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Paris Jews face growing anti-Semitism
Lior Zilberstein
Published: 23.11.07, 10:18
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1. Anti-semitimt
Jacquot ,   T.A   (11.23.07)
Live France welcome in Israel
2. Jews in France
David ,   Haifa   (11.23.07)
I am not one of those who say that all Jews should come here, I know from my own experience that it can be extremely hard to emigrate to what in more than one way is a foreign country, but when I read: "We live in the heart of Paris. Where else can we go to feel safe?", as a Zionist I can come up with only one answer.
3. France or New Algeria..come to Israel!
Leonello ,   Jerusalem   (11.23.07)
You got a place where to go if you want to feel at least home....french people is hostage of the muslim immigrants, in fact we already saw they are not the owners or their land. Come to Israel and leave them having fun!!
4. The Jews around the world are victims of Israel
5. The Religion of Peace.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.23.07)
Just another episode in the Muslim war against us. How ironic that those that fled mistreatment in Arab countries now find themselves facing the same problem in Europe. Normally, I would have that knee-jerk reaction & say that Aliyah to Israel is the best option for European Jews. These days, I'm not so sure. Given the policies of our current gov't., maybe it's not so safe here either. I made Aliyah from an Arab country (which, by the way, was safer for Jews than Paris) because I felt that the situation was deteriorating since 9/11. But since I'm here in Israel & see close-up our political reality, I'm not so sure I made the right decision. That's a very sad thing for me to say. Nonetheless, I don't believe Jews have a future in Europe. Wherever there has been Muslim immigration, there is a rise in anti-Jewish incidents. We are facing a totalitarian ideology that uses anti-Semitism the same way fascists used it in the 1930's. And, just like the 1930's, most of the world ignores the threat. Europe & America prefered to do nothing until it was too late. They could not understand that when Jews are threatened, eventually, so are they. This problem is not going away any time soon - in all liklehood, it will only gain momentum.
6. "Where else can we go to feel safe?" - ISRAEL YOU FOOLS!....
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (11.23.07)
...time to come home brothers. Either way you will come, it whether it is now or after the hardships come harder upon you, but you you will come.
7. This is why Israel is so necessary but...
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (11.23.07)
...we should feel safe in any country that we are in, especially a democracy in Western Europe. The police, the government and local communities need to come down and come down HARD on this sort of abuse. These degenerates (abusive Muslim youths) need to be put in the place. The national Jewry of every country that there is a Jewish community has given soooo much in every field of culture to the host country that protection and the 'pusuit of happiness is a minimum requirement'!
8. #4
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (11.23.07)
A cowardly email that ignores the fact that was anti-Semtism before the state of Israel... perpartrated by almost every conceivable part of society. In the article kids were called 'dirty Jew' without refernce to Israel. In the UK I experienced anti-Semitism with absolutely no Israel connection, they would be too ignorant to know any of the politics and it was 15-20 years ago. Israel baiting is a far more popoular past time nowerdays than then. This is not why I came to Israel but I am happy that if someone calls me a 'dirty Jew' over here is is because of hygiene not a term of abuse.
9. Step up security
David ,   Zichron Yaacov   (11.23.07)
Of courrse Aliyah is not an option for everyone and jewish French still have a patriotic connection to "la grand nation". What is necessary is to step up security, like in other European countries to protect jewish citizens and places. Don't count on local Police, they usually don't give a shit. Hire your own. In many European countries the real security is done by Israelis who know what to do in a case of an emergency.
gabriela ben ari   (11.23.07)
11. Picture
RIck ,   Toronto   (11.23.07)
What's the link to the picture? Are you sure those people are immigrants? Did the photographer ask them? Are they connected to the anti-Jewish violence. Don't forget France has the third highest Jewish population in the world. The ratio of anti-semitic incidents in the US and even Israel (unfortunately), probably exceeds that of what is experienced in France.
12. they should all come to Israel because
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (11.23.07)
1. It's the only honorable thing to do in a world that hates Jews. 2. More beautiful French Jewish girls in Israel!
13. anti-semitic incidents in Paris
Alan ,   London, UK   (11.23.07)
I have family in Paris covering 3 generations.If they ever tell me that they are being subjected to "a wave of violent anti-semitic incidents", then and only then would I pay attention to this sort of alarmist and self-serving article. Occasional anti-semitic incidents are part and parcel of life in the Diaspora, particularly in Europe. The important thing is that the authorities take action and in France they certainly do. As far as I can see there is no movement amongst the 600,000French jews, Ashkenazi or Sefardi, for mass Aliyah, much to the dismay of certain circles in Israel
14. My husband's cousin arrived from Paris today!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (11.23.07)
My husband's young cousin arrived today from Paris. His wife will be joining him in two weeks. They are here to stay!!
15. Stop being so damn' nice!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.23.07)
Articles and some of the tb's pertaining to this subject make me so angry I could spit nails! Jews will just have to stop trying to be good little boys and girls and simply teach some of these asshats - wherever they are or whatever they may call themselves - that it doesn't pay to harass Jews and/or make their lives miserable. I don't know about anybody else's, but my god demands that I use any means complying with commandment #1: Thou shalt do whatever it takes to defend and preserve the life I so graciously gave you or I, your god, will make you regret it!!
