Report: US will not force Israel's hand in Annapolis
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.11.07, 10:34
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1. An analysis of Annapolis
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (11.24.07)
The following is the best analysis that I have read to date concerning Annapolis. What the Americans, the Gulf States, Israel and the Palestinians want. A fascinating article! Mike
2. "The Israelis trust Bush… " Really?
3. trust
colin   (11.24.07)
Israelis trust Bush only as far as it is possible tto throw a cat.Unfortunately the corrupt Olmert thinks he can talk for the population of Israel with only a 3% rating.Olmert will not be able to bring any changes.The arabs still have not accepted the four conditions for peace.!!!!!!!!!
4. The Bully has already forced ISRAEL.
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.24.07)
Washington has been getting email's and pressure from Israel's suporters and they know how to calm the fears of many. Just Lie ,it's worked so well before and the dumb voters always swallow the pill. But the facts are easy to see . Gaza was forced on Sharon behind closed doors while Bully Bush smiled before the camera's. We know how Bush's Secretary Lice pushes Israleearound ,the Phidalphia corridor surrender ,the appeasment's,the realese of terrorists ,the RESTRAINT,the weapons supplied,all to help Bush close friend, terrorist Fatah leader Abbas And we know who is dying to get his vision for his Palestinian state on the ground where Jews once lived. Who but fools trust politician's with a track record like this ?
5. Defense Department wages war, State Department wages peace
Chonny ,   Colorado, US   (11.24.07)
Just as the Department of Defense wages war against our (US and Israeli) enemies, the State Department wages peace against our friends, but not out of malice. It is a misguided attempt to secure a real peace. It will not succeed with Annapolis, yet the conference will help both Israel and her neighbors. In the end, we will weaken Iran and Syria.
6. Bush no more.
Robert ,   Upstate, Ny   (11.24.07)
I tell you what, for all the Israelis who dislike, or should I say HATE America's President Bush you will really feel the Wrath of Radical Islam when he is out of office. Unless someone like Mr. Giuliani gets into office you guys are pretty much screwed. They won't take you militarily they (the fanatics) will take you by making you rot from the inside. it is working already with all the opposition. Israel, if you are going to have a voice, have one voice.
7. Still Waiting
Mark ,   Kibbutz Elrom   (11.24.07)
I have yet to receive my invitation. Is this a good or a bad sign?
8. arming pals
john ,   au   (11.24.07)
releasing terrorists. america lies
9. Naive Rice Would, Spiritualy Enlightened Bush Will Not.
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (11.24.07)
no way Bush would force Israel to do anything short of making simple gestures towards peace, which is what most Israeli's really want. It's all about the Arabs and letting go of their aspirations to destroy Israel generation after generation. Logic plays a greater role in the agenda of our Executive Branch then many will give credit for.
10. #6 Robert
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.24.07)
You make your Bush the god of Israel and forget that Israel already has a God. You talk like a deceived idol worshiper . The false god you have placed high on your pedestal is a fraud from top to bottom. He rewards evil Islam and weakens Israel by his false peace scam. His war on terror is a lie because he does nothing about Wahabbi terrorist nation,Saudi Arabia ,but he does much agaisnt the Jews of Israel. Wake up ,blind one ! His Road Map is Hitlers final soulution packaged in deception and a fake peace which pleases his Saudi lovers.
11. US pressuring Israel NOW
arthur ,   jersey City usa   (11.24.07)
Rice and US is wringing concessions and promises from Israel BEFORE Annapolis. Ther won't be much for Israel to give at Annapolis.
12. State Dept. Wages arab Capitulation
James Jesse ,   Dallas, USA   (11.24.07)
or should I say the Hate Dept.
