IDF kills 3 operatives in Gaza
Ali Waked
Published: 26.11.07, 13:47
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1. IDFs strikes
Petra ,   usa   (11.26.07)
Fabulous! Now, after the saudi summit, perhaps Israel can really clean house and rid themselves of this terror once and for all. The Pa is losing her mercenaries and Israel so far, hasn't lost a soul, thank G-d. Poor dumb pals nothing proves either successful or, profitable for them.They could try real peace for a change. This terror stuff is breaking them and soon, a reduction of power to Gaza! I wonder the cost in dollars plus lives this fiasco cost them? All best wishes for continued IDF success. G-d protect them.
2. Does this have to do with Annapolis by any chance?
Mark ,   Kibbutz Elrom   (11.26.07)
3. Mark,2#, from the "blueberry kibbutz"
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (11.26.07)
After this farce in Annapolis hopefully Israel will deal more harshly with Hamas in Gaza and also Iran will be dealt with too.
4. #1 and jubilation
English guy ,   London   (11.26.07)
how unseemly to jubilate after people are killed - whether they are Israeli or Palestinian - you are just like that famous woman who ululated and danced at 9/11. Seems that Zionist poison has removed the last vestiges of humanity from you and turned you into a person who can read of three people being killed and then state publicly "fabulous". Disgusting low life, is what you are.
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.26.07)
Why are there so few funerals going on in Gaza . I know you could do a much better job and help the pigs of jihad alot more. Why are you not helping them in their martyrdom's more ?
6. thank you glinglish guy for your support
rashid ,   palistinian   (11.26.07)
no time for jubilee after this attack and people are killed believe me i know for a fact that we only wanted to put flowers by the fance and the flowers were made of explosives and shaped like a bomb but it was only flowers and this israil force just shoot at us why lesh yaani what for also we never fire rockets at israil neve believe me we just send the israil shildren xmas present inside the rockets but they come and shoot at us why can you exeplain this glinglish guy i dont know why thank you please ynet
7. #4 "how unseemly to jubilate after..."
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (11.26.07)
I don't always agree with Englishman but I have to admit that they're excellent writers. I've never met an "English Guy" as illiterate as you are and it's obvious that you're as English as I am Mongolian.
8. #4
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (11.26.07)
Your sick, perverted brain spews so much hate... Are you one of the arabs diguising yourself as an english guy? Or someone from your family is still sore after you had your ass kicked out of the Land of Israel? It's a JOY AND A MORAL OBLIGATION TO CELEBRATE when those who wanted to kill - got killed instead. There is no turning other cheek in our values. Your sick mind would condemn your own countryman who would celebrate demise of Germans after bombings in London, Coventry, etc.. What a digusting miserable idiot you are..
9. When the fat cats are away....
edd ,   london Uk   (11.26.07)
The IDF seems to be able to do it's job proeprly, without the givernment pissing them around
10. Big deal
Erez   (11.26.07)
Yes, this will stop the qassams
11. Call Bush and SD --
AK   (11.26.07)
Support Israel
12. #4 selective memory
Judy ,   Lexington USA   (11.26.07)
How about Arabs passing out candy when 3000 international citizens were killed on 9/11? So who's minds are poisoned with absurdity? Not every death was an American death. There were Arabs at the WTC that morning as well.
13. #4 Ask an Old Englishman
how the British felt after the bombing of Dresden and the surrender of Germany. Do you think they will tell you how they mourned the loss of the German people?
14. to English Guy, London
Are we forgeting these animals fired rockets at women, children and schools? Anytime one of these barbarians are killed, the world is a better place. I could dance all night.
15. To English Moron - #4
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (11.27.07)
Good news - just read that two more beasts were dispatched to hell! Champange, please!!!!!
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