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Is that a bomb strapped to your forehead?
Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.11.07, 16:21
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31. Get with the times
David   (11.30.07)
Ynet, this story happened at least 3 weeks ago......
32. In haus oder schul ist besse
Schvach   (11.30.07)
It's kinda funny.
33. Will He Sue?
Petunia ,   PNW, USA   (11.30.07)
The flying imams are suing the airline and passengers who complained against them. Some regard this as an attempt to silence and intimidate those who would report suspicious activity to the authorities. At the very least, it is overly sensitive and ill-advised for them to sue those who are only looking out for the general welfare. If nothing else, this present incident should show that it is not Muslims who are being persecuted.
34. @ 23 I stay happly in freedom here in singapore.
ben ,   singapore   (12.01.07)
35. Reminds of of a short time after 9/11
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.02.07)
When two young Israeli born again Jews were questioned in the USA before boarding a plane. She was covered from head to toe, and he had a deep white crochet skull cap, similar to that of Hamas people. The collection of holy pictures of rabbis who looked like Ayatollahs didn't help matters, either...
36. #6 Invicta
Daweed ,   Sanaa Yemen   (12.04.07)
He would have been shot in Britain not the States. Recent history bears this out. People in America don't render to Gitmo only combatants in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are full of the same lies as always.
37. #10 you are wrong..
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (12.06.07)
See the story of rav when he was davening.. your not allowed to interupt davening.. even if it was a king.
38. No.8
Steven   (12.07.07)
Well then 'most people' should be better informed.
39. This is what us academics call a 'Moral Panic"
Tracey   (12.07.07)
40. Steven # 38
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.07.07)
look at my tb to Hiram . Are you well informed about all the religions ?
41. all of you guys are wrong...
danny labunsky ,   san carlos, ca, usa   (11.06.08)
all of you guys are wrong... i am 13 in california, i just shadowed at a jewish high school, on ked asked me if i had my bar mitzva... i said no... he said he could give me one after school, just by putting on a teflilln... WTF!!! I said no... and ran away from him... but it was really akward
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