Report: IDF forces kill 2 gunmen in Gaza
Ali Waked
Published: 24.11.07, 11:50
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1. 2 Poor kids 16 and 18 year olds are gumen??
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (11.24.07)
Your own occupation soliders themeselevs said they asked them to leave the area few days earlier, i.e. these kids were usual known youth in the border area searching the iron and copper piles for livelihood, but they did not that they can not trust occupation monsters, just as much as they should have not trusted their leadership going to annapolis for a photo-op while 1.5 million Palestinians are locked up in the world's biggest prison called Gaza Strip. Shame on the occupation, Shame on Abbas
2. Report: IDF forces kill 2 gunmen in Gaza
metkal Hasuna ,   PNA   (11.24.07)
The victims were totally unarmed the time they were murdered by The IDF. They are farmers working in their private property when they were targeted by Isreali fire. They are innocent civilians with families, wives and offspring.
3. Poor Kids?
SB ,   Australia   (11.25.07)
Good try guys.... but no one relly believes you. Good work IDF! Keep it up.
4. Poor? u are poor! GO IDF!
David   (11.25.07)
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