria also targeted radar station
News agencies
Published: 22.11.07, 15:36
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1. The Wolf helps the decieved Chicken
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.22.07)
""When Ariel Sharon proposed unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, President Bush was disappointed. He had made it clear that there would be no concessions on Israel?s part until there was a complete cessation of terrorism"" Benny Elon You were lied to if you believe this ,or you are lying to us ? The fact is that the president threatened Sharon when he came to Washington to get moving on his Road Map plan to dismember Israel starting with Gaza Have you forgotten that it is the Bush Road map to a Palestinian State and not the Ariel Sharon Road Map ? Bush has never held the Palesatinians accountable always making excuses for a weak Abbas and restraining Israel from taking any decisive military action. Bush works for Israel's enemes making sure that Israel does not accomplish a decisive defeat against any Arab army again. It was Bush and Rice who came to the rescue of Hezbollah after Olmert sent the IDF up to the Litani River. That is when the US ,puny French led Ceasfire resolution was delivered to the UN to save Hezbollah and stop the IDF. Puppet Olmert did the bidding of his Master George then as he always does. ------------------------- The Dark Truth, the US leads the pack of Wolves to destroy Israel and the so called Israel supporting bloc hold the evil wolf high on their pedestal to worship and protect from any critical assesment. The sad reality is that Israel is the Turkey not Olmert. It is Israel which is the meaty feast to be carved up by the wolf who speaks with smoothwords as he drives his carving knife deeper and deeper into the heart of Israel. The zionists Jews and supporters of Israel have failed miserably as they have coddled and stroked the back of their wolf and protected him from all criticism. These cowardly and deceived fools could only blame his secretary when it has always been the Bush Wolf who has craved stuffing his Palestinian state in the heart of what has always been Israel. There are the few ,the minority who see the smoothtalking destroyer of Israel Bush for who he is. His smoothwords drip like honey from his mouth as he buries the knife deeper into the heart of Israel. The strong delusion is on so many Zionists and supporters of Israel who continue to make excuses for their smooth talking decietful wolf who masquerades as a smooth talking sheep. ---------------------------------------- Come on ,anyone not wearing blinder can see it is the blood sacrifice of Israel by the us. to the moon god allah .All the Islamic countries are invited to get a choice piece of Israel. The expert at burning things, President Bush will supply the barbecue sauce. '''''''''''''''' Because Israel has no Choice ? ""When the United States extends an invitation, you respond and you respond positively"""" M .Halperin That's the problem in a nut shell .Spineless, faithless Jews who can not say no to their new god George. They blame Condi when it is the vision and dream of George for his Islamic Plaestinian state on land ethnically cleansed of every Jew. Is there anyone in Israel who can say NO ?
2. Marcel, Just shut up and go away. What
Joe ,   Oho, USA   (11.22.07)
a complete idiot!
3. yeah, Marcel IS a completet idiot!
4. Marcel, I have some beach front property...
I want to ,   sell you.   (11.22.07)
5. To Marcel: Your Analysis is Destroying Israel
Dave Levy (Zionist) ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (11.22.07)
To Marcel: I do read most of your comments. You are way off base. While I personally don't believe in a 2state solution (Jordan is the real true Palestine), there is no other viable alternative. Time is agin Israel., with the Arabs continually arming and beefing up their armies. Let's not get carried away Marcel with US bashing. Israel needs US, more than we need them. US Jews are feckless in the main..but there are tens of thousands of activists, for Israel (including moi), Haven't you noticed? We email, write, phone, our legislators continually. We join AIPAC and the ZOA and contribute hefty sums to Israel, purchase billions in bonds, etc. What do you hope to achieve? Bush IS THE PRESIDENT, last time I looked. Would the Muslim Obama, or 2 faced Hilltary be better? Bush approved 30 billion in aid to Israel over 10 years (military credits). Get off your high horse Marcel..and get real. Israel needs all the help in can get from US (who else cares?). The Arabs have 300m faithful, moon G-d or no. The Muslim world, except for Turkey has a final Jihad earmarked for the little Jewish state, and we Diaspora Jews. In the UN Jewish hatred is rampent..only the US supports Israel consistently. Our (pro-Israeli) lobbies and policies are attacked viciously..with some results (see Carter, Fein, Buchanan, Scowcroft, Gravis, CNN, PBS, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, college professors, CAIR, Baker-Hamilton, Pelosi, etc.).The real problem is our divisiveness and fragmentation and sheeplike support of the Democratic left). You could and should be doing something constructive to help our religious brethren in Israel. Don't undermine it' s's all our necks. Al Qaeda has a fatwa on our heads, all of US. Farrakhan is waiting in the woodwork, along with his fellow cockroaches.
6. #5 David
Marcel ,   Floirida   (11.22.07)
Yor sin is that you have made the US your God and Savior and Messiah. The God of Israel is angry with His people for this idolatry. What will Israel do when the US is no more ,just another destroyed empire ?
7. Still guesswork
Damir ,   Russia   (11.22.07)
Aviation Week boosts the circulation. I'd better look for simpler explanations.
8. Although I don't agree with everything Marcel writes--let's
Brooke   (11.22.07)
How can you possibly explain Israel's resistance to going in and finishing off Hamas, especially in the last 2 years of their stepped up terrorist, rocket attacks? . No instead, the US appoints Egypt to be the Philadelphi corridor trustees---Egypt-- who is no ally of Israel and had to be threatened with millions of dollars to pretend to patrol her border.. How do you explain propping up Abbas--the holocaust denier and arrogant Jew hating "pali"?. While they negotiate the end of Israel's defensible borders, dividing Jerusalem ( the place Bush swore he would move the US embassy??!!!)and The Temple Mount, our holiest site The US trains and arms Abbas' men to kill more Jews. Why has the US never insisted the fatah charter of the death and destruction of Israel be rescinded? The school books and TV shows stop demonizing the Jews and calling them "descendants of apes & pigs"?? There is no such thing as a palestinian people. This is what the Jews in Israel were called before 1948.. They have the audacity to ask for Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. If Bush is such a good Christian--how can his conscience abide this.? He knows the arabs true intentions and he knows the Saudis and all the arabs hate Israel, especially because this tiny country has achieved and invented so much. Every time their armies amass to destroy Israel--she wins. Their jealousy and humiliation is all consuming and Bush is giving his oil partners exactly what they demand--an indefensible Israel. The US has invited 40 countries---most of them Israel's sworn enemies-to a conference to weaken her even further. This is not the ally that Israel needs. No the Bush administration and the State dept once again---is no friend of Israel's. How do you ask a friend to commit suicide??
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