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Rabbi: Cleanse country of Arabs
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 27.11.07, 10:36
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1. Selective assassination, aproved torture, racial cleansing..
oscar ,   buenos aires   (11.27.07)
what a country!
2. what hypocrits
Simon ,   TA Israel   (11.27.07)
"Together, we will save the people of Israel from the government's terrible plan." Seems we must go ahead with Anapolis agreements, seeing as your friends the harideem dont go to the army to defend the country how exactly are you going to save the county? As usual hypocritical nonsense from the usual fanatics.
3. frustration
An Arab ,   UAE   (11.27.07)
I am an Arab. I really try to be open minded about the conflict that exists between Israel and Palestine but this task is becoming exceedingly difficult! "Cleansing" the country out of Arabs! Is this what your holy Torah preaches? In order for peace to take place, there must be compromise, and a compromise does not entail getting exactly what you want, but rather giving in sometimes for the bigger picture of peace. I am sure not all Israelis think like Rabbi Lior. I am sure there are open-minded citizens who long for peace and acknowledge the fact that Palestinians are human beings that need stability and a land to live like all other nations. And "evil" people! seriously? Who talks like that?
4. At last,some common sense
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (11.27.07)
5. Better to clean the country of right-wing fascists!!
saneity   (11.27.07)
6. Against transfer and for coexistence
Ilan ,   Ariel   (11.27.07)
I'm against forced transfer be it of Arabs from Israeli territory or of Jews from their homes as was done in Gush Katiff and as some propose for Jews of Judea and Samaria. Forced transfer seems to me as something that is no different from fascism.
7. Slippery Slope
EM ,   Ra'anana   (11.27.07)
And so goes any lasting illusions that we can be a democratic nation strengthened by the differences of it's citizens or devoted to protecting the minoritty. Next on the "esteemed" rabbis' list will be homosexuals, then the left wing, then the handicapped etc. Sounds familiar?
8. Arabs Kicked out 1 million Jews. Disloyal should leave.
semsem ,   New York, USA   (11.27.07)
The Arab countries obliged 1 million Jews to leave because they accused us of being disloyal Zionists. Those Arabs who are loyal and willing to do military / community service should stay. Those who are disloyal should leave and go to the new Palestinian State.
9. its a hard pill to swallow, but its true...compensate them..
jack bauer   (11.27.07)
but resettle them. Not a single leader sheds a tear when jews are uprooted from every single arabic country.....not a tear when jews are uprooted from gaza.....not a cry when hezbollah takes over haddadland.....not a shout when buses get blown up......not a whimper when rockets fall out of the sky..... When it is acceptable to uproot jews and spit on them, using their own army to do the dirty work, and not compensate and resettle arabs, the world should be ashamed. The plan is for the destruction of the state of Israel and of the jewish people. It should be called the final solution II rather then final status negotiations. There are no concessions from the arabs, only those from the targetted jews. The rabbi is most likely right
10. Not A Practical Solution
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.27.07)
"Rabbi: Cleanse country of Arabs" What? We should put them on buses and trucks and ship them out? To where? Who will take them in? Who wants them? Does he have any idea of the cost of doing something like this? It also does not sound very good to kick people out of their homes. Nice try, very utopic, but very impractical.
11. Rabbis? Fascists in Black!
Kumar   (11.27.07)
These ignorant people shouldn't be an item on the news. They belong in a zoo, but I'm afraid the other animals will be offended by their presence.
12. Confused
Eric ,   Israel   (11.27.07)
I don't know who I'm reading about anymore. The difference between Hamas & the Religious Right have seriously become so blurred since the politicians went to the states that I can barely follow anymore. They both say that the solution will be to send the other side back to their countries of origin. They both say the leaders have no mandate to do anything. They both say the other side is instigating and stealing land. Maybe the prospects for peace lay in the option of integrating Hamas and the religious parties?
13. Rabbi Kahane z"l was 100% correct!
Miriam ,   Israel   (11.27.07)
Transfer is the only answer!
14. Better Idea
Mark ,   Tel Aviv   (11.27.07)
Why not make a holy land for prominent right-wing rabbis and prominent Hamas leaders. Fence it off, and let them decide who is holier.
15. Amen.
16. Bring down this government and place Rabbi Lior as Prime Min
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (11.27.07)
17. Religion - Tolerant and Accepting as Always .....
m ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.27.07)
This is the type of bigotry and racism inherent in most religion. Sounds a bit like german plans in the 30's. Not something any right minded person should be considering.
18. 'cleansing country of Arabs'
eva katz ,   zichron ya'akov   (11.27.07)
I find the language; the program nauseating and racist. Simply intolerable. Have we learned nothing/
19. I am confused!
Matthias Roth ,   Switzerland   (11.27.07)
2 1/2 years ago we were witnessing a foolish decision by a stupid Israeli government being implemented: the so-called 'disengagement' from Gaza and the expulsion of the Jewish residents there. This was also called 'relocation'. But if someone brings in the idea to do the same with Arabs, it is called 'racist' and 'transfer' (well, 'transfer' is negative at all). In general, a huge public outcry. Now, this is hypocrisy!!
20. If ARAB COUNTRIES compensate ARABS to leave,
Reuters   (11.27.07)
Israel can do it too.
21. 1# Oscar
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.27.07)
Selective assassination, approved torture, racial cleansing... That's exactly what arabs countries have been doing to Jews and other minorities throughout the past centuries. Except that their mass assassinations were rarely "selective" and usually targeted at "anybody I don't like" And as for ethinc cleasing, you know what arabs did to sephardic Jews, Kurs, Armenians, Jews in Israel, and their wives and daughters on occassion too... Need to say more ? Now, it's sooooo awww, unfair, to do it to them right?
