State of human rights in US 'appalling'
Aviram Zino
Published: 24.11.07, 14:19
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1. Better courts in Israel than USA
Petra ,   usa   (11.24.07)
Especially with Herr Bush at the helm. Good to know the law is being followed better in the land where the law began. Now, wait for all the anti Israeli posters to shout!
2. Israel should learn from them
nelly ,   Israel   (11.24.07)
Barak embarass us whith his arrogance. The standart of Americain democracy is out of reach of many states, Israel included. Americains just refuded to fight terror whith their hands tietby pedantic lawmakers who don;t see beyound the clishees of false assumptions. The ultimate " human right" is to be protected from being killed and harrased b terrorists, and Americain stand by this principle. Not only Americains rejected the rigid interpratation of h.r. issues but also Russians. That;s why Putin is so popular. Because Barak's approach many Irsaeli sodiers and citizens were killed.
3. Pissing Contest
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (11.24.07)
The extent to which I allow my human or civil rights to be violated is up to me and not up to some old fogies wearing weird robes, playing god with legal semantics and collecting salaries for jobs they should have relinguished 10 years before they got too dotty to realize that the world is not what it used to be. If the temporary and specific violation of any of my rights saves the life of even one innocent fellow human being, then violate all you want to. I could not live with myself, if insisting on my rights were to have caused the death of another human being. I can always work to get back my rights, but I can't bring back the dead. To me, this too, is part and parcel of the price of freedom.
4. It is a good thing that
Antonio ,   Haifa   (11.24.07)
this enemy of the State of the Jewish people, this gnat Aharon Barak, is a FORMER Supreme Court judge. Now somebody should be talking about his assault on this country, on the basic freedoms of people to whom this country belongs, and on his constant efforts to undermine our independence.
5. Barak the Leftist
Frank ,   Canada   (11.24.07)
Is Barak willing to organize a competition of Leftist idiocies with Leftist Americans? This guy is pathethic.
6. Has this article been proof-read? has many spelling errors
Danny Temkin ,   Tel Aviv   (11.24.07)
7. Paper is indulgint
cp ,   Il   (11.24.07)
Just another one of Y-Net bold lies!
8. Israel's Courts Are NOT About Law & Order
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (11.24.07)
There is little doubt that Barak's social engineering concept of 'justice' is anything but legal. He has singlehandedly turned Israel's courts into a HAVEN for coddling terrorists. There is little point in any Jewish nationalist-religious or secular-to seek justice in its courts. Barak is shameless and believes that through judicial activism Israel can rid its people of the yoke of Judaism. He and his followers should realize that running a court like a personal social experiment/firfdom is NOT legal, nor is it about justice. Surely he has fooled very few and that is why Justice Bork and others hold Israeli courts in such disdain. I would be loathe to even enter an Israeli court for fear of a 'judicial lynching'.
Ron   (11.24.07)
11. to M.Hartley
Vitaliy ,   Brooklyn, USA   (11.24.07)
What you say is nice and inspirational, but it is not quite "the truth." Take it from someone more familiar with the rights of convicts of NJ and NY. What the TV shows is an ideal to be aspired to, it is not the reality. Reality is that many of the laws are "draconian" when they actually unravel in courts. Not to mention that many judges are old. (For example in NJ, there's a general limit of 70 on a judge's career. Nonetheless, all throughout the state you will find judges who are already pushing 80.) In NY, you still have small town and village courts, where "judges" don't even have a legal education (NYTimes did a series of articles on them last year.)
12. There is no question about the corruption of the courts in
Rivkah   (11.24.07)
America. I am waiting for the judges to be judged because I know it is coming since it is God's authority that is being misused. King David said power and authority belong to God. The judges in America have forgotten that when they should be a light to the world. Instead, they have become as rotteness in the bones of the Almighty.
13. Thisarticle is somewhat correct
Marlene N. ,   New York/USA   (11.24.07)
The United States is carrying out unspeakable acts in relation to human rights, however, its best teacher was Israel, its close friend and alleged ally. How can Barak even make a comment like that when Israel is committing atrocities against an entire society of people who live bascially around the corner. Barak must be living in a world of his own that hides reality.
14. An additional comment
Marlene N. ,   New York/USA   (11.24.07)
My country is complicit and guilty of carrying out atrocities against the Palestinian people even as a third-party since it supports Israel with billions of dollars per year, and sits idly by as these atrocities are carried out. That is also why America has no credibility left
15. if random sentences strung together...
you   (11.24.07)
were good journalism, then this would be a good journalistic article. As it is, it's just random sentences strung together without rhyme or reason
16. Human Rights?
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.24.07)
The term "human rights" has become the motto for many self-righteous people. There are "champions of human rights" and "human rights activists", and so on. What is behind this movement, if you will, of promoting "human rights"? In fact, who determines what a "human right" is in the first place? In ancient Greece, focus turned from a G-d-centered world to one where man was the center of the universe. "Man" or "mankind" were the be all and end all of existence. If it was good for "Man", if it gave him pleasure and happiness, well, this was what life was all about. Judaism opposed this anthropomorphic appoach and said that higher than Man is G-d, and it is He who determines right and wrong, good and bad, and moral and immoral. We are obligated to Him, and His Word and Will. When G-dless, unreligious people like Mr. Barak discuss "human rights" I think of what a throwback he is to the days of those primitive and selfish ancient Greeks who were more concerned about glorifying the human body than developing a relationship with the Almighty Creator. Mr. Barak has learned nothing.
