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Swastika carved into 17-year-old girl's skin
Associated Press
Published: 24.11.07, 09:38
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1. something's wrong
Bernie ,   Germany   (11.24.07)
What strikes me most is that no-one here seems to be surprised. Something's definitely going wrong in our society, esp. in east Germany.
2. Have a look, Bernie from Germany...
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (11.24.07) is concerned, Bernie: Democracy is a vulnerable good: REPORT HATE-CRIMES! Antisemitic content in German language is rapidly growing: German officials urgently warned, that the number of such propaganda sites grew by more than 600% in 1998 and that the content of these pages is getting more and more violent. The same report concluded that it is almost impossible to control these pages, as they usually are hosted in countries where the publication of antisemitic propaganda does not constitute a criminal offense. This may be true, but in most cases the publishers of these (german language) sites live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. In 1998 we gave the opportunity to report such sites and since then hundreds of sites and incidents were reported to our office and dozens of these criminals were prosecuted... REPORT HATE-CRIMES under: Regards, Gerd.
3. 4 men harrassing a 6 yr old girl ...
dan kaplan ,   usa   (11.24.07)
they must be very proud of themselves. do they get medals for this ?
4. Jewish hate posts on google
Petra ,   usa   (11.25.07)
And googles ceo, a Jew, calls it 'free speech'. I wonder how many anti muslim posts he allows? Get real all these prix love money more than life, especially, Jewish lives.
5. Four 'men'
Siddhartha Vicious ,   USA   (11.25.07)
Actually, four of these supposed 'men' versus a 6 year and 17 year old girl is the sort of odds they want. I am sure had there ben another girl there, possibly 12 or above, all four would have run, screaming and crying like the cowardly pukes nazis have always been.
6. Neo-nazi's
Ruvain ,   Albany USA   (11.25.07)
So has Germany convinced the world that they have changed?
7. Germany disgusts me. Long live Israel.
debra ,   usa   (11.25.07)
8. Ben Hecht-"Germany hasn't changed, they're just resting" n/m
diamond ,   chitown   (11.26.07)
9. Time to wipe out brutality and the brutes from the face of t
Arthur ,   Israel   (11.28.07)
By love or by force
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