'Arabs look at Israel as weak'
Roi Mandel
Published: 03.12.07, 17:57
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1. Hamdi Quran
campbell ,   London   (12.03.07)
Mr Quran keep your head up,you have done your duty to God and to Palestine
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (12.03.07)
As a ordinary person it realy feels great that a judge who represents a justice system that very few trust , puts a higher value on symbols of the state. If people know history then they will know that this kind of symbol whorshipping has been done through history by facism,socialism or any other ism"s. This shows exactly the lack of regard for its citizens by this state and its institutions. These institutions are supposed to be there for us, not to serve the people who run them.
MOSHE ,   US   (12.03.07)
4. Many people would prefer the death penalty for such a person
Rivkah   (12.03.07)
but the rate of wrongful convictions is so high that life in prison is better than the death penalty for a person who could have been framed and may be innocent. Don't think that could happen? So many people on death row in Illinois were framed and convicted by police and courts and juries who were later proved innocent by DNA tests that the Governor of Illinois suspended the death penalty. If ONE innocent person is executed, the BLOOD of that ONE innocent person cries out from the ground like the blood of Abel after he was killed by Cain. Such wrongful spilling of blood pollutes the land and brings judgment eventually on the area. I have seen too many instances of frameups by police and district attorneys hungry for a kill instead of an interest in actual guilt or innocence, that I fear for America on that factor, not to mention all the other sins that will bring judgment.
5. Rules of the game
eliyahu   (12.03.07)
In the intafada, 100 civilians were killed or injured for every soldier that was killed or injured. Rule: don't touch soldiers. 125 years if you kill a politician. A couple of months and then amnesty if you kill a settler. Rule: Politicians are not part of the game. Does anyone else know any rules?
6. Quran will be in next "CondiConfidenceBuilder"socalled Swap
Alan ,   SA   (12.03.07)
7. Another ridiculous sentence ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.03.07)
Why not give him 1000 years? This is totally meaningless - symbolic sentences - it makes no sense at all. Either bring in the death sentence for terrorism or give them life in prison with no time off. And, it should be stipulated in the sentence that they cannot be released as part of any political deal - This just illustrates how far from reality our courts have become - they're lost in theoretical abstractions with no connexion to reality.
8. You forgot to mention that his mother hopes he'll be release
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.03.07)
which he probably will with Olmerts next prisoner give away
9. Punishment
Jennie ,   Israel   (12.03.07)
Israel lost one of it's greatest leaders when Rehav'am Ze'evi h"yd was brutally murdered by these fanatics. I can only hope that Ze'evi's influence, thoughts and pure love and devotion to Israel live on in many of us. Murder is wrong no matter who is involved, each life is precious. It irks me that the murder of one political figure recieves extraordinary coverage while that of another is mentioned rarely and briefly. Dare I mention media bias? I hope these animals rot in jail. Jennie
10. Zeevi wasn't a politican, he was a hero
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Isra   (12.03.07)
he led a political party, but what he was is the last jewish person to love his homeland for real.
13. Yigal Amir deserved the same!
Neil ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.03.07)
So, why the difference between Rabin's killer and Zeevi's killer? "[T]he fact that it constitutes direct harm to a symbol of the State and harms its sovereignty" can most definitely be said about Amir's act, no? So why is there already talk about releasing Amir?
14. How come jewish terrorist Yigal Amir got a lot lett for...
Rami ,   Nazareth, israel   (12.03.07)
killing a prime minister.. and he is even allowed to carry a cell phone around and plot more terrorisim..
