Iran wins at Annapolis
Aaron Klein
Published: 29.11.07, 09:12
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1. what a superb piece of analysis
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (11.29.07)
Post it on your wall. I hope there is a Judge whom Bush, Rice, and Olmert will have to answer to in the end.
2. Rather superficial analysis
ovadiah ,   ashkenaz   (11.29.07)
First of all, Iran is not an arab state, so the author is wrong when he says 'Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been lashing out publicly the past few days at the US-sponsored Israeli-Palestinian summit in Annapolis, denouncing the meeting as a Zionist conspiracy and slamming FELLOW Arab countries for participating. ' Secondly, Fatahh, has become a US proxy in the region and as such it becomes irrelevant if it is 'moderate' or 'extremist'. It depends on the US for its political and financial survival, and it must therefore act in common interst with the US. Thridly, the US has invested a lot and continues to invest a lot into isreal's security. The US appears to be doing its best to end this conflict, by investing tangibly in both the isrealis and palistinians, and there is certainly wisdom in this approach. Whether they succeed or not is another matter.
3. Annapolis: A poorly planned diplomatic manouver
Frankly, Annapolis was a disaster. Ignoring for a moment ideology and this issue of land for peace, it was clear from the start that with such a wide array of nations attending and so many sets of conflicting interests pressuring the negotiating parties that no significant progress could be made. The main thing that has come out of this conference is that the Arabs now see that the Americans and Israelis are incompetent - that even though all of these Arab leaders agreed to risk their popularity and attend this American conference, nothing but hot air has come out of it. This will drive the so-called "moderate" Arabs towards a less pro-Western foreign policy unless substantial results are achieved in the coming months. ---------------------------------- The Jewish People have, for over 3,300 years, been a distinct people. We are bound together spiritually by our shared religion, emotionally by our shared history, linguistically by our shared language, ethnically by our shared ancestry, culturally by our shared traditions, and by our connection to our ancient homeland - Israel. For over two-thousands years, however, the Jewish nation has been dispersed and divided throughout the Earth, being unable to interact with each other or communicate effectively. However, due to the advent of the internet and other technology, we are today able to communicate instantly with others regardless of their geographical location. The intent of this website is to facilitate this communication and interaction by building up a large online Jewish community and thus to build stronger ties between Jews all over the world. Not only can this website serve as a means to build friendships and facilitate communication between Jews, but it can also serve as an avenue for the Jewish people to coordinate efforts on issues of mutual concern. As the online community grows, we will be able to work together towards fighting antisemitism, raising funds for Jewish causes, political activism, and many other important issues facing the Jewish People and the world today. We welcome and encourage Jews of all backgrounds, denominations, degrees of observance, and political leanings to join the community and contribute to our goal of building a stronger, more united Jewish nation. http://www.thejewishnation.net
4. Iran wins
Sam ,   LA US   (11.29.07)
What he says sounds true - but not so fast. So far despite all the sweet goodie good talk NOTHING has changed. Another police report/indictment is due for Olmert. The PM raised the bar to accept the JEWISH State of Israel, -the Arabs balked/rejected THAT FAST ! -implementing Road Map steps , starting with quashing terrorists, including Gaza; Abbas has authority whre -in PA HQ muqada and that is it. Talk is good but so far no change. And I suspect IDF going to be much more active in Gaza. Besides the people of Israel are not running to throw up Judea Samaria Golan nor Jerusalem to Islamofascists -- unlike at Oslo. Abbas has not even changed Fattah Charter, Bush/Rice leaving soon -perhaps Olmert sooner. Abbas is nothing with no power authority - a Hollywood pretend snow job that melts in the light of reality.
5. Iran clearly was the winner! Terror won!
Mark ,   Boston   (11.29.07)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.29.07)
With Bush administration in the last year of the office,this move was very much predicted but just like numerous blunders made on Iraq's issue and continue to be made by the USA,Iran knew exactly what cards to play.It did very well...........thanks to Bush's rhetorics in the recent months.
7. Love of Democracy & Peace?
Listening to it all ,   Houston, Texas   (11.29.07)
Facts: 1. Palestinians elect Hamas into power. 2. Israel & allies reject Hamas and install Abbas. 3. Abbas is invited to negotiate a two state solution on behalf o the Palestinians. Question (as opposed to answer) for you ... 1. What is the source of public credibility / acceptance for this solution? Two more questions related to the negotiations ... 2. Why is it that when Israel sends its leader to an international negotiation of potentially high impact; it feels compelled to hold a threat of potential criminal charges to be determined and announced after the negotiations? 3. Is this a crude formula for risk abatement based on "character assasination" ... if you do not like the outcome of the negotiations?
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (11.29.07)
Justice was rendered.
9. hope his reporting has more accuracy
Danny   (11.29.07)
The recent suicide bombings have been by Islamic Jihad not Fatah. The brigades have been responsible for murders and have some involvement in rocket attacks. We don't need to descend to anti-Israeli level and simply make stuff up.
