Soldier wounded in training accident dies of his wounds
Efrat Weiss
Published: 30.11.07, 20:32
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1. Condolences to the family - May her soul rest in peace..
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (11.30.07)
2. oy
izzy d   (11.30.07)
3. condolences
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.01.07)
condolences to the family and to all of israel - may they be comforted amidst the mourners of zion and jerusalem. and may israel and zahal find ways to prevent such accidents from claiming the lives of young people.
4. #1
mark ,   ca   (12.01.07)
... his soul...
5. so sad . they are all heroes
6. i guess
i guess now that the IDF is actually training, accidents like that are bound to happen.
7. Terrible- awful, Zichronam libracha
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (12.01.07)
8. a lot of accidents
David ,   France   (12.01.07)
Between accidents with humvee and training accidents, it's a lot. Where are all the safety measures ? IDF should quickly reinforce those measures.
9. Condolences and safety first!
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (12.02.07)
First my condolences to all the families who lost love ones in the service of the State of Israel. May they never be forgotten by the Jewish People. Now is the time the IDF should review basic safety procedures and strictly enforce them thru out all branches.
10. No less heroes...they gave their lives for Israel
Craig ,   USA   (12.02.07)
My sympathies to the families and loved ones....I wish there was some way I could ease your grief. Take can't be long till the Almighty God of Israel intervenes and established His Kingdom. May God bless and strengthen Israel and the Jewish people everywhere in these terrible times of increasing strife and peril. Know that true Christians, the world over, love you all. God will not be silent forever...He will intervene on your behalf...He will wipe away every tear and heal every grief...He will bring everlasting peace and joy.
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