13. Bush
Ed Sims ,   Birmingham, USA   (11.24.07)
That's because: a. Bush does not care about the Palestinian people b. Bush is a Christian Zionist who believes he can force God's hand c. Bush is a weak patsy These are the only options that any enlightened person can see
14. Bush, AKA Neville Chamberlain
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (11.24.07)
Make no doubt about it, Israel is being thrown under the bus. Consider the facts. The US was suffering significantly in Iraq and the violence was escalating. Washington and Iran were engaged in sabre rattling and tensions were increasing over the Iranian nuclear program and involvement in Iraq. Then what happened? Poof! Violence in Iraq diminished significantly, Iranian/US tension evaporated, and Annapolis was born. Coincidence? Not on your life! The Bush administration has cut a deal with Iran - Israel for Iraq.
15. P E R P L E X E D
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (11.24.07)
I must say that I can't understand why Bush is putting on this show. Meaningful diplomacy is carried on by small groups working behind the scenes, preferably in total secrecy. A public meeting is then held to announce results already achieved. Either Bush is totally stupid, which is very possible, or he has no intention of trying to achieve anything, but has some ulterior motive that is not clear to me. Any suggestions?
16. #14-#15 perplexed ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.24.07)
Bush is not a Christian ZIionist ! If he were Israel's size would grow not shrink and the Plaestinians would not always be rewarded while the Jews allways punished and thrown off their land. How can so many of you be so naive ? The truth is Bush is a skull & Bones satanist.The proverbial wolf who speaks and dress like a lamb. the sad reality is that so many delusional people were so easlily fooled.
17. If Israel Is Being Thrown Under the Bus
tinashkuli   (11.24.07)
it is being done with OLMERT'S permission. Israel needs a leader with the BACKBONE to tell the Americans NO. The consequences of capitulating to the Americans' every demand, will be far worse than the consequences of saying NO.
18. Olmert the dolt on the bus
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (11.24.07)
The only reason this D.C.-Iranian operation is occuring with such ease is due precisely to Olmert's weakness. If the Israelis had a leader with some fortitude, it would certainly be more difficult, though Israel really operates at the whim of the U.S. Don't fool yourself Bush and the State Department are offering up Israel as a sacrifice. Rise up Israelis and dipose Olmert before it is too late.
19. James Baker will do the Forcing!
MARK ,   Boston   (11.24.07)
James Baker will do all the forcing in Annapolis. The US Hate Israel Dept will do all the forcing.
20. Gang up on Israel "Peace" Conference
MARK ,   Boston   (11.24.07)
What about Gilad Shalit? How can there be a peace conference if Hamas refuses to recognize Israel and vows to destroy Israel.
21. Good cop, bad cop
Fred   (11.24.07)
In America we call it 'good cop/bad cop.' Here Bush is playing the good cop while Condyloma plays the bad cop. She'll demand both of Olmert's testicles, while Bush says, "No, no, let's be fair, all we need is one of them." Olmert will think that's a great bargain.
22. Reps vs. Dems
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.24.07)
If some of you people think that Bush is throwing Israel under the bus, were the Moonbats to really get the upper hand, they'd donate the bus and the driver. They're probably already counting the votes they can buy from the illegals with the aid money withheld from Israel. As Achmed the Dead Terrorist might say, "I'd sell the Jews for the deciding votes in any swing State." As off the wall as those far-right, Christian Fundamentalists may be with the weird thinking that their eternal salvation depends on the reality of a Jewish homeland and a Jewish Jerusalem, at least, they believe in both in terms other than as a bargaining chip for who knows what. And to say that things have changed in Iraq due to some chicanery with Iran and at the expense of Israel is like saying the US won WWII, due to some underhanded deal with Vichy France. Let's get real! Neither the US nor the Arab States have the slightest interest to see a nuclear Iran. Compared to that horror show, a secure, mind-our-own-business-just-leave-us-alone-and-stop-trying-to-kill-us Israel sounds pretty reasonable. As depressing as it sounds, having a Moonbat in the White House is almost worth just hearing some people's trying to back-pedal and explain the stunts they'd try to pull just to stay in power. As this new and improved Moonbat congress has shown, already, they haven't changed a thing or kept a single one of their pre-election promises. All they do is test the waters with one BS scheme or the other, hoping to get zapped by Bush, if it turns out not to be too popular and before it can do some real damage with the folks back home. Damn' hypocrites!
