6 security incidents reported in territories Friday
Efrat Weiss
Published: 30.11.07, 19:32
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1. why should they stop the terrorism?
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (11.30.07)
is it a suprise? why would they stop it,? they know very well,that this criminally insane traitor,who is masquarading as israels prime minister,is actually working on their behalf,and he will not stop,until he has completely and utterly destroyed his own country. just hope to g-d,that at the end of all this,the people of israel will do to this traitorous,criminal,what the citizens of france,did to their traitor,'marshall 'petan'at the end of world war two /
2. good show in time for the Annapolis "peace "conference
David Powell ,   Everett. Wa. USA   (11.30.07)
Keep this up, the Palestinians will never have a state.
3. Palestinians want terror and no settlements
Sam ,   Canada   (11.30.07)
The Palestinians demand no settlements but insist on continuing terror. At some point, the Israelis who want peace so much, have to understand that they are being taken by the Palestinians for obliging dummies. The Palestinians cry mercy to the world at the same time they want to eliminate the Jews.
4. Israeli Media is fighting any peace initiative
Nader ,   Ramallah   (11.30.07)
Look what this report says; While Israeli and world leaders are engaged in rigorous preparations for a renewal of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians following the Annapolis conference, Palestinian gunmen across Gaza and the West Bank continue to launch attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians If you contniue to read the rest of the report, you can only see one minro incident in west bank and the rest is in Gaza.. But Israel, and is a bad faith, is trying to merge Gaza with the west bank AND we all know whats the truth around Gaza.. So why to merge it with the west bank?? We in the west bank conisder Gaza as a rebel region, so why we sould held responsible for Qasams being shot from Gaza?? I said it many time here, HERE IS GAZA, AND HER IS HAMAS, WHAT IS THAT THE IDF IS WAITING FOR, GO GET THEM?? and if the Israeli army is not able to enter Gaza and crack on Hamas, do you expect Abbas to do so???? So, please stop telling us your silly strorries IF you are really seeking for peace.. Olmert and Barak are asking Abbas to implement the first clause fo the road map, to combact the radical groups, including both west bank and Gaza, another silly story !! Well, we are doing a very good job in west bank but we can not do the same in Gaza for reasons we all know... I mean if Israel needs to secure its boarders with Gaza, Isarel needs to do that as the PA doesnt have even a physical access to Gaza.. Even when Abbas troops were in Gaza, Israel didnt provide enough support/tools............... So, let us not be negative THAT IS IF you guys are seeking a real peace.
5. Yeah, well...
Secular Eagle   (11.30.07) long as we continue putting our soldiers and civilians outside our borders among a nation that doesn't want them there, we will incur attacks, which will multiply and become deadlier. We have no future in the occupied territories.
6. Very well Said # 5: Bravo!!
papa jay   (11.30.07)
7. Last time I checked, the occupation and Apartheid continued.
Persian CAT   (11.30.07)
8. Sec. Eagle #5: All of Israel is occupied
Steve ,   Fla.   (11.30.07)
Have you read the PLO charter? The Hamas charter? Have you seen PA maps? All of Israel is occupied Palestine. Jews have no right to a state in the Muslim world. That is why Mahmoud Abbas and the PA will not recognize a Jewish state no matter what the borders. That is why they want to flood Israel with Muslim refugees. Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an IDF force moving along the Gaza border fence. Palestinian jihadists are firing rockets into Sderot, into Negev farms and toward Ashkelon. Do you consider Sderot and Ashkelon occupied territories? Muslim Arabs do.
9. #5 What borders?
Mark Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (11.30.07)
With the PM talking about giving stuff away, there won't be much left to defend anyway...
10. Occupied? Nonsense
GZLives   (11.30.07)
Was it also "occupation" when Egypt controlled Gaza? Was it also "occupation" when Jordan controlled the West Bank? No, of course it wasn't and never was a word uttered from the "ummah" All of this is the great Muslim lie.Go back to Egypt and Syria and Saudi Arabia where you came from. No matter what you do and how many of your own you blow up, Jews are never leaving their historical homeland.
11. # 10, try opening a news paper.
papa jay   (12.01.07)
they have left and will leave the west bank. count on it!
12. Now is the Time To Search and Destroy
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (12.01.07)
What is forgotten in all this talk is that Israel is the so-called Palis territories as a result of the 67 and 73 Wars, which Israel did not ask for. Israel has every right, no, responsibiiity to safeguard it's citizens, as any other country. The Arab prefer the Holocaust Jews, who walked like sheep into gas chambers, ovens or were shot in the head. 1.5m little Jewish children died then. Hamas wants to repeat the slaughter, as does Hez and Iran. I think the other Arab countries will join in any final Jihad. Let's get serious. Jordan is occupying our (Jewish homeland) per the Balfour Declaration, not the reverse. Unless Israel gets much tougher, this violence will only get much worse. It's time for Israel to go into the Strip, and cleanse the area of it's thugs and murderers (of Jews). One good tank column or one fly by of 100F15s or Phantoms, will do the job., the sooner the better. It's kill or be killed..better them than US. ASAP. I would then go after the mad mullahs in Iran, and their nuke plants (peaceful energy only, my butt). 50 million Christians will join against Islamo-fascism, given a chance. Hashem is on our side, not the side of the moon G-d.
