Hamas: Abbas' policy failed, dangerous
Associated Press
Published: 26.11.07, 15:02
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1. The extremists on both sides are against peace
Bahah   (11.26.07)
We need to put these people in a fenced area and give them guns to resolve their differences in the only way they know how. Maybe then the sane people can have a little peace and quiet.
2. Hamastan Thags
Brod ,   USA   (11.26.07)
Why are Hamastan thugs making so much noise as this. Because their Manifesto calls for the destruction of Israel. They are just waiting for their big brother and sponsor-the Ayatollahists to complete their nukes to accomplish their evil goal. It is time Israel knows what the dark forces have in store for them. Don't wait for anymore rocket salvos from the thugs. Defend yourself decisively without any qualms.
4. Hanniyeh the dictator should shut up !
Hiram ,   Paris   (11.26.07)
Hanniyeh , the lunatic leader of the so called Gaza government is definately dumb ! If he is the "president" of Gaza , why does he meddle with "other's " business....He should mind his own....He clearly made his choice : a coup , and choose his program : Jihad . He has become a non-entitiy and has compromised the life of all inhabitants in Gaza with the "Islamic rules" now in place . Haniyeh is a religious dictator, the worst kind ! Whatever he can utter is of no importance anymore.
5. Brod ##3
Ramachandran Nair ,   India   (11.26.07)
You saty back in the safty of America and give your sugestions.But the equations could go wrong for you Jews.Tecnology is fast changing.You do what you do today and get away with it not because you are morally or politically right. But because you are mighty.And arrogant not to see the other side.
6. Hamas and the Twilght Zone...
Roy ,   Comanche, TX USA   (11.26.07)
Recent polls show that 70% of Palestinians WANT Peace with Israel; 40 something % support Abbas and Fatah, and only 10% of Palestinians support Hamas... Mr. Haniyeh, who has the mandate of Palestinians? Hamas rules by FORCE in Gazahkstan, not by mandate!
7. "Jihad will bring us the great victory we are looking for."
Zionist Providence ,   Zion   (11.26.07)
Are these people retarded? They must mean the another disasterous "Nakba"
8. Hamas= Palestinians grow beard (G-d brings food)
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.26.07)
9. no right to make concessions on behalf of Palestinians?
BJL ,   USA   (11.26.07)
What consessions? Condor Rice, Bush And Olmert are giving it all away.
10. We like Jihad
Johnny Jihad   (11.26.07)
Funky Funky Jihad. Suicide Bombing, is good times calling. We like Jihad, funky funky Jihad. We know it don't work, but its fun to blurt, We like Jihad. Funky Funky Jihad
11. #9 Agreed!
harel ,   USA   (11.26.07)
Hamas is losing out, actually. Olmert and Rice are holding a garage sale at Annapolis, bargain basement prices! All the Jewish land and blood you can carry! I would think Hamas would be the first to line up for ultimate giveaway! Even the Syrians are shopping...
12. thanky you humus believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (11.26.07)
i support you with all my heart and sole believe me i cant wait until we take back ramat il sharon soon president omlet will give it back to us in this confederance in analpolice in amrica thank you please ynet
13. hamas=shas=yesrael betenu=likud=alqaeda=jihad islami=setlers
dafer ,   united jerusalem   (11.26.07)
they are all the same ,and we need to get rid of all of them , as long as one side has extremists , the other side will also have them , so both sides need to get rid of there own extreamists ....
14. #13
Joe ,   USA   (11.26.07)
Did Shas blow up an Arab restaurant? Did Likud blow up a school bus? Did the settlers fly planes into the WTC? Sorry, there's no equivalency.
15. #11 - not quite
edd ,   london Uk   (11.26.07)
Actually, Hamas will be the winner , since anythign Olmert hands to abbas ends up in Hamas hands anyway. The land, the weapons, the money and APCs will all have hamas flags waving from them in a few months..
16. thank you please Rashid!
laugh my freakin ,   head off!   (11.26.07)
17. That was known 3000 years ago
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (11.27.07)
PSALMS 83 But many people want to ignore it
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