17. Has anyone noticed that
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (11.24.07)
everybody is SAYING that we are committing "unspeakable atrocities" and "violating civil rights", yet nobody seems too interested in showing any patterns of abuse. I am sitting here in the middle of America doing what I have always done, driving where I have always driven, protested what I have always protested, yet my rights are being violated according to that deranged judge. If I were attempting to blow something up, or buy illegal weapons, or planning an assassination, then I may be visited by some unhappy representatives from the Federal Law Enforcement community. And rightfully so. Are there some cases where somebody went too far? Yup. Those people who have been caught going to far end up in a Federal Prison. Maybe we should look to REAL abuses, like that 19 year old girl who is being lashed 200 times because she is the victim of rape. Islam is the real violation of basic human rights.
18. barak
dan kaplan ,   usa   (11.24.07)
please have this judge (?) write an op-ed piece on moral corruption and arrogance, two subjects on which he has achieved a high level of excellence.
19. Bush waterboards and tortures!
MARK ,   Boston   (11.24.07)
The USA seens to endorse torture. In Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, our own prisons. Americans now get tasered to death.
20. US citizens not TRAITORS like Israel's Supreme (sic) Court
Rachel ,   Yokneam   (11.24.07)
21. Two concepts missing from Barak's lexicon
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (11.25.07)
Two concepts prominent in the American system are missing in Israel, and in Barak's lexicon: separation of powers, and checks and balances. Barak's "everything is judiciable" philosophy continues to live in today's High Court. Friedman's reforms, however imperfect, are a means of checking the court's presumptive seizure of both executive and legislative authority.
22. Unspeakable Acts?
Tom ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.25.07)
I know "unspeakable acts" implies not stating them but I would like to hear the specifics. What is Barak referring to. With the possible exception of waterboarding, all of the alleged human rights violations I have heard of are no more serious than American university fraternity initiations or military basic training.
23. Life has taught me to beware of idealists
Shira   (11.25.07)
They say beautiful words about social justice but most of them end up accused of abusing human rights themsrlves. It's like the evangelistic preachers preaching against homosexuality and then we find out they been raping little boys all along...
24. 23 Shira: It is more likely that Rabbis and Roman Catholic
Priests are the ones who rape little boys. The evangelists are more intested in adultery with females.
25. Ungrateful wretch
Patriot ,   Cleveland   (11.25.07)
Aharon Barak is an arrogant fool. He thinks that justice and freedom are the usual state of humanity, and is too busy being pompous to realize that these are actually bought with blood and constant vigilance of heros. Like no other, he has allowed the Arabs to murder Jews, and prevented the Jews from defending themselves. He has brought Israelis to the helpless ghetto of Barak's childhood which he apparently loved. Now he spouts his foolishness at the United States, whose sons traveled thousands of miles and died to save his life. He will have a rude awakening when he learns that Americans don't like being spit upon.
26. Fantasy World for Leftists
Vince P ,   Chicago, IL   (11.25.07)
It's unfortunte that for whatever Western culture produces these vile Leftists. It's a shame that they continiously undermine our societies that people far better than themselves worked so hard at creating. I wish there was a place on this world where the Leftists could go and could run anyway they like, so that when the disasterious consequences of their actions come to fruitiion that they and they alone pay the price. The Islamists know the Left is their conduit into our societies. The Left and their Human Rights have made us all vulnerable to people who are planning the destruction of our Law and the imposition of Sharia. When that day comes, I'll ask the new overlords if I can shoot the Leftist instead of him before I am killed too.
27. Afford Human Rights to What?
Johnson ,   USA   (11.25.07)
There is a line that is crossed when a human being is no longer human. Terrorist for example who plot, and kill the innocent for effect cease to be human and deserve no rights except for a long and painful death.
28. human rights
coolcuke ,   USA   (11.26.07)
It would seem that Israel is the bastion of human rights it claims to be .....that is if you're jewish. If not kiss your rights good-by especially if you have the unfortunate luck to have been born a true native of the land, a Palestinian. Youknow , I've read some where that if you are of jewish descent then no matter what you will always be considered jewish by jews. These Palestinian people were forced to convert from Judaism to Islam at the threat of death therefore they are by all rights still jewish. Israel is killing, maiming, imprisoning, and denying human rights to your own brothers and sisters. SHAME!
29. What?
Brian ,   Baton Rouge, USA   (11.26.07)
Pot. Kettle. Black.
30. The World's Worst Human Rights Offender is Pointing Finger?
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (11.27.07)
I must give Israelis credit in their amazing ability to commit the most egregious acts imaginable while calling the pot black at the same time. At least in the US the actions of the President are being reviewed by a constitutional court of law and many of the worst offenses have already been ruled unconstitutional, where as the Israeli High Court under Barak were co-conspirators in aiding Israel's commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity, not just human rights violations.
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