Jabotinsky most popular street name in Israel
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 28.11.07, 10:36
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1. missed the main point
Disgusted in TA   (11.28.07)
he warned the people what would happen but they did not listen. hm... just like today... the more things change the more they stay the same.
2. Hanna Sennesh was a true hero and patriot!
Aaron ,   Ra'anana   (11.28.07)
the rest are merely politicians
3. So Boring 98% of streets in Israel
rh ,   Modiin   (11.28.07)
Share about 50 names. Why can't they be more original ? Here is an idea, lets auction the street names on Ebay. I would rather have a street than a park bench
4. It's a mans world
Petra ,   usa   (11.28.07)
Especially in Israel. So many Israeli women are memebers of the army, air force etc. They are 'good' enough to serve but, not good enough to be remembered? I remind you, women are people too!
5. Even more popular than RABIN?!
Jameel @ The Muqata ,   Shomron, ISRAEL   (11.28.07)
I'm impressed! (though it *must* be a mistake...since no one is allowed to be more popular than Rabin...)
6. Mistake: Herzl was half sephardic at least
Alexander ,   Paris   (11.28.07)
So the first Sephardi Jew on the list comes only at the second place. His paternal great-father was from Serbia and was sephardic. "Herzl's paternal grandfather Simon Loeb Herzl, reportedly attended the Sephardic Zionist Rabbi Judah Alkalai's synagogue in Semlin, Serbia, and the two frequently visited. Grandfather Simon Loeb Herzl "had his hands on" one of the first copies of Alkalay's 1857 work prescribing the "return of the Jews to the Holy Land and renewed glory of Jerusalem." Contemporary scholars conclude that Herzl's own implementation of modem Zionism was undoubtedly influenced by that relationship.[3] Herzlā€™s grandparents' graves in Semlin can still be visited."
7. Jabotinsky's Streets
Dan Friedman ,   NYC USA   (11.28.07)
If Jabotinsky had only lived as many years as Rabin, Peres, Begin or Shamir, the Knesset would be named after him, Judea and Samaria would be part of Israel today and Israel would be secure and at peace with the Arabs. The greatest Jewish political mind we've ever produced.
8. Ridiculously unscientific and inaccurate study
9. Israel needs jabotinsky now. he would bomb iran's nuke
debra ,   usa   (11.29.07)
sites immediately.
10. jabotinsky and hannah senesh
elliot ,   point roberts,usa   (12.01.07)
perhaps the people are ahead of the elites again on this one.... the jewish people owes almost everything to the fighting jews !
11. Shalom Shabazi was a Yemenite Jew, not Sephardic
Elliot Sharabi ,   London, UK   (12.11.07)
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