Ahmadinejad: Israel will not last
Published: 28.11.07, 13:56
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1. Ahmadinejad the class clown
Bobby ,   Canada   (11.28.07)
He must feel like the child ,who's punished and who has to stay in the classroom,while all the other children are playing in the playground
2. Iranian president says 'Zionist regime' cannot last because
lambergh ,   singapore   (11.28.07)
Hmm... Talking exactly about himself it seems...
3. Amadinejad Know's About Road Map
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.28.07)
President Bush's agenda to divide Israel for his false peace Road Map is Haman's return to destroy Israel and kill every Jew. The 2 state solution is the gallows Haman build's once again to hang every Jew because Bush's Palestinian state on land cleansed of every Jew does not bring peace but the end of Israel. The good news is that Israel's God has promised to cut in pieces everyone burdened with the Road Map curse upon Israel. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. Zechariah 12:3 Unlike the lying politician's gathered at Annapolis God keeps His word and so we will see how long until He cuts the U.S. and her evil,interfering leader into pieces.
4. Isn't he the kidnapper of American hostages?
Petra ,   usa   (11.28.07)
This putz is ready for the trash pile of history. I'm waiting for an American to sue his ass for the hostage taking years ago. If any nation is in danger of disappearing, it is Iran. Wouldn't we all dance in the streets to see Iran glow in the dark for 100 or more years?
5. Iranian regime won't last
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.28.07)
Zionist regime will last forever.
7. Muslim way of thinking
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (11.28.07)
Accuse the other what YOU are guilty of!!
8. he is right, current Zionist regime won't last
Joseph Caro ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.28.07)
as it's built on lies and falsehood. From Olmert stating his true belief that Jews outside of Israel don't have any say with Israel, only "Israelis" do. As was stated on King Shlomos ring, "This too will pass". Only Am Yisroel will last and always will never disapear. Not even Olmert can change that fact. We've gone through much tougher times then this Eruv Rav government influenced from outside, who are all one by one corrupted and Iran PM basless threats. Moshiach Now, One Nation Now, Build the Bet Hamikdosh already!
9. if what ahmadinejad says is true, iran is doomed
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.28.07)
if israel will fall, how much more will iran's destruction be? now THAT'S frightening to consider.
10. Boy is he mistaken
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (11.28.07)
It is Ahmadinejad who will not last, his hate will consume him. No need to assassinate him, he will kill himself with his hatred. His blood pressure will rise and his heart will explode or his brain will. He will have either a heart attack or a stroke. G-d promised that Israel will last forever, Israel meaning the Jews and the country which G-d gave as an everlasting covenant. Ahmadinejad will join the garbage heap of the enemies of the Jews along with Saddam, Arafat, Idi Amin, Nasser, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Chmelnici, Titus, Haman, Nebuchadnezzar, Assyria, Amalek , Pharaoh, Laban, Nimrod etc.
11. I thnk he is talking about his regime...
Barry ,   Tokyo   (11.28.07)
What an ignorant leader this once proud nation has..
12. Poor Islamo Facist
Gabriel ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.28.07)
Ahmadinejad IslamoFascist will desappear way befor the State of Israel and its Jewish People..... Hitler tried and disapeared, others tried to and fell....Not only he will lose is life and the life of all his people.... he will also lose is country and its civilization....Poor Islamo-Facists.!!!!!...I do not see any hope for a bunch of liar, manipulator, corrupt, despot like the Islamo Fascist regime of Iran....This is their 23 hours before their end.... They know it and are scared to death.... Thats the infortunate reality.... My Heart goes to the Iranian people.... The majority didnt deserve such a leader... even though they elected him.... we the free people of the world live in this modern time the rise and fall of a great civilization before our very own eyes.
13. Zionists Believe State is Eternal
Dovy ,   Toronto   (11.28.07)
Zionists have an idolatrous idea about their State. They believe it will last forever even though it is based on rotten foundations of heresy, ethnocracy, intolerance, anti-Judaism. If it were left to itself, it would have disappeared long ago. It is the Orthodox/Haredi (so-called) Zionists worldwide who keep the State going, not the non-religious Zionists who are already outside of Klal Yisrael. The Religious/Haredi Zionists are like the followers of Shabtai Zevi and Jacob Frank. It is all a cult, related to Judaism, but not Judaism. Ahmedinajad is saying what Jews should be saying!
14. Monkey Ahmadinejad won't last and no one takes him seriously
meir elazar   (11.28.07)
15. Lets see how long will you last!
16. by that logic all muslim states won't last either...
17. bye bye persia
kevin ,   <U>S<A   (11.28.07)
18. Thanks to Ahmadinejad - Message is Clear
Johnson ,   USA   (11.28.07)
Iran and Syria are the biggest losers in the M.E. They are isolated and lack any legitmacy.
19. #4
Richard ,   London UK   (11.28.07)
I'm not sure what his involvment (if any) with the US embassy situation was. Regarding the Embassy Hostage situation it should be understood in the context of the US/British Operation Ajax which was a deliberate, covert coup of the democratically elected government of Mohammed Mossaddeg. The unelected and dictatorial Shah was then imposed on the Iranians by the US/British. This coup was a serious set-back to the rise of democracy in Iran and possible the ME.
20. Iran/Ahmadinejad's threats to Israel
marcel   (11.28.07)
Ahmadinejad said that Israel will not last and will self-destruct. I can assure him that if Iran under him attacks, Israel will annihalate Iran in short order. If Persians wish to avoid this fate, they had better remove the islamic regime and eliminate them into dust and ashes soon.