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (12.03.07)
16. Perez will pardon him next year
Charles ,   Den Haag / NL   (12.03.07)
17. When we are in power, we'll deal properly with this drek!
Feiglin Supporter ,   YERUSHALYIM   (12.03.07)
18. death is whats needed to make people think twice
zionist forever   (12.03.07)
If Israel is to crush terror from within and some terror from outside then it needs the death sentance as a punishment for certain crimes. Such as if its proven without a doubt you hellped terroists smuggle weapons into Israel which were then used to murder Israelis you could be considered an accesory to murder and you could face the death penalty it would make supporters think twice about helping terrorists. So far the only person sentanced to death in Israeli courts was Eichman and that was a show trial. Death would be a deterent instead of prison where you will probably get out on parol and if your Marwan Bargouti and other palestian prisoners you get cellphones and other luxuries. If yout Yigal Amir you are allowed to get married while your in prison, then once your married your allowed to have intamate visits so you can have kids and then have a Brit Milah in prison ... its a joke they may as well simply say to him go home to your wife and son. Israels criminal justice system like most other things conected to the national governmenmt are a disaster than need major reform if they are going to work properly.
19. Ghandi was right!
edd ,   london Uk   (12.03.07)
Ze'evi was a great man, and logical thinker. We lost a very great person, a lion of Israel. We need someone to take his place and lead us forward.
21. Terry what you wrote is shocking.
Steve ,   Fla.   (12.03.07)
.....or give them life in prison with no time off?
22. incumbent Israeli gov't = a gift to Israel's enemies
dante ,   uk   (12.03.07)
the PM was tired of fighting, tired of winning, etc., etc. he believes in nothing (aside from his career and what he owns), so, he brought something new to Israel...losing. and, since then this sick, demoralised, discouraged, conviction-less gov't have made one blunder after another. the gov't chase after a papier mache dummy, abbas, who has power only to accept Israeli concessions. and, that's what the gov't offer him. it is insane.
23. #1, Campbell
Glenn ,   Fair Haven NJ, USA   (12.04.07)
Drop dead! Israel protect us from evil people like you. We know that you represent a great many people in the world. We know how to deal with people like you -- we are no longer your victims. This terrorist was brought to justice. G_d will deliver his justice to you.
24. israel weakness
marcel   (12.04.07)
Olmert and ramon are killing israel with their weakness. Not in just makinig concessions, but in not standing up for anything right about Israel. Rabin fought for Israel. Olmert did not and his sons did not. He hates Israel and is trying to hurt it because he wants peace at any price. He is a modern day chamberlain. israelis spit at him. He is a fish out of water when it comes to the IDF. As Shiff said, he is in over his head and trying to compensate. israel must remove him and replace him with moshe yaalon.
25. Arabs are right. We ARE weak
hymie zoltveis ,   NYC, NY, USA   (12.04.07)
As long as we are guided by the PSEUDO-RELIGION of liberalism, and refuse to impose (AND CARRY OUT) a death penalty for arab terrorism, WE ARE FOOLS and TARGETS of further muslim terrorism. WHY BOTHER rounding up these thugs, only to have PM Olmert release them as a FOOLISH and WEAK gesture of peace to the muslim enemy? WE NEED A DEATH PENALTY FOR TERRORISM---and the willingness to use it NOW!!!
26. If it were actually true that 'Arabs look at Israel as weak'
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (12.04.07)
they wouldn't be so incurably angry with her people. It is more realistic to say that Israel's citizens and supporters are disappointed with its government weaknesses in response to Arab provocation.
27. Olmert ruined Israel
John ,   London,UK   (12.05.07)
It is all Omert's fault. Arabs are laughing at Israel. Israel has lost its reputation of fairness and toughness, Last year's defeat at the hands of Hezbollah has cost Israel dearly. Experts say that Israel has still not recovered its pride and prestige. Israel is now ridiclued around the world. Roee Mendel is right. Arabs now mock Israel. It seems that Hezbollah has managed to inflict far greater damage on Israel than just the strategic victory on the IDF. I think that unless Israeli tough leaders are elected who can get Israel back to its glory days, I fear that Israel will be soon oeverrun by the likes of President Ahmadinejad of Iran. He is waiting now for any oppertunity to fiinish off highly weakned Israel.
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