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Rabbi: Cleanse country of Arabs
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 27.11.07, 10:36
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61. Nannette , London
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.27.07)
Judea , Samaria and Gaza don't belong to Israel . Those areas were not annexed and included in the State of Israel , as was Yeroushalaim and the Golan . So "giving" those areas away , does not fall unther this law .
62. It's Over, Johnny.
YS ,   Israel - Somewhere   (11.27.07)
How come they're not giving us gas masks at this volatile point in our short but terse history?
63. Time to Make 2 Countries
sgt sickandtiredofBS ,   Israel   (11.27.07)
Let Judea separate from Jerusalem.
64. Philistine inhabitant of Philistia, from which
Abel Shoni ,   France   (11.27.07)
the Greeks derived the name Palestine. [Philistine] "Member of a group of Aegean origin that settled on the southern coast of Palestine. The Philistines first settled the region during the 12th century BC, about the time the Israelites arrived. They lived in five cities (the Pentapolis) that together made up Philistia, from which the Greeks derived the name Palestine. They first fought the Israelites in the 11th century BC. In the 10th century BC they were defeated by the Israelite king David. They were later ruled by Assyria, Egypt, Babylonia, Persia, Greece, and Rome. The group appears prominently in the Old Testament — from which much of the information about them is derived — though they left no written records of their own. It is from these many and coloured biblical references that the term assumes its modern significance in the English language." (Source :
65. what is Jewish in cleansing Arab land from Arabs?
66. Alexander
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.27.07)
The name given to those people living in Judea Samaria has no importance at all . They are living there , that's a fact , not a theory . And if they are called palestinians , it's only to facilitate discussions , everyone knows about whom we talk then .
67. Reuven Brauner , how is it possible ?
charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.27.07)
I fully agree with you . Who will accept them ? Even if they "want" to leave , there will be no Arab or Muslim country that will accept those millions of people . Look only at how they were treated in Kuwait , look only at their life unther Egyptian rule [ 48-67] when they were not even allowed to enter Egypt .
68. Extremist Rabbis don't represent
Geviha ben Pesisa ,   Jerusalem   (11.27.07)
me or anyone else except themselves. Stop looking for ratings and headlines. Stop using these crazy people to demonize everyone who opposes Olmert's suicidal policies.
69. #37 lie never establish nation
fact   (11.27.07)
If you repeated a lie often enough, you will start to believe it & so will everyone else. this is the only truth I ever read it from a Jew , as you know all others know how you wrote the torah , by stealing other civilizations history and then write it in your “letters” then hide then lie and write and hide , and after many generation when you announce these lies to public it become sure . You are liars , religions are myth.
70. To nr 55
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (11.27.07)
Racism is about hatred for peoples' ethnicity, not stating fact that people are different. I never said anything to imply that Arabs have less rights than non Arabs, I just stated facts based on history and the Arab definition of an Arab is "someone who speaks Arabic" which means that the definition is lingual and not racial or ethnic, therefore we cannot speak of any "Arabian" civilization" as the Arabs were intermarried with non Arabs and that the Arabs absorbed Aramaic and Hellenistic cultures and Persian traditions upheld in the Arab tongue. A metaphor or comparison: the medieval scholars of Europe, including Catholic Priests spoke Latin, but they were not Romans. Many of the "Arab" scholars were only "Arab" as far as the language was concerned, but many Arab scholars and scientists and traders were in fact Kurds, Jews, Turks and Persians. If you read Talmud Bavli, the most authoritative book in the Jewish faith, you will see that the definition of a Jew is based on ethnicity. Even though a Jewish man or woman does not believe in God, he/she is still ethnically/tribally speaking, a Jewish man/woman. Our claims to Israel are national and historical, not religious. The Jews that fought the Roman occupation 2000 years ago were not only religious but also ardent nationalists. Germany as a nation state did not exist until 1871. Before that, the Germans were divided into local kingdoms or principalities and Otto von Bismarck was himself a Prussian and held his Prussian identity higher than his German identity. A common national Jewish/Hebrew/Israelite identity existed as early as 2000 B.C.E but took a crystallized form into a state/kingdom about 1300-1000 B.C.E. The argument that "its history" and therefore "unimportant" is wrong. Think it through logically. If Germany is an independent/sovereign nation state with legal territorial ownership, it also means that if any nation would attack Germany today, they are actually stealing German land, and there are many Germans today that want parts of Poland back. Now suppose that Nation X or Y invades Germany, for no reason, expels the Germans and force them into a 2000 year long exile, and settle the land of Germany, it is still a theft. The Jews did not leave Israel freely. They were forced to leave, forced to stay in exile, prevented physically to return to Israel. If living in the land makes you the owner, there can be no Arab, Jewish, French, British, German or Spanish national aspirations or nationalism, as anybody can actually own the land by living there. If that is the case, all nation states would loose their legitimacy. If living in the land makes you the owner, it means that Jews own Europe and the Middle East because Jews have lived in the Middle East for 4000 years and 2000 years in Europe. Romans brought Jewish slaves from Israel to the city of Rome. There are synagogues from ancient Roman times still. All Jews did not leave Israel 2000 years ago - there was always a Jewish population in Israel that never left the land, albeit the majority of Jews were forcd into exile. Israel as political entity in the diaspora, disappeared, but the Israeli/Jewish people still existed and still exists. Arabs never bought the land of Israel from the Jews, they STOLE the land 636 A.D. and the Arabs never bothered to establish a kingdom or state in Israel.