23. WARNING! Read Kade's review of the Annapolis
Rivkah   (11.24.07)
situation at! America is privately siding with the Palestinians and the IDF Generals are very upset. All I can feel is revulsion at Secretary Rice and the American view and expectations of Israel that has been with-held from the public. It is the second article, scrolling down the November 24 newsletter from Kade Hawkins. The espectation is that Israel will withdraw to 1949 borders and give up control of Palestinian authority and allow millions of Arabs to flood into Israel under the "right of return" claims. Look at the wink of President Bush's eye on the picture. King Solomon WARNED about how the evil give themselves away: a wink of the eye, movement of the feet and hands when stillness is expected, for example. Charles Darwin's animal studies said concealed aggression in an animal can be detected in involuntary movements. Israel should withdraw from the conference and refuse to participate. The foreign aide money is not worth the destruction of the apple of God's eye.
24. Bush said Israel wouldn't need to negotiate with terrorists
Nannette ,   London   (11.24.07)
He lied...
25. #24 He invited an "Axis of Evil" Syria
Mark ,   USA   (11.24.07)
Bush has claimed for years that Syria,Iran, and North Korea are an axis of evil that sponsor terror. This president is supposed to be fighting a war on terror and invites Syria to attend. Bush is now with the terrorists.
26. Why didn't Bush invite Hamas and Iran?
Mark ,   USA   (11.24.07)
We could have a terrorist conference instead of a peace parley.
27. Marcel you are 100% correct
Mark ,   USA   (11.24.07)
Bush is the prince of lies! How many lies have we heard from this man? It has been an administration of lies and deception. Constant lies. No one believes a president that lies and deceives. A liar is hosting a peace conference. His idea of peace is war.
28. Skeptical ...understatement
Jerry Johnstone ,   Houston, Texas   (11.24.07)
Anyone who thinks that the PA, and the terrorist groups in that region will keep their word are out of their minds. They have yet to ever honor any treaty or agreement ....period. So what makes PM Olmert, even think that giving away Israeli land will bring peace? President Bush, ought to be more than skeptical to think this upcoming meeting will work, as Israel should, I don't even live there and don't believe the PA. All it is for the PA and the others is and ends to a means. Anyone with any concept of military strategy can see they are simply pushing Israel into a destroy. Everyone of these pro PA groups, that also includes Syria has made it clear they want to destroy both our countries. Not one more inch/centimeter of land should be given away under for any reason...especially the Golan Heights. Jerry Johnstone Houston, Texas
29. #22 Mike Hartley
Paul ,   USA   (11.24.07)
Mike, You pretty much nailed the situation with your talkback. Marcel thinks that the situation would be different if Mr. Bush was out of office. Who is being foolish Marcel? America has been meddling in Israel's affairs for decades. Do I need to post OSLO, Camp David with Carter and so on? The fact is that Israel's president should just tell America no deal. I don't like the fact that we are leaning on Israel but we are. We may be misguided but Marcel assumes he is privy to all back room plans that may be in the works. Truth is that we are all only guessing at the situation. Whoever is elected in 08 will continue on the same path as America has been on long before Mr. Bush got into office. We will eventually pay a heavy price for it and deservedly so. Marcel has anger issues and lashes out at many people, thinking only HE understands the situation. Who will you hate after Mr. Bush is gone? Things will play out as God sees fit and all we are to do is pray for Jerusalem and support Israel. Everything else is out of our hands. Isuppose you think John Kerry would be a better friend to Israel? Ha! What a joker.
30. #14 That is an Excellent analysis
MARK ,   Boston   (11.24.07)
Thank you for putting the pieces of the puzzle together. It all makes sense and all these events are Not Coincidences. Bush has cut a deal with Iran. The "Surge" has not stabilized Iraq. Iran got involved in Iraq. Bush is forced to do his part and that is to weaken Israel. Having all the Arab countries against weak Israel is exactly what Iran wants.
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