22. #3 holy Torah preaches? there's no preaching in Judaism!
another arab   (11.27.07)
23. #17
johnny walker ,   black label   (11.27.07)
not so! have you ever heard hitler say that jews should be compensated for being resettled? no he wanted to kill them all and steal everything possible! there is no comparison
24. Rabbi Lior
Solly ,   los angeles   (11.27.07)
In as much as I personally do not like this "great" Rabbi - he is absolutely right.
26. I wonder about all this negative reactions:
Jew ,   jerusalem   (11.27.07)
Gush Katif was cleansed from Jews and Yehuda and Shomrom seem to follow suit. So how hypocrite you can be to critisize Rabbi Lior, but on the other hand accept expelling of Jews. May be you really think that this country does not belong to us.
27. I respectfully disagree
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (11.27.07)
While I believe we should take over all of Judea and Samaria, I support Elon's plan which would give the Arabs there Jordanian citizenship. BUT, any of them that declares it their intention to continue fighting us will either be killed (in fighting) or deported; and that would include his whole family! I believe that - just like most of the Arabs of East Jerusalem - many, many of the Arabs want only to raise their families in peace and security - just like us.
28. Israel is a Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish nation state and every..
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (11.27.07)
...Jew/Israeli that doesn't like that is welcome to pack his/her bags and leave immediately, never to return to Israel. If all nations and nation states are euqal before the law, it has to mean that their independence, sovereignity, history, historical heritage, culture, demographic majority and territorial ownership are equal. According to recent opinion polls taken in Europe, somewhere between 60-80% of citizens in countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden express deep hostility to Arabs and Muslims, complaining about the demographic warfare and crimes comited by Arabs and Muslims and the political extremism among the bulk of the Arab and Muslim population. When I say "political extremism" I mean opposition to democracy, opposition to individualism, opposition to the rights and freedom of non Arabs and non Muslims to stay independent and sovereign with a majority host population opposition to the free market. Citizenship is a two edged sword -you have rights and obligations. You have democratic rights, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of thought, voting rights, rights of possession, right of movement, sexual freedom, religious freedom and so on. Obligations encompass respecting the law and respecting the rights of others - including INDIVIDUAL and NATIONAL rights. The Israeli left has forgotten that citizens have obligations too and that obligations encompass all people - including Arabs. Stating that only Arabs have citizenship rights whereas Jews and other non Arabs have no rights and only obligations, that's racism big time. Israel is one of few democracies in the world displaying a tolerance to the degree that it allows an explicitly hostile minority(Arabs) to attack, question, impeach, deny and mock the existence, lives, independence, sovereignity, history, cultural heritage, ethnic/national identity, territorial ownership and the host nation's security/safety and its control of its territory, waters, borders and air space. To all extreme left wingers out there: Israel is a JEWISH state! Get that straight! In the same way as Germany is a German state and France is a French state and UK is a British state and Sweden is a Swedish state and Japan is a Japanese state, Israel is an Israeli/Jewish state. Israel is an ethnic nation state just like Japan and the European nation states. It is not a multicultural "experiment" or a "liberal" nationality based ENTIRELY on passport and common values, such as the United States of America, where practically all creeds, races and cultures are "Americans" - no, Israel is an ethnic Hebrew/Jewish/Israelite nation state. "Liberals" should listen to the wise words of Napoleon when he established "Code Napoleon", stating that ethnic or religious minorities have the same citizenship rights as ethnic Frenchmen but the minorities have NO NATIONAL RIGHTS within France. Another Liberal, John Stuart Mill, said that eveybody should do what he wants as long as he does not infringe upon the rights, freedom and integrity of others. Being an extremist Arab nationalist demanding Arab national rights in Arab states AND INSIDE Israel and Judea, Samaria and Gaza, that's infringing upon the integrity, rights and freedom of Israelis/Jews big time. Never in recorded human history has there ever been a "Palestinian" state, culture, people, flag, republic, kingdom, neither in Israel nor the rest of the world, neither 5500 years ago, when civilization started in Sumeria and Egypt, nor 5 minutes ago. If Arabs are disloyal and rewrite 4000 years of Jewish history in the land of Israel and if the Arabs are cooperating with, sympathizing with and identitfying with Israel's enemies, they have to go. Cooperating with the host nation's sworn enemies is usually called TREASON.
29. Open up your minds and hearts fellows
Palestinian   (11.27.07)
This is crap... If you guys want to leave in Peace on this land, historic Palestine, then you have to realize that this only acheivable if you respect yourself, and if refugees come back, and if immigration laws here change, and if we all live in one state with no differnece between Arab and Jew. Any one who wants to immigrate after that, like aliyah, should respect the immigration laws of the new country the new state. Who ever is here is here, but the rights of people should be respected, particularly refugees. Else, two state solutions is impractical for both sides.
30. transferring arabs
Yisraeli   (11.27.07)
I cant say I like the notion of transferring arabs on mass either. However if the truth be told and if you care about the future and survival of our people, there is no other choice. Theres no easy other way. They will NEVER live in peace with us. They will always be a 5th column and work for our enemies. They will just bide their time quietly till the momentum shifts in theyre favour and when they see they are stronger, your next door neighbour will also be crying out 'Itbach Al Yahud" - slaughter the jews. they dont care waiting 100 yrs for them the last crusade was just not long while ago. Theyre very patient. Then when were weak they will rise and slaughter us all without mercy. Its not so much that they are evil, its theyre doctrine, their religion, its a pirates handbook that allows life for no one else, no tolerance, all to fall under the sword, theyve been doing it for centuries they will never change coz its in theyre book. If I want to survive, then the only way is all arabs on the other side of the Jordan and us on this side.
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