71. transfer of arabs fascist
elliot ,   washington,usa   (11.27.07)
did not turkey and greece exchange populations successfully--there is already an arab 'palestinian' state in jordan---is it not fascist or racist to deny the jews one small state of their own?
72. Alexander, the "P" guy. Palestine is Filistin in arabic
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (11.27.07)
....85% of the Arabs, if offered enough funds, would leave Israel and live in another country. They don't see it as "ethnic cleansing" they see it as a humanitarian solution. I know this to be a fact because we have asked them. Lots of them. (I can't sign which branch of Government I am under but I garuntee this to be a fact).
74. Please explain something
Confused   (11.27.07)
If "transfer of Arabs" is so fascistic, horrible and naziesque, then why are Palestinians (and other Arabs) entitled to have countries which require the same fascistic, horrible and naziesque uprooting, transfer and expulsion of Jews? Why is forced "transfer" of Jews acceptable to society but forced "transfer" of Arabs is not?
75. Your pitiful hate filled country is doomed!
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.27.07)
And the rest of the civilized world will breathe a sigh of relief when it is over and the fake Israelites have been scattered to the four winds.
76. Annapolis - Aka *How to Carve Up Israel*
Carving Up Israel ,   Here   (11.27.07)
77. To nr 66 - Living in the land doesn't make anyone the owner.
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (11.27.07)
...of the land. If living in the land makes you the owner on the individal and national level, all national aspirations and all nation states would be devoid of all legitimacy. Nation states claim they own their land and their territory. Using the word "Palestinian" furhter strenghtens the Arab rewriting of Jewish history and recognizing them as "Palestinians" is the same thing as recognizing rewriting of 4000 years of Jewish history, including expressing support for a "Palestinian" nationality that doesn't exist. Living in the land doesn't make anyone a Mother Teresa or an innocent lamb. Living in the land doesn't mean you own the land. Living in the land doesn't mena you have the right to live there.
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (11.27.07)
you made your lies YOUR LIFE. you made them beautifull. now you are in love with your lies. YOU MARRIED YOUR LIES. I think, I am same. in short : I will save you. this is my lie.
79. # 69
You mean because other cultures have creation and flood myths, that means the Bible (Torah being the first 5 books) is ripped off? Have you ever read these oher myths to compare the two? I doubt it. On the other hand, the Koran which came about 2,000 years later is obvious to all that are not Muslim, to be a ripoff of the Bible. The only reason people don't call the Muslims on this is because of a) your oil and b) Muslim barbarism.
80. only solution for Israel's survival
Y ,   Israel   (11.27.07)
Many surveys in Israel show some 40-50 percent of Israeli Jews agree - now to find a way to translate this into k'nesset seats.