10. to #9
Josh ,   California, USA   (11.29.07)
Klein is accurate. Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades took repsonsibility along with Islamic Jihad for every suicide bombing in 2005, 2006.
11. Does this mean Hamas could be a partner for peace?
FairAndBalancedNews ,   Fox News, USA   (11.29.07)
"The idea this can lead to peace is predicated on the false US notion Abbas is moderate when indeed his Fatah organization and its declared military wing, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, is responsible for more terrorism than Hamas. Fatah terrorists took responsibility for every suicide bombing in Israel the past three years and for thousands of shooting and rocket attacks." It would seem that Hamas, being less violent, would be a better partner for peace than Fatah. All the more wonder, then, that they were not invited to this conference.
12. Olmert won - he is not going to jail
Alex ,   LA, USA   (11.29.07)
The rest are very small detail in his view.
13. to number 7
Don   (11.29.07)
Nobody "installed" Abbas. Mahmoud Abbas is the "ELECTED" President of the Palestinian people...yes, Hamas is the elected parliamentary government, but Abbas is the separately elected President. He has equal democratic credentials to Hamas, and according to the Palestinian basic laws, can dismiss a parliamentary government, which he did. Therefore Hamas's legislative election vitory is void and democraticlly meaningless
14. Mr. Klein's "Iran Wins . . ."
M.K.Khazaee ,   Long Beach, USA   (11.29.07)
Iran is not an Arabic nation, as you have suggested in this article.
15. #3
all well and good to call us an "internaet nation". however, what you are suggesting, and it is great! is basically what the jewish community here and abroad has been doing for centuries. there could have never been an israel without the backup of this community you refer to. what you are missing and what is the primary and most crucially important subject is one of ALYIAH through and by which, this optimal jewish nation can be acheived. ben gurion was tight. alyiah is the weapon that binds jews together and makes israel strong in perpetuity. as much as the jewish coimmunity's ties with israel must remain strong as you suggest, one must pay very close attention to the fact that without incoming jewish population to the land of israel, bringing with them skills, education, knowledge, convictions, intellectual gifts and strong belief in the continuation of a jewish nation, israel will be finished. people are leaving for better pastures because life in israel is hard economically and socially. the day to day existance is a struggle to get by in all social and economical aspects. we jews will do well to remember why our forefathers, knowing the hardships they will face when making alyiah, chose to do so despite these difficulties awaiting them. they had conviction. they had national aspiration and they had the pride and wisdom of realizing that without our own nation, we will always be dispered, wondering around without a place to call our home and thus rendering us volnerable to future persecutions and antisemitism's outcomes. if israel turns around and makes it advantageous for jews around the world to emmigrate and join their nation in their own land, if israel makes its absorption more humanistic and takes care of those that are willing to sacrifice comfortable lives in the usa and europe to leave and come to israel, then we may be able to see droves of jews making this needed alyiah. israel has to change itself politically, socially and economically to make such need for alyiah attractive to those who will make it but are shy of the news they hear emminating from that nation. not to mention that if things change there for the better, there would never be a brain drain as occures now in the country. it's all economics and quality of life. provide jews with the great goods and they'll flock there in thousands.
16. I suspect Syria already colluded with Israel on Golan
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.30.07)
I suspect Syria already agreed with Israel on Golan and it was already concessed to them. Perhaps not everything but almost. 1. It seems facilites attacked was not belonging to Syria but Iran 2. It seems Syria colluded with Israel letting it to hit Syrian Radar Station beside that "Nuke" facilit" (Funny really it is not a nuke facility must be something else) as it was not useful them at all. 3. The radar station was an early Detection facility against Israeli jets and if it is realy hit, it is sure Syria betrayed. Now given this station hit and syria's disgusting silence on attacks by ISrael on its facilities It seems they are playing a game and Olmert already promised returning Golan to Assad. Let us see, Please publish as soon as your Head of the General Staff Aeskhinazi sells his equites in stock exchange or buy gold, it will be journalism of the year!
17. #8 Mahmood Bush blunders and lies!
Mark ,   Boston   (11.30.07)
He lies, lies,lies,lies,lies, and lies!
18. #16 I agree. There is a game going on!
Mark ,   Boston   (11.30.07)
19. 9. i believe it was Fatah not IJ..ur mistaken
truth strike again   (11.30.07)
20. 11. Hamas states their intent to destroy Israel out loud
truth strikes again   (11.30.07)
21. 14.and you think that's the point?
truth strikes again   (11.30.07)
22.  !!!
Marc ,   p   (12.01.07)
indeed superficial analysis
23. Fact for Number 13.
Listening to it all ,   Houston, Texas   (12.03.07)
Bush and Abbas were both installed while denying human beings their right to chose their leader. "Clever" manipulation of the letter, while violating the spirit of a law or contract or divine edict is a root cause of many conflitcs, sins and injusticies. Here is VOA headline about Abbas ... enjoy. Source: http://voanews.com/english/2007-12-03-voa17.cfm Quote: Israel has released 429 Palestinian prisoners, in a bid to boost support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, following the Annapolis Mideast peace conference last week.
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