16. I remember .......
Kapara al Haismuk   (11.23.07)
I remember the good old days....when france was not a muslim country.
17. French Jews have been coming to Quebec
Jean Guy Labatt   (11.23.07)
If not Quebec than certainly Canada. Canada the home of the moose, deer, polar bears and wide open territory. Try to F with a Jew with a farm, a rifle and a knowledge of the land. Also -40c in Feb keeps the rag heads out. Canada...The greatest country in the world.
18. to Rick #11
Ezra ,   Canada ex-France   (11.23.07)
First the picture is that of Arabs burning cars during last year riots. Second, being a French living in Canada, I can testify there is no way to compare the situation here and there. In France, to be a "good" Jew, you have to be against Judaism and against Israel. If not, you will be considered an extremist and a fascist by your neighbours, co-workers and non jewish friends. In France, you have to constantly watch for young muslims who will assault you anywhere and anytime if they can identify you as a Jew. In France, the police won't register a complaint and look for culprits related to antisemitism.
19. Why are Jews living in a Muslim neighborhood?
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.23.07)
In light of the situation in the Middle East, that doesn't make any sense. They must love pain over there.
20. #11 Rick
Igor ,   Germany   (11.23.07)
Concerning the picture, you are right, but in this regard ynetnews is not any worse than other media. When European papers report on Jews, they depict almost exclusively haredim in black coats and with long beards. Concerning populations and ratios: do you have any data to support your opinion? For France we know that in 2002 there were 900-something racist incidents, where in 600-something cases the victims were Jewish. In other words, 1% of the population received 66% of the racially motivated violence. Next year the French proudly announced that the number of anti-Semitic attacks has fallen by about a half. The fact that ALL racially motivated crimes have fallen by MORE than a half, implying that the ratio of anti-Semitic attacks actually got worse, was practically hidden in the report.
21. four teen hating incidents; thet's realy too much!
22. Old news...
Sasha   (11.23.07)
History repeats itself and the only nation (the jews are more like tribes than a nation) who does not learn from history are the Jews. Every century the same thing: Prosecution. Every time there's a different justification but it's the same monster in desguise. God gave the jews a state, a homeland. Istead of returning to it, the Jews love it from a far because money is more important than the lessons of history. Right? WRONG !!!
23. As arabs in France multiply, soon all the Jews will leave
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (11.23.07)
24. well, for one, they could beat the crap ot of some Muslims
diamond ,   USA   (11.23.07)
It really is so obvious. Why do we raise our children to be afraid of self defense and self-protection? Everybody talks a good game, but nobody wants to do the pushups and the sparring. Attention Jews: you can't farm out everything. Break some bones, hard, and the attacks will stop. Put down the XBox....
25. #19 why don't they move to Israel from where they come?
Muslims have the biblical right & birth right to live in their ancestors' land; Andalusia and franchised land.
26. Same ol' same ol'
Shira   (11.23.07)
History repeats itself and the only nation (the Jews are more like tribes than a nation) who does not learn from history are the Jews. Every century the same thing: Prosecution. Every time there's a different justification but it's the same monster in disguise. God gave the Jews a state, a homeland. Instead of returning to it, the Jews love it from a far because money is more important than the lessons of history. Right? WRONG!!! Come back home! Make Israel stronger and to what it’s supposed to be: a homeland for the Jews.
Fernad Provisor ,   Jerusalem - Paris   (11.23.07)
The main reason and mostly why French Jews suffered and go on suffering in my home land of France is that they are obnoxious snobs and always look down upon every race with a sick eye! In Israel where I recently purchased an apartment in the Arnona area I experienced Jewish racism from the local Israeli Jews, I asked “Why the hatred towards me cause I am a French Jew” and was told by many that the French Jews that run off to Israel are racist snobs themselves pretending to be of a higher class of what they consider themselves to be real Jew and not the uncultured locals of Israel. They come to Israel only out of fear and not Zionist aliyah, they buy in Israel with their French credit cards and most of their money is in the French banks in Euro not in Israel in shekels. They speak mostly French and put down Israel products calling the inferior and third world material. THIS IS WHY THE WORLD HATES JEWS CAUSE OF THE SNOBISH ATTITUDES not for any other reason, Touché my French cousins?
28. # 26 SHIRA NO NO DON"T !!!
Fernand Provisor ,   Israel - Paris   (11.23.07)
29. Eurabia has a problem. Islam is NOT peaceful.
David ,   Boston, USA   (11.23.07)
Look all over the world and you will see Islam is a very violent religion in application. Muslims dont get along with anyone including themselves. Its a religion by the sword. I know plenty of peaceful Muslims, but overall there is a huge issue with Islam in the world, Its not just between Muslims and Jews, but with Muslims and EVERYONE else everywhere in the world. Think about it. This time Jews are fighting back though. Arabs/Muslims cant stand the fact that Israel/Jews were there before Islam. It doesnt work with their history. The good news is, no enemy of Israel has ever survived. Todays enemies are no different.
30. 19# I'm still trying to figure out how the Arabs ended up
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.24.07)
living in a Jewish neighborhood,(Israel). It must have been a mass migration by force that accomplished the task. It's happening in Europe also. Take the other guys land, or buy it.......then subject all the Khaffers to Sharia Law. They are planning it for the United States also. Canada might as well figure out how all the Canadians ended up living in a muslim neighborhood also.
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