81. Cleanse country of radical rabbis
A Real Jew ,   Israel   (11.27.07)
82. To World citizen 75 and everyone else attacking Israel
Korem ,   New York, USA   (11.27.07)
Two very very simple things: 1. The amount of racism and hatred exhibited by Israel's enemies is worse than that exhibited here; these extremists want transfer, their extremists want genocide. Selecting the side you happen to hate and browsing for their racist statements, and then calling them the exclusive "hate filled country" is, well, hate-filled. 2. To the majority of Israelis, both those options (transfer, genocide)are ridiculous, and claiming Israel is the ultimate racist state of evil because of what some crazy rabbis say, is, well, racist. You claim to be anti-racists but you are hypocrites. How about attacking the segment of the population you disagree with rather than the whole population? Woops- that doesn't work for Israelis, cuz they're EVIL!
83. Dear "World Citizen"
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (11.27.07)
Dear "World Citizen", What is indeed pitiful is that you have no life except hating Jews and expressing your hate for us in an Israeli newspaper, meaning that you on a psychological level "need" Jewish/Israeli attention to give your life a purpose and a meaning. Giving your life a purpose by hating Jews is very pitiful. If we wouldn't exist, you would have no life. You need us... The world consists of 6 billion people, 200 states and thousands of cultures. 70% of the Americans are pro-Israeli, and practically 1 billion Indians and 1.3 billion Chinese, Thailand, Vietnam and many other southeastern Asian countries have nothing against Jews. Don't forget that many central American countries are pro-Israeli or pro-Jewish. 125 million Japanese have practically nothing against Israel and the Jewish people. Even if we assume, that 500 million Europeans including 145 million Russians and 1 billion Muslims hate Jews, we are still dealing with 1,5 billion Jew haters MAXIMUM meaning MAXIMUM 25% of the world population. Most Europeans don't give a damn what happens in Israel nor do the Africans and Asians. Your "sweet" dream is nothing but an evil perverted twisted fantasy. If you are exposed to hatred you respond with hostility. You created this problem, anti-Semites. If you anti-Semites don't leave us alone, I can guarantee you that you will be scattered in the 100 directions of the wind across the galaxy.
84. #1 Oscar
David ,   St Louis USA   (11.27.07)
You're talking about Argentina, right?
85. Response to negative talkbacks
Israeli ,   Jerusalem   (11.27.07)
The left loves to accuse the right of planning to do what the left has been doing all along. Wow, he advicated PAYING Arabs to leave when over 90% of them feel absolutely no loyalty towards the State of Israel?! That's blasphomy and fascism! Forcefully kicking _Jews_ out of their homes with little compensation, while advicating violence against your own people G-d forbid and using bribes and violence to shut up the opposition? THAT'S democracy! Your hypocrisy is absolute. It's time to wake up and realize that these people are the good, honest guys in the fight. You may hate it when they talk about Torah, since you've rejected it and wish you were never born Jewish. But over 60% of Israeli Jews believe that the Torah was given to Israel and mount Sinai. So tell me, who's really in the minority now? Seems to me it's not those people in the picture.
86. Alexander
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.27.07)
If arabs would say to you : living in the land does'nt mean you have the right to live there , what would you answer ? What right do we have to live here ? but we are living here , and they also . We can expell them , by force of course . And do you think that the world , and first of all our neighboors , would agree ? You are not living alone in this world , others have their say too . By calling them Palestinians we know what it means , that's the important , and has nothing to do with claims . You know certainly that antisemite as we use it is not 100 % correct , but we know exactly about what we are talking .
87. cleanse
barney ,   london england   (11.27.07)
humanitarian solution; wrong language. million Jews were forced out of middle east with no compensation. those that want to go voluntarily should be allowed. Arab governments will lose the excuse they had for 60 years to cover up despotism
88. To nr 81 "Real Jew"
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (11.27.07)
I have a better idea: cleanse country of radical self hating left wing extremists that are bent on Israel's destruction. Best regards Alexander - 100% Jewish and 100% loyal to Israel.
89. yes #12...
If you think that the differences between Jews and Hamas are blurred, I think you better check your eyes. As far as I am concerned there is freedom of speech and opinion. opn the other hand there is not freedom to kill women and children indescriminatly as like is Hamas' actions.
Futura ,   Sweden   (11.27.07)
Your are talking reason! You have changed! Remember you earlier writing about certain "thing" with jews, that makes them cleavier, more successful and all that nationalistic mumbo jumbo project. Now I have read several tbs from you, full of compassion. It's wonderful to se a person evolving. Have good life!
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