Israel worst country in West for disabled
Aviram Zino
Published: 02.12.07, 21:28
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1. Israel worst country in west for disabled
carolyn ,   Israel   (12.02.07)
What do you expect from a country that doesn't care about the poor,those struggling to make it on minimum wage while allowing increases in the prices of milk products, bread,electricity.water but min. wage has not been increase accordingly. The rich get richer the rest of us get poorer so what do you expect anything better for the handicapped, the gov doesn't care about anyone but their friends and family!
2. carolyn
erik ,   australia   (12.02.07)
you forget their Swis Bank Accounts...
AMERICAN ,   USA   (12.02.07)
they should quit complaining for once- its annoying. why dont you jews work or something? USA is sick of supporting you ---and then you abuse it and take advantage of it anyway. STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET FOR ONCE_ USA IS SICK OF HELPING YOU>
4. I have helped many disabled people in my lifetime and
Rivkah   (12.02.07)
was shocked to learn that blind people in America cannot automatically get a Supplemental Security Income (SSI from Social Security) monthly check when alcoholics, drug addicts, and people who say they have mental problems can get SSI. There are organizations that help the disabled like Lighthouse for the Blind and the State governments pay for training programs for the disabled so they can earn a living from a trade. One blind woman became a massage therapist and sang at restaurants, playing the guitar at night. She teamed up with a disabled woman with cerebral palsy who could not get a SSI pension, either; but could be eyes for the blind woman and look after her. In Norfolk, Virginia, there is a bakery that is staffed by the mentally disabled, mostly mongoloids who do quite well if assigned a task that is repetitive and does not require judgment to make decisions. Most cities have industries for the disabled since most employers do not want the challenge of working with the disabled. The Salvation Army employs a lot of disabled people. The one thing disabled people I knew experienced and that was people paid them less for doing the same job other people did who were not disabled. When I write down my disabilities on an employment application, that usually ends any interest if I even say I have asthma. So the best thing for disabled people to do is to marry or find a relative who needs help and stay home if job opportunities are not available. I have had friends and relatives who took a disabled person into their home to help with housework.
AVROHOM BILGREI   (12.02.07)
6. Israel worst country in the WEST for disabled?
B.A. ,   Berlin, Germany   (12.02.07)
Israel is not a western country, hence it cannot be the worst western country for disabled. There is a big difference between a western democracy and Israel. I think it is at least better for disabled than its Arab neighbours. The headline should be "Israel is the best for disabled in the Middle East".
7. 6 B.A.: The Euphrates River is the usual line of
Rivkah   (12.03.07)
East and West, although the Bible gives directions in relation to Jerusalem. Last I looked, the Euphrates River is East of Israel. That makes Israel a Western Nation. culturally, the Middle East is more Oriental than Occidental. But Israel can be considered a Western Nation.
8. A country is judged on how it treats its elderly & disabled!
Nannette ,   London   (12.03.07)
Israel fails miserably in both areas!
9. thats very true
israeli   (12.03.07)
iam a disabled man with a wife and 2 chidren under 6 , and all i get from the government is 800$ a month , and that goes for rent , food , school , and everything else , which means i get paid on the 28th of the month and on the first iam broke ..... what a life ....
10. West?
zznhl   (12.03.07)
11. This report is nothing but a lie not because it makes Israel
Mike ,   Israel   (12.03.07)
look bad, its simply not acurate. I personaly have many freinds that are disabled due to war. The fact is they recieve many many benifts from the Goverment including not having to pay taxes on cars that they are buying every 4 years, no property tax, 75% discount on personal income tax, no medical insurance chare, etc etc. If you would compare it to the USA Israel is much much better, yes there are things that need and must be improveed however it is simply a lie to say Israel is the worst I know what it is like in the USA, most vets are durg users and many live on the street.
12. 9- why did you have kids you couldnt afford?
you know, kids are expensive- I wonder this about all the illegals coming to the USA- broke as usual and keep having kids. its SELFISH!! and too bad if you do. you dug yoiur own grave.
13. Israel is #1 in treating disabled people in a certain way
Ronny ,   Jewish   (12.04.07)
As far as I know in Israel disabled people are treated just as anybody else. And this something which is important to disabled people! So in this way Israel should be #1. I don't know much about the financial situation but I think the state takes care of those wounded in combat. And to #8 from London: I know London. And I know the subway system there.... In most subway stations there are NO elevators at all.
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