13. #5 & 6- Why of course you two cockroaches would............
Cameron ,   USA   (12.01.07)
crawl from under your Progressive rock to give a mighty cheer. The same thought arises every time I read the gibberings of you silly two: rot.
14. Does Israel deserve peace and recognition?
CheezeBox ,   US   (12.01.07)
...when it imposes an illegal racist occupation? Sorry, no sympathy for the little cancer of a state that takes my tax money.
Ahmad Cohen   (12.01.07)
IDF, please do a better job than today. My "Mourning tent" Business is very slow and needs more customers. Today you did not provide me any new customers at all.
16. Security MIRAGE
AlbertoGa ,   Houston, Texas   (12.01.07)
Haverim There is a Fantasy in the vision of the Future of Israel. This is due to an excess of Optimism and Generous recent Parties. The Story is "Side by side...etc" Exactly as a Marriage The Problem here is the Bride on the East side of the Border want to Kill the Husband some time in the Future... Shabbat Shalom From Tx. USA Alberto
17. secular eagle
David ,   Richmond   (12.01.07)
listen to the palli nonsence. Icould never understand why scientist classified eagles as bussards. Eagels are magestic birds of prey bussards are scavengers that eat dead putrid stinking corpse. Now i see that scientist are right some eagels are bussards.
18. "Persian cat" soon your country will be ripped apart
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (12.01.07)
And it will be the most joyous of events.
19. Nader the muslim occupier of ramallah
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (12.01.07)
Nader, you are following a belief system that is incompatible with the rest of the world. Therefore in times coming you will be thrown out, and your occupation of Israel will for ever end. Throw ramallah stones at elderly and children, or whoever you throw them at, soon it's over.
20. "Despite optimism regarding peace process" ?
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (12.01.07)
What optimism is being referred to here? Than can be no peace between Islamic and not Islamic countries unless the Koran gets changed. Anyone that doesn't accept the above either doesn't know the facts or is unwilling to internalize them which is understandable. Look at what is happening to the UK teacher in the Sudan! Look at Paris, at Holland, at Belgium! I know it's not easy and I understand people putting their heads back in the sand. Mike
21. #5 - which areas would you consider occupied ?
redmiike ,   tel aviv   (12.01.07)
a straight answer please. MIke
22. 8,9, full o' crap
yisraeli   (12.01.07)
8 and 9 thanks for telling us about the situation all the way from florida. we really appreciate being told what to think and do from losers halfway across the world. as for you 10, things have changed since 1967. what gives you the right to dictate how the palestinians should see us or what they should think????? they're in the majority in the west bank and they don't want us there. end of story.
23. bizarre headline
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.01.07)
Since 1992, every single Left wing prediction has been wrong and every single Right-wing/Orange predicition has been correct. "Despite optimism regarding peace process...Palestinian attacks against soldiers, civilians have not decreased" The only "optimism" has been from the Left. All the Right have said the Arabs will continue with their genocide of the Jews.
24. olmert and peace talks
marcel   (12.01.07)
There have to be limits on how far a PM can endanger Israel. olmert, a pacifist, has allowed the US to bn the judge of progress, almost allowed the US to "legislate the accords in the UN, is willing to give the west bank to Abbas knowing that rockets will be fired into the center of Israel as well as being unwilling to retake those zones.. Olmert must not be allowed to hand over west bank land. This blithering fool started the the whole unilateral withdrawal businss. Ayalon , Olmert and Ramon can go to hell with their hysterical demographic arguments. Right now, Jews can get by day by day. Thats the way to look at it. In the future unless the arabs reform, Israel has Jordan as a station to attach the palestinians. Do not retreat to aushwitz borders. Rice compares israel to s. africa in the past. It was the palestinians who rejected all their chances. Olmert is cancerous to Israel. He was the one who fooled Sharon into the gaza withdrawal. What kind of leader of Israel has 2 sons who live outside, one of whom avoided military service, has 2 daughters and a wife who support palestinians against jews. While israel naturally affords this democratic right, what kind of example is this to Israelis who have to serve their country? Even if Olmert had some justice in his cause, no one should follow him because he is a beggar for a false peace and demeans jews with his cowardice. israel needs Moshe Yaalon to take over and set Israel straight. Barak also has to atone for his gutless behaviour when 2 jews were publicly lynched in Ramallah. Their leaders should have been told that the Jews were to be released or the town would be destroyed.
25. Johnny from Stockholm
Nader ,   Ramallah   (12.01.07)
Well, I suggest that you come over to the region rather than shouting and yelling from Stockholm. Come here and I will show you if you we are going to be thrown out soon as you say or not. You and your people have only two choices you , you either leave the west bank, or we you will see the level of fight that will errupt by 2008 IF you dont leave west bank.... I will be the the first one to hold a gun and fight Israel if you dont leave west bank. We will all turn to radicals you zionist cheap pin head.
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