21. #4 and wishful thinking, encore
English guy ,   London   (11.28.07)
So you want to see Ahmedinejad sued for hostage taking years ago - before he was in politics. Well done. So will we see Israeli leaders sued for shooting down a LIbyan civilian airliner? murdering thousands of Lebanese civilians? expelling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes and then illegally transferring ownership of homes, assets and land to the Israeli state? murdering Palestinians in Gaza and on the West Bank? setting off bombs in Baghdad to encourage Jews to leave? The list is endless - and once you start digging in the cesspit of history... well, my dear, you end up covered in your own slime. I would call it boomerang mud-slinging, but then you are too thick to understand anything except mainstream Zionist brainwashing and anti-Islamic hysteria.
22. is Ahmadinejad a paid zionist propaganda puppet ??
James   (11.28.07)
sure looks so
stude ham   (11.28.07)
we'll be dancing on your grave ahmed the insane. and that will be a lot sooner than you would ever believe it in your wildest dreams!
24. #4
Invicta ,   Europa   (11.28.07)
What are you on about? Hostages, Ahmadinejad? Sue? What? Perhpas some Iranian will sue the CIA for the coup d'etat in the first place? (coup d'etat, it's French comprend?)
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (11.28.07)
You guys don't undestand....the iranian president usually talks antisemitism,antizionism...everytime he has to complete what he set his mind to.....most Often in a new rocket called 3ashoraa with a range of about will hear his attack sound higher after the nuclear bomb....within 11 don't care about and ignore him......and everyone close your ears....everytime he challenges all say bullshits while he goes to the next step....your stupidity makes him better.....the only difference is his bullshits will be translated to a nuclear weapons....and Nobody here realize the truth....Wunderbar!!!
26. Arabs have bought into the evil lie
Ahmadinejad has bought into the lies of the devil. Israel will forever and always be protected by God and the enemies of Israel are the ones who will fall in the end. If there are enemies of Israel within Israel, they too will fall eventually and this I direct to the government officials who wants to give land for peace. There is no such thing as making peace with people who are under the spell of lies. I feel sorry for these people because they are not even aware that they are enemies of God by being enemies of Israel. They are blinded by hate when they have no personal reason to hate, but they carry on the hate of their forefathers who were also under this spell. I pray God wakes them up and they turn from this wickedness. When you look at this situation as a whole it is obvious that the fight is a spiritual one prompted by the evil one. Look at all the land the Arabs have all over the Middle East, but they are consistantly focused on this tiny piece of property of Israel. Can any of them see that it is illogical for them to be fighting when they have so much already? I don't believe they really care about Palestine, but it is their hate for Israel that consumes their minds. Even if Palestine would get its way, does anyone believe that the murder would stop over there? There is no way it would stop because it isn't about Arab people having their own country in peace. This fight is about the devil wanting to take God's Holy Land and his mind control over people who are blinded by hate. Israel need not worry because God has ALWAYS protected His own in the end. I believe that these Arabs got very confused WAY back in history when God may have used them in war to punish Israel for following after other gods and those people thought that because God was using them to beat on Israel that that meant He didn't love Israel or something like that, so they got messed up in their thinking way back in history and the confusion is still thriving. God punishes His children just as we all punish our kids when they do wrong; however, that doesn't mean we don't love our children. God may use evil people as His rod for punishment against His children, but that doesn't mean He doesn't love Israel and it certainly doesn't mean He loves His rod more than His children. If these people had any sense at all, they would see that they are in big trouble with God and just because they have invented a god of their own in allah, doesn't mean that god exists. They have twisted the truth of history in order to keep their hate cycle going, but truth will win out. God is in control of this and these hate mongers will fall into their own trap of evil against God's chosen people. This mistake will have eternal consequences for them. There will be no reward for hating and murdering people...especially God's chosen ones. The lie is so obviously from the could anyone believe the God of the universe would want people to hate and kill each other and would reward someone with sexual immorality--which He is against? These people don't know or understand the one true God. Only the devil would reward murder with sexual immorality and only someone who is under this evil spell would believe this lie from hell. I pray God opens the eyes of the Arabs that are humble enough to accept the truth and stop fighting for the devil's cause. I pray God's chosen ones don't also fall into the trap of hating people who are so blind. I believe Israel must protect herself, but pray for these hateful ignorant people. Pray for them because they are blinded and truly believe this lie. Ask God to open their eyes to the truth and pray for protection. There is great reward in loving your enemies because it renders them powerless over your life. Lean on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and He will comfort you.
27. with Olmert in charge we are in trouble...
Aaron ,   Ra'anana   (11.28.07)
To all you folks who voted Kadima because you were sick of Labor and Meretz give-away firesale: this is a fire sale to all you folks who voted Labor cos you wanted to improve the lot of the working poor on minimum wage and teachers: Olmert talks like Amir Peretz when it suits him, but he won't live up to his promises to those who voted yisrael beitenu because the likud and kadima brought you disengagement and surrender to terror : look how we are disengaging and surrendering to terror on ALL fronts now to those of you who voted for the pensioner's party: has the pensioner's party improved by one iota the lives of israeli citizens over 65 or in general ??? Shas and UTJ voters: how long until the palestinians do to the western wall what they did to Joseph's tomb voters who should feel happy: Balad, Ra'am, Hadash, Meretz
28. to #26
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (11.28.07)
An angry man is not fit to How would you pray..!
Arashmid ,   ABADAN - IRAN   (11.28.07)
As he did in Lebanon, Ahmadinejad will now order Abbas Assassination.
30. Remind him, uncle Saddam was making similar statemets!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.28.07)
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