US clock ticking too fast
Eytan Gilboa
Published: 26.11.07, 23:13
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1. The Iranian clock is ticking ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.27.07)
The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a side-show of little or no importance. At best, it is a distraction from the real issue, which is Islamic Jihad against the West. We are just one small front in that war. By focusing so much attention, so much time & effort, on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, everyone, including the Arab dictators attending this conference, are avoiding facing the disasterous failure of the Muslim world & it's slide into Islamic anarchy. So, what are they serving for lunch at this conference? RED HERRING?
2. Talk, talk, talk, keep it nice and slow,
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (11.27.07)
Don't the Americans realize that creating facts on the ground takes time! 40 years has not been long enough enough to cover the entire west bank with concrete settlement bunkers and there are still a few isolated pockets left of breathing Palestinians. What is needed is at least another 10 years Shamir-type "negotiations" so that the population replacement will be complete, with the great triumphant Jewish empire streatching from the river (and beyond perhaps) to the sea.
3. Peace
Richard ,   London UK   (11.27.07)
It's true that nothing with Bush can be taken at face value. Following his disastrous campaign in Iraq that was launched on a tidal wave of falsehoods, it is hard to believe that his intentions are true or honest. The US has to be more forceful with the israelis, in the same way that the US is forceful with the Palestinians. And contrary to the writers claim that Gaza has been 'taken over' by Hamas, the truth is that Hamas was voted into power following elections demanded by the 'international community' Therefore the US has to engage with Hamas. And likewise with Iran. If serious progress is desired then dialogue has to be initiated. To insist that Iran is 'feverishy' preparing for the destruction of Israel is (#1) is hysterical. The US is the power brocker and if Bush really wants to be remembered for anything other than being a clutz then he should use his country's power in a fair and impeccable manner. Justice for all. And why not a timetable? Better than letting the misery rumble on and on indefinitely.
4. #3, how exactly has Bush been "forceful" with Palestinians?
Danny   (11.27.07)
The only concessions are always on the Israeli side. Perfectly reasonable requests by the Israelis like - would you mind not attacking us? Would you mind if confirming you understand the peace part of "land for peace"? Assuming we hand over land are you going to use that as a base to attack us further as per South Lebanon and Gaza? PS Iraq has been turning around, that's why your media has bothered to report it anymore...
5. #2
Boston, USA   (11.27.07)
I suppose it's better to have the great, triumphant Moslem empire stretching to the far corners of the globe?
6. All about image?
Chris ,   UK   (11.27.07)
Does Bush really want peace because he wants peace, or is it that he really doesn't want people to see him as the man who brought about unrest? I'm sure that Bush would rather be remembered for peaceful things than violence and war. Rushing a peace deal that can never result in peace is not going to save Bush's image, and it certainly isn't going to help Israel.
7. Clinton's Dishonor.
Gerry ,   Corpus Christi, USA   (11.27.07)
Point of order- Clinton was impeached (indicted) just not convicted, by the Senate.
8. ### 1 redherring.
ramachandran nair ,   india   (11.28.07)
if that is the case why don't you quit palestine and remve that distraction? reality: jihad is the sequal to the occupation and brutal spression of palstenions.
9. #7 I thought the same
plyadies ,   USA   (11.28.07)
When I read the artical I thought the same as you. Clinton was impeached but not convivcted because it being close to end term. Should have followed through in my opinion.
10. Bush already has a legacy
alan ,   cape straight alaska   (11.28.07)
Bush stood up to relentless terrorism, shameful retromedievalism, and attacks upon his honor for the pursuit of democracy and freedom of all the people in the middle east and beyond. In case you have had your head in the sand, violence in Iraq is finally way down despite the howls of protest against the surge six months ago by Democrats. The surge is working under the honorable general Petraeus. Moreover, N Korea has begun dismantlement of its nuclear facilities. Two of the three axis of evil players are thus dealt with, not to perfection, because nothing is perfect in the middle east. But better off than in 2001. It is therefore quixotic that Rice should not be zeroing in on the Israeli Arab conflict when the work in Iraq and Pakistan is yet unfinished. Very odd indeed. Perhaps with less hype and more tearing down of the hate industry in the West Bank and Gaza, some progress can result. That effort should be a sina quo non.
11. #10 Alan Bush already has a legacy
Petra ,   usa   (11.28.07)
Yes, he certainly has. Lied to everyone re:" WMD", is bankrupting America, pushes forward a Saudi plan from desperation, has commited more crimes than the mafia and you AGREE with his madness? Clinton had a 65% approval rating when he left office. We had a balanced budget, more jobs, no mortgage meltdowns and the world viewed us with more respect than this lame bozo. Let him go to Saudi Arabia and hold hands again with the sponsors of jihad and terror. Bush's is sinking even lower than 30% and he's still in office. MOst Americans hate the guy. You on the other hand agree with him? Get real! You are in a small minority. Bush sux big time. We the majority, see him as the worst prez. ever!
12. american politicsand Israle
pat mirabelli ,   united states   (12.03.07)
Which political party has been most supportive of the state of Israle?
13. clinton
J.D.THURMAN ,   Dalton Georgia USA   (12.13.07)
Bastard bill clinton did not "avoid impeachment." He WAS impeached. What he avoided was conviction by the Republican cowards